Backlash over Malawi govt plan to relocate refugees to Karonga


Karonga residents together with Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenefumbo have spoken against government’s decision to set up a new refugee camp at Katili village in the district.

Government recently announced plans to open a new camp in the district in order to relocate 28,000 refugees from Dzaleka in Dowa.

Dzaleka refugee camp

Refugees at Dzaleka were t be moved.

But Mwenefumbo who is a legislator from the district has protested the plan saying the move will have long term implications on the locals. “Although l will host this project but still this project has long term implications on the members of this community,” he explained.

The MP added that some residents in the district are also unhappy due to the impending arrival of the refugees.

Karonga Youths for Justice and Development executive director Steven Simsokwe said they will protest against the relocation. He argued that relocating the refugees to Karonga will compromise security in the district.


“Blocking the project will teach government to start respecting us especially by consulting all parties before coming up with such decision. “This is a second time for government in connive with our traditional leaders to make a decision without consultation as it did with naming Karonga-Chitipa road ‘Bingu highway’ but we shall not be defeated this time,” said Simsokwe.

But Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia recently assured the residents of security saying government will build a police station in the area.

She added that government will also upgrade Katili road and improve water infrastructure in the area. The relocation of the refugees is part of government’s public service reform programme and is aimed at improving internal security following concerns over the location of Dzaleka camp which is in Dowa, a district in central Malawi.




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  2. Ife a Malawi tasauka ndi kupepera komwe ndithu.Malo mosamala miyoyo a mizika ya dziko mulimbana ndi ma refugee.Ife amalawi tikapita kwa eni timazunzika koophsya,tikagwidwa timakaikidwa malo ongoyembekezera Moyo kapena imfa hence our stupid gvt is building the refugees’s camp-for what? Chase them asationjezere umphawi please.

    • Ukunena kukongola iweyo ulibii ukuchita ku biliwira ndi kudako, uziziwona kaye wekha usananyoxe wina shame on u, am proud being tumbuka coz we ar olwayz forward pachilichose ndi simungati make mwachepa olo tili ochepa koma mumanjenjemela nafe

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  5. Security will be compromised now,Karonga is the door for all from east,north people.The illegal entry will be high and they will hiding in the camp their fellow nationals will never report them to malawi authorities.They will be doing various crimes from the camp to many places in our country.It will be sucidal to our country moving refugees to karonga.

  6. No no need for the refugees camp to shift from Dowa to Karonga if government wishes let these refugees be accommodated somewhere in Thyolo

  7. Even alot of refugees here in Dzaleka, Dowa, are worried with that decision because they are settled here, they have farms, they also do bussines in Lilongwe, all of these are happening because they settled, but nw they have no choice but to accept the decision of goverment though they are not happy with the decision. Akunamatata, Mungu asaidiye ndugu zungu izi!

  8. Stadiums ndimisewu u give to other pple now refugees must go to Karonga. What a bad decision. But why u want to move them to Karonga? Just to cause over population.

  9. Y this things are happening in northern region only and y not in southern region, let first be in Thyolo hence here bcoz the father must b the example b4 children please not in Karonga or else u will see the character of BINA KARONGA SOKAKO NINGA MULIKO?

    • no man go to other countries they will never respect u the way we are respecting them here.i once went to mosambique zimbabwe and southAfrica they are more tough so why to keep them

    • Abel Ukanayo Zulu did you went there as a refugee?
      Its an obligation of any country to receive refugees. Anyone even you and me can be a refugee at some time and will need assistance from other countries.

  10. Akuti chimenecho chitukuko?mphindu limene amalipeza ma refugee ndichani?bwanji osapita ku south africa mukawatenge amalawi ambiri amene ali kwalindela popeza iwoso ndimavote anu than refugee?

  11. This will lead to unnecessary increase in e population of the district put pressure on all natural resources and social services in e district

  12. Mangilani okalamba nyumba osati refugee camp amalawi anamangilidwapo refugee camp dziko liti?tandiuzani. Mozambique marefugees ake thoooo Mmalawi koma mwano okhaokha mudziko lawo .

  13. Y build d police station nw, Where were ew all these years? In other words yo accepting d claim dat these refugees wil b asecurity threat 2 da surrounding communities, ryt?

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