Mutharika at it again: says no Malawian will die of hunger

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has once again assured Malawians that no one will die of hunger this year as half of Malawi’s population is experiencing food shortage due to drought and floods that hit the country in the last rainy season.

Mutharika made the remarks in Dedza where he also asked people to vote for a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) councillor in the forthcoming by-elections.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: No one will die of hunger.

The Malawi leader said government has secured 100,000 metric tons of maize from Zambia and is expecting to purchase more maize from Brazil and Mexico.

“No one is going to die because of hunger as my government has put in place measures to supply adequate maize in the country,” Mutharika said.

Later, the Malawi leader urged people in the district to vote for a DPP councillor if they want development.

“If you want development in this district you must vote for DPP candidates because they are the ones who come to Lilongwe and tell me your problems,” Mutharika said.

He warned the people that if they vote for opposition candidates it will be hard for the voters to have development because the opposition representatives will be afraid to meet him.

Mutharika then promised to construct a Community Day Secondary School and roads in Dedza.

Malawi will hold by-elections on 1st November this year. Some of the districts where the by-elections will be held are Mchinji and Dedza.



  1. Malawi… may i asking you a little question prease I just want to know,this guy who’s read countries now he is malawian real or Gambians ?

  2. so how many poor Malawians will manage to buy a bag of maize at 12000 kwacha? Even if people can die of hunger do you think MBC is able to broadcast? Kkkkkkk please musavotere dpp sankhani chipani China anthu aku Dedza ndi inu anzathu aku Mchinji bola UDF yanu ija ngakhale yatha.

  3. My Pipo My Malawi So At Price Of K 12,250.00 , U Only Think Of Well To Do Family Not Poor Pipo, Lucly Enough I Know That Ist Only God Who Protect Us

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  9. Oky, no malawian will die with hunger?…….as of nw we are just fainting with that hunger, we are nearly to die, why not do something as soon as possible, not that will?……U alrdy told us that, so its time to do something, malawian are tired with promises now, gone are the days of promises, we are nw in the days where actions should be taken to break that noise!

  10. Chibaluwa ichi chikawapeze ndithu, #copied . Authored by Wisdom Mwale but it represents the voice of the whole Malawi Polytechnic. OPEN LETTER TO THE UNIMA CHANCELLOR Dear Chancellor, Receive my warmest regards from the shores of Lake Malawi. I know that you may never get to see this message. I mean what are the chances that your henchmen would even allow you to gaze upon such a letter sire? But should the Almighty smile upon my poor soul, it would give me overflowing joy that you have to hear what I have to say. Your Excellency, you are a Champion of Higher Education in Africa and you have been rightly decorated to such effect. To add ice on the cake, you are with no doubt, the most educated State President and Chancellor this country has ever had a privilege of having. It is in this light that I have every reason to believe that there is no better person in who knows the vitality of education than you your Excellency. Your Excellency, one philosopher said “The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who keep quiet during a crisis”. We, the students of the Polytechnic are in a crisis. As a matter of fact, we have been wallowing in this crisis even before your your ascension to the high office. The problem is simple. We take more than six years to complete a four year course. Upon your attainment of the presidency, my heart thumped with a rare form of mirth, as it learnt that the heavens had finally smiled upon my land. For a competent man of letters would soon head our tumbling education system. This nation would not have asked for a better dual to govern it, with your assistant being a man who once walked in the very Unima corridors we are today. Your calling Your Excellencies would not have come at a better time. To our dismay, the woes in the education sector have stretched to agonising depths. I do not wish to rumble about, reminding you of the numerous hurdles our universities are presently sailing through, as that alone would consume an entire book. Your Excellency, mine is a yowl for clemency. Is it not scribed somewhere in the Holy scripture that, if a nipper sought for an egg from a begetter, the father would not give him a crab instead? Your Excellency, Mother Malawi is desperately wanting. She yearns for the very seed you neglect. Sire, you know better than most, that education is the pillow any nation leans upon. It is from this background that I would like to appeal to your kind heart to intervene on the Polytechnic debacle. You see, the excuses we are being given of the college closure are as flimsy as the the minds of those who are meant to govern this institution. Mr Chancellor, I plead with your office to order the immediate opening of our beloved institution. Is it justice to be spending seven years doing a Bachelor’s degree in these tough economic times Sire? I know you have been told a lot about our behavior. While we are not entirely innocent in the matter, I would like to ask you to asses all the wrangles that have taken place between the students and the council. Your Excellency, you will realise that the students are squeezed to the corner in most of the instances. We are always given a raw deal and when we react, we are branded bandits and enemies of the law. Your Excellency, this is how some people who you put in charge to take care of the institution abuse us. They have no regard for our future, the tribulations we sail through and the sacrifices our parents and guardians make to keep us in school. They make decisions that do not take into account the wellbeing of the majority poor of the University. Mr Chancellor, the Polytechnic and indeed all the colleges currently on shutdown carry the dreams of thousands of young people. They are the hope of millions of families across the country who are waiting for the successful completion of studies of their wards and children so as to take them out of the staggering poverty they are currently in. Sire, think of our parents and guardians who go through hell to pay for our fees and other expenses. When are we going to put them out of their misery when we do one semester in one full year? During your meeting with members of the press upon your return from the UNGA, you made mention of being aware of the closure of several colleges across the country. You further assured the throng of scribes that gathered at your palace and of course, the millions of Malawians that had their ears glued to their tuners, that you would “soon” intervene. Sire, the little patience we have left is nimbly forsaking us. How much longer should we hold our breaths before this soon dawns? Your Excellency, as I near the end of this missive, I wish to invoke the most supreme up above, to allot you long life and wisdom as you seek to lift Mother Malawi out of her misery. I also pray that, upon your reception of these few words, the Polytechnic will be opened. Yours truly, Troubled scholar

  11. Siyani kulota xhitani tsono lino osamangobwelezaleza mau amodzi okhaokhawo kumene kuli kuononga nthawi komanso ndalama za boma

  12. Akumayankhula zimenezo atakhuta nkumageya apite mmidzimu aone mmene anthu akuvutikira ndi njala, chimanga chili ku admarc cho angakwanitse kugula ndiangati pak12,000 bag, sitikunena zaanthu ntaunimu but think of thoz vulnerable people in villages..thats injustice its not fair..

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    kungoti dyera amalawi watola chikwama odusa

  19. adalengeza kuti admarc atsakula monday yapitayo pano kuli ziiii ndipo zikumveka kuti atsekulamomwe amacita kampenimo. anthufe sitimayesedwa kanthu, anatipezelela ndi kupusa kwathuku

  20. Thanks for telling us that there was floods and drought. …if there will b hunger blame and play to God…APM will try to his best as a human being. …God will surely see us through. ..Amen

    1. We dont blame God for hunger…. God does not mistakes & he will never make one….He is not human that he should error. Withdraw your words please

  21. Am not afan of APM and entire DPP but I don’t think the remarks was wrong..He was trying to say how his government has prepared for hunger…but the problem is that the mouth only prefers to speak true and false..poti abwanawa kulonjeza ndie alibe anzao but when we come to fulfillment he doesn’t even feel ashamed of being called a`failure`

  22. Gilbert,osalimbana ndi agaluwa.Palibedi afe ndi njala boma lakonzeka mokwanira chimanga ku admarc nchambiri.Kuzolowera zolandira basi.Kodi inu ntchito yanu ndikuberekana basi odyesa nkukhala wena?Idiots.Wanya panseu walinga mbalume,mukamachindana nkumaberekana muziwadyesanso anawo osati muzidikilira zolandila kuchokera ku boma,stupid Malawians.

    1. Dont Forget That Their Is Widows,ophans And Elder Pipo Down Their So Dont Tallk Like Ur Young My Friend Be Wise, Those Who They Benefit From Faming They Are Rich Coz Faming They Involve Lots Of Things That Poor Family Can Not Aford. Speak With Wisdom

  23. So at ‘it again’ what do you mean? Is that not a good news? He said …. palibe yemwe afe ndinjala… and continued that … poti boma lakozekere (govt is prepared) by buying enough maize for relief and admarc stocking. Why not continuing? Did he say no body will die with hunger because there is no hunger in the country? why MW24 why? Or you just feel good making insults to the Malawi government? Osamayikana mawu nkamwa amalawi mwatani kodi? Sometimes timilungu tomwe mumapembeza (andale) makes you miss issues of important interests

  24. a person can not die with hunger but can die due to hunger related diseases ndiye mngakhale mutapita kuchipatala sangakuwuzeni kuti munthu wafa ndi njala koma anthu akufa ambiri

  25. Iwe Prince Edward , kkkkkkkkkk Majaba ako iwe wamva ? Iwe ngati Uli ulesi kusalima ndi ambwiyako wamva kuti ndi MALAWI yonse ? Nanenso usandichimwitse pachakuti pako kkkkkkkk nyani iwe Kkkkk kalabonga maphwizi genugo mmwe !

  26. We need a president who has been with us Malawians’ for at least 10 years after kamuzu so that akhoza kudziwa Mabvuto athu Ku Malawi….osati foreigner

    1. Mesa munakhala nawopo adachita cha? Bakili (10 years) anthu sadafe ndinjala? JB anthu sadafe ndinjala ponena kuti chimanga chabingu chawola? Bingu sadathese njala alimtchona? akulu mwakula liti kodi? mudali mwana nthawi imene ija? Moti Floods and drought yabwera chifukwa choti peter adakhalisa kunja? wake up man!

    2. Bambo Omega, inetu ndakhulupirira kuti sopo ina imangokula koma ili yosalimba ndizoonadi. Inu munthu amene mukumunena kuti foreigner yu, atabwera kumalawikuno munayamba mwacheza naye iye ndikukuzani kuti ine ndikuchokera dziko lakuti. Apatu mwalankhula mondiposa ineyo, zoti sindimaye,bekezera kuti munthu wa kumpoto uko angalakhule mosaganiza. Mwina tanthauzo la foreigner simulidziwatu, foreigner ndi munthu oyera khungu ali ochekera ku Asia, ku Ulaya kwa azungu. Osakhala munthu mukufanananaye khungu wamu Africa, ndiye inu mutchule kuti foreigner ai bambo ndagwira mwendo pepani.

    3. Chinyini cha Amayi ako chosakoma chija felie and amandikakamila ine sindimawafuna uwawuze….pamtumbonso pa iweyo

    4. Jafal,prince. Tatiyeni titsagulitse ufulu wathu kwa munthu obwera ngati APM. FUNSO- kodi iyeyo adabadwira kuti malawi muno? Nanga munayamba mwamva kuti primary xool yake adayamba chaka chanji ndipo ndi kuti m malawi muno? Kodi mtundu wa abele awo ku malawi uli cha pati-pati kuthyolo ku? Kodi greencard yomwe mtundu wa amalawife tidaipeza ndi galu ameneyu{APM} Imathanthauza chani? Ndi chaka chiti galu ameneyu adachoka kuno kumakakhala ku america? TRUE ANSWERS- Gula la a muthali ndi anthu aku zimbabwe ndipo malinga ndi maphunziro awo anthuwa adakhanzikika mdziko la america Bingo adali chairman wa worldbank, Peter ndi m’phunzitsi wa ma high xools, chimene chinabweletsa Bingo kuno ku malawi ndi kuchotsedwa kwa ntchito ku worldbank mu ndalama zomwe amkakongola Dr Bakili muluzi zochitira kampeni chaka cha 1992 refrendam, kufikana General election 1994 ndipo adamuchitira umboniwu monga waku Africa mzake otsati monga wa dziko li modzi ayi. Ndipo Muluzi atawina zidamukanika kubwenza chingongole chomwe chidali kumaloko{WB} ndi zomwe zinapangitsa kuti ochitira umboni ntchito yake ithe. BINGO adabwera kuzadandaula ku dziko la emwe wa muthetsera ntchito ndipo ndi Bakili. Muluzi adamuuza mzakeyo kuti utsabwelere ku amerika kapena kwanu ku zimbabwe panga chipani[UNP] ndipo term yanga ikazatha ine ndizapanga zotheka ndizakusiyira dzikoli kuti zizafanane ndi ntchito yomwe waluza mu chifukwa cha ine, kuyambira lero uzitenge kuti ndiiwe mzika ya chimalawi ndipo uyambe kuphunzira chichewa mwa ine ndikaikira umboni dziko likukhulupilira. Malawian opeka… OMEGA tsadalakwitse ndipo ndi kumupatsa salute ndiwe mzika yopanda chinyengo umazitsata, Bvuto moyo okonda ndalama umatha kupeleka dziko kwa a chilendo bola ndalama/ chibwana chimalanda

    5. Ndimayetsa kuti ndi opengatu ndi Omega yekhayu koma mulipo, kani iwenso Ayamie ukufuna kuyenda mbolo pamtunda? Tsopano Kamuzu uja zinakanika pati, kuti asaziwe kulankhula chichewa? Palibe chanzeru apa wanena, akhale kuti anaba ndalama zankhaninkhani anakaleka kumumanga iwe ndi galu kwabasi. Bwanji ungovula zovala zakozo, uyambepo ulendo wako uzitoleza makoko anthochi munseu. Ndiye kuNdata kuja, ndi Bakili anamupezera malo Binguyo ndikumuuza kuti anthu awa ndi abale ako? Kani kukwatira kutali, kumeneko mwakwatirako muzikutenga kukhala kwanu usanditopetse ponyopako mbuli iwe foreigner sumamudziwa ndinzako watsitsi loyera mutuyu zitsiru.

    6. Omega, ndiwe munthu wankulu zipase Ulemu. Mawu oyankhula pagulu angakhale amenewo? inde ndikuziwa sukulu inakuvuta koma uli ndi Ana omwe amayembekezela kuva zabwino osati kutukwana anzako. ndalemba chichewa kuti umve. ine siine wakuthyolo and Goliath ndidzina loti aliyese akhoza kukhala nalo osati poti kuthyolo kuli a goliyati nde ineso ndiwakuthyolo. ine sindikhala ku Joni ndimakhala ku Lilongwe area 25 pano ndili kudowa. Ngati mukutengera information ya pa FB musochera. Ndaona kuti ndinu a shoveri m’boma kodi mudalembedwa liti ankalemba osaphunzira chonchinu? moti sunave chichewa ndakufusa mu reply yangayo? ngati ulibe mayankho ndekuti ukuziwa chilungamo koma sukufuna kuyankha. School is important and go back ku night muzaziwe zambiri

    7. Goliath kwanu ndiku salima …ine SI mbuli mphwanga ndibapitako Ku school ? sindingafanane ndi manyi a nkhuku ngati jafali tambalayo mbuzi ya chabe chabe yochindana ndi Amayi ake kuti apeze chuma….mboli yako jafali

    8. inu musalimbane naye uyu akuchimwitsani akusowa osagana naye , kachilombo kakachuluka nthupi mutu sumagwira ntchito upside down, mbwenu opanda nzeru ngati uyu sinamuone chikulirenji chimunthu

    9. Uhule wotengela Ku mtundu Christabel…agogo ako anali ahule..amayi ako ahule aku tarven pano nde iwe chinyini Anga manyi

    10. OMEGA Panyemba pa amako panyini pako chiphwala iwe, mbolo yosadulayo wamva, panyero pa amako, maliseche ako, wamva ukanditukwanile mayi a ine, panyini pako wamva, ndipo pangA check timeline yako undimva chiphwalA iwe. Mayako samatuluka uwende kumtumbo kwaoko? Mmene amkakunyera iwemo adagwirisa kukamwa or kuthako poli yababako letu

    11. Kucheza ndi mwana nkucheza wekha wekha, Bambo Omega danzi suit ya black ili kuno busy pamoto wa ana. Amati nsowa nchokero anakodzera moto wa ana, bwanji mai atalikira mwasowa ochedza nawo? Tumani mwana akawaitane abwere akumasuleni mabatani suityo, inunso muwamasule bra wawo kwinaku mukuwaonera chinyini chawocho iwonso akukuwonerani chimbolo chanucho. Bambo wankulu, koma uli opanda nzeru panyero pamako ukundikumbutsa kutchula mai ako malemu mfiti yotha ana pakhomo iwe bye,byee, ndapita.

    12. jafari mungokhalila chewu chewu ku john ko kuthawa ngongole kuno basi kumakaseta azungu….koma iwe nde mbuzi ya alomwe

    13. jafari mungokhalila chewu chewu ku john ko kuthawa ngongole kuno basi kumakaseta azungu….koma iwe nde mbuzi ya alomwe

    14. Felie wamuona bambo wa suit kutukwana, koma ameneyi athandiza kuchipanichi? PP apa ndiye yabetsa, akutukwananso ma young democrat chinthu chimenechi chilibe nzeru. Uyu simunthu koma ndikatundu wanyumba, eeh chinthu choziwa kutukwana ichi. Felie tachiyang’ane, ma photo ake uchione chikukhala ngati chimacheza pansi panyanja chili phwemwee.

    15. umphawi ukuphani ku john uko…timati phunzirani a jafari basi kugomela u tenant ndikukatchola tea ….agogo akuvutika ndi u tenant kumudzi uku

    16. Chinthu ichi ndimayetsa ngati ndichaulemu, koma chimenechi ndichofunikira kuchitengeranso ku ndagala akachionetse mdulidwe kawiri. Ichi ndichilombo chagule kwao, kuchiveka suit apa ndimaona ngati chinthu chanzeru. Koma hmm ofunika chikabwerako kundagalako, chiziyenda nthengo chisankhalenso mudzi ichi chiphunzitsa ana zachabe. Ndi chilombo, choziwa kunyenganso , mahule kumataifa ndi kumachinese ai ndinthu chigone bwino kwao gule kwao gule panyopako.

    17. Koma nde zakuvuta Tu ukulephera kubwela Ku thyolo kuthawa njala komanso Ku John kungokhalila kugona mungalande….muwone tidzovala tomwe tomweto kuwonekelatu umphawi Jaffari

    18. Omega bro,,walemba zanzeru,,,,,Zika yamalawi singakanike kuyankhula Chichewa,,Koma osamalimbana ndi anthu amisalawa,,,or Weight yanu ndi awa mukusiyana kutali,,,,,,OSAMAWAYANKHA.

    19. Zoonadi Kingsley ….comment yanga maganizo anga basi anthu opanda address kumazimva sugar sugar,,,,alembe comment yake nde aziwona ma likes kuti adziwe ngati anthu akonda comment yake

  27. Mmmmmmm bodza lankunkhuniza limenelo.Tapita mudzi ukaone m’mene anthu akuvutikira ndi njala za zii zopanda ndi mchere omwe.

  28. While am not blaming the president for the hunger but I wish to bring to his attention that already two kids in our village have died because they could not find any food. Go to Nsowa village TA Mlumbe in Zomba.

    1. Shame on u, ur chief en the whole village. u r fools. U mean u left them to die of hunger? Do u go to church mbuzi inu. Mudzi ochititsa manyazi, akapolo adziko

  29. nkhani ya wame ,ikanalimkamwa mwa anthu kuti, wantchito wake ndiye ,wacita izi kufuna matumba awiri a chimanga ndiye tiziti wame waphedwa ,chifukwa ,,cha chiyani?dzulo ku tsamba la true story[nkhani zochitikadi]kunalembedwa nkhani yoti munthu wina wapha apongozi ake kuzemba kubweza ngongole ya thumba la chimanga lomwe anakongola.Tiziti aphana chifukwa chiyani?Akanakakhala kuti anthuwa anali ndichakudya mmakomo mwao izi bwenzi zikucitika? mumuuze pitala ajoine group ya true story azizivera ekha zomwe zikumachitikadi mmidzi ndi mma taunimu mwina asiya kuyankhula zopusazi

    1. Zimadana ndi ulesi izi, Chimanga si manna, ngati uli ndi manja gwira ntchito peza khobiri pita ku admarc ukagula chimanga diwudiwu. Mbuli sizimvetsabe but amati wosagwira ntchito asadye, Wamva Chule iwe?

    2. bankha iwe wangokhala name wanga koma ndiwedi chamatope zoona ndi boma liti lomwe linafikitsa chimana ku admarc pa 12.000 thumba?sila bwampini wakoyu,tapita mashop uwone mmene zithu zilili mmene zakwerera mtengo osamaganizira azigogo ako alikumudzi aja bwanji ukuikira kumbuyo nyanja pamene iwe ngakhale pa chigwa chomwe sunafike tiziti ulindi mzeru iwe?bakha ndakulemekeza koma ukhale khululu

    3. amalawi kumavetsetsa munthu akamalankhu inuyo tatengani 250 kwaca takagulani cimanga simufa osasakaniza nkhani ya njala

    1. Iwe nkhandwe iwee, palibe chomwe ukunena apa tangokhala uwone. Bushiri wamudziwa liti, ukumukhulupirira bwanji? Kumene anapezera chuma chake ukukudziwa, kuti uzikati bola iwenso ndi mfiti kwabasi.

  30. President wa maso mphenya uyu guys aa , hahahaha iwe ngati njala yakupsotokola izo ndi zako iwe kkkkkk bladi fulu zako iwe kkkkkkkkkk Patsogolo ndi DPP ! Peter Muthalika 2019 bomaaaaaaa !!!! Kkkkkkkk iwe ndi kamutu kako kakang’onoko Usova mphwanga

    1. manyazi ulibe pazomwe walemba apazi iwe ndicitsiru chamunthu eti pa anthu 80omwe akomenta apa ndiwe wekha walemba zofoira cotsapo apa nyasi zakozi opepera iwe eti umadya Kunyumba kwa pitala iwe mkamwa mopanda mano mo.Nkono wakufao,kalongonda iwe eti?undilakwitsa ndine khrist

  31. akulu awa ofunika ku mental iweyo mdala ulibe nzeru wadya wakhuta kunyumba kwako ndiye uziti anthu safa ninjala mumayendamo mmidzi kuti muone athu akuvutikira ? nanuso amene mumakhala naye pafupi mdalayu muzimuzako.tsono mukonzeke nikubweretserani anthu amudzi mwanga akakhalenawo palisiko mudzaone akukanthirani pasipompano mulungu ishiiii munganilakwitse

  32. Though am not a fan of politics, I believe many saw and were aware of floods and droughts which was a clear indication that there will be famine. Since it was an obvious prophecy, people affected were supposed to utilize wells and cultivate food crops like maize. They were even supposed to use manure to boost soil fertility. NDE panopo tisadande coz nzofuna izi. The main problem ndiya dependence syndrome in mama Malawi. The president therefore should be patted on the back for comfort speech in times of trouble to instill hope for survival. In short sometimes we contribute to our own problems

    1. I beg to differ, what u r saying is mere theory, in practice there is more to ths problem than that. The govt has a social obligation in such circumstances, they hav to ensure that those who hav nothng get smthng, ur thnking is similar to killing smbody bcoz they cant afford to access food econmically. Love ur country, love ur pipo. APM has failed to bring economic sanity and very soon u wil agree with me on ths. Pls dnt blame poor pipo again

  33. Amalawi tinadzitengera mavuto pa 2014 paja we have to blame ourselves for choice of a leader! Everything has crumbled to the core and being teased by the president like this! Anthu kuti tikuvutika the president doesnt know and he wont know!

  34. Ulankhula Uku Kufunika Woti Munthuyo Si Mmalawi Anthu Tuvutika Wina Aziyankhula Zokhuta Aluyawona Mavut Ali Kumudzi Zopusa Ndalama Za Malawi Umagula Magalimoto Anthu Angadye?

    1. Kkkkkk kuvesa chisoni, just work hard chaka cha mawa muzazadadauleso, komaso buying a car ndi njala sizikugwirizana. U want de president 2 b footing?

  35. Kunenakuti: Noone can die with hunger,nkosavuta aliyeseakhoza kunena.Koma nkhani ndikukwanilitsa zonenazo,ndiyengati ndizoona,tiziona.

  36. Kunenakuti Noone can die with hunger,nkosavuta aliyeseakhoza kunena.Koma nkhani ndikukwanilitsa zonenazo,ndingati ndizoona,tiziona.

  37. Ndiye pano thumba la chimanga 50kg k12,500 .00 .anthu kumuziko akayipezera kuti ndalama imeneyo nthawi zina musanaganize kuyankhula muzikhala mutayendera madera ose adziko anthu akuzuzika kwambiri kosowa pogwira .

  38. amadyetsa athu ndimulungu komaso amapha ndimulungu komaso amapeleka moyo ndi mulungu , A man shall live live by bread alone,but every word of God.

  39. zamanyi akuyankhulazo azikauza ana ambwiyache ku uk analiko. come to my vg to see how pple are suffern wit hunger!! wopenga uyu.

  40. Thanks for give us hope even though we never see it……..and plz don’t like bakili ndigawa chimanga pamapeto amsokhanou….us result b4 msokhano all truck has disappeared

  41. Ngat Udabalalika Sibwino Kumayeselela Kulankhula Ndizimenez Mukulankhula Zopendekela, Tayendakon Mmidzmu, Anthu Akungo Kawula Mango, Nanga Akatha Uwona Kut Sitifa, Umayang’anatu Mphwanga Pali Nvuwuapa!!!!

    1. Ngati kuti iye wanena zamtengo pamenepa, akuti palibe zoti munthu afa ndi njala. Tsopano inu, mitengoyi mukuitenga kuti ya fodya ndi chimangachi. Inunsotu mungonenazi simufa ndinjala ai, chomwe mungadziwe inutu mwakhutanso nsima pamenepo mukufika kumatunya mwano pa fb. Aliyense apa avomereze palibedi wakufa ndi njala, iweyo kukhala osadya anthu sangamvenso kutunya kwakoku ai.

  42. Si Onse Akudya Ndye Polankhula Tiziganiza Kaye, Chonde Tisamalankhule Kut Tisangalatse Anthu Omwe Akutisapota,kma Tikambe Zot Zikomele Amalawi Onse.


  44. Peter usanamize mtundu waMALAWI kuti anthu safa ndinjala uziyenda mmamidzimu uwone sungayankhule zopusa ukunenazo,ana sukulu anasiya kale chifukwa chamavuto anjala ndeiwe uziyankhula mbwelera zakozo,muziyankhulana ndimkazi wako zimenezo

  45. ngati ukuziwa kt axikadya kunyumba kwako sangafe, zibambo wopusa ngati ameneu sindina muwonepo, unayambapo wapita ma nyumba mwa amalawi kuti uziyakhura mopusa.

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