Man arested for carrying pistol


Monkey-Bay police post in Mangochi district are keeping in custody a 38 year-old man for being found in possession of a pistiol without a licence.

Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer Rodrick Maida has identified the man as Jafari John who was arrested by Monkey-Bay police officers as they were on duty at Ntakataka Turn Off roadblock on Thursday.

gunAccording to Maida, the suspect at the tine was coming from South Africa going to Makanjira and the police stopped him at the roadblock.

“In course of instituting their duties they found the said rifle in a plastic bag covered with assorted items to fool officers,” said Maida.

The pistol was seized to be tendered in court as an exhibit. Jafali hails from Tumbwe village, Traditional Authority Makanjira in the district of Mangochi.

Meanwhile, Mangochi police station is urging the general public especially people who travel to South Africa to refrain from carrying firearms from South Africa to Malawi as they are used in robberies.

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