Polytechnic not opening soon

University of Malawi

Despite celebrating their victory of winning the fees case in court, Malawi Polytechnic students are to wait longer for opening of the college as the University of Malawi (UNIMA) council has not yet held a meeting on the matter.

The delay to have the university opened comes after the Blantyre High Court ruled that the students are to pay the old fees structures since they are still in the 2015/16 academic year and not in 2016/17 academic year when the new fees structure will begin.

After the court decision, the University of Malawi Council deferred opening of the college.

University of Malawi Polytechnic
Not opening soon.

Now a source has told Malawi24 that the students are to have a long holiday as the council has not yet decided on the matter.

The source added that the council advised the students to resolve their fees issue with Polytechnic management and that the management will make recommendations to the council

“Students Union have planned to meet the University management on Friday but it not known when the council is to meet for the recommendations meaning they have to wait longer,” said the source.

The students from Polytechnic refused to pay the hiked fees arguing that the new fees regime cannot be implemented in the current academic year.



  1. I just feel sorry for malawi coz education z the future of our country so poly z been closed for a while now that means in the nearly future wil have no good leaders as well zozipanga dala.

  2. APM failed as an Education Minister while Emanuel Fabiano had failed as the vice Chancellor of UNIMA. Now that APM is the president and Emanuel Fabiano is the Minister, do you think Education standards can improve??? #I_guess_no, #absolutely_no. To make matters worse, it was their time when academic freedom issue had came out.

  3. Apm is the cause, he can’t control economy hence high inflation forcing institutions to raise charges on their services to meet up costs, university council is not the problem and if they are to reduce I believe it will still be unfavourable reduction,

  4. No wonder we are no 139 on the higher education ranking and some countries have opted not to recognize our degrees.

  5. anthu oipa a mu university council esp th chancellor himself!!! ndakwiya nazo, cnt continue rotting at home. where is my right to education? may thunder strike u ndithu

  6. Too bad and we think we can develop Malawi when we are taking national things as household property. I mean u #universitycouncil

    1. That’s my expectation also. The pasture looks greener when you are far and water appears in a tarmac road when you are far otherwise its too bad coz njovu zikamamenyana umavutika ndi udzu

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