28 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:02 AM

Police want you to ‘know your neighbours’ to reduce crime

Police have introduced a new initiative called ‘Know your neighbours’ as one way of reducing crime in the country.

The law enforcers claim that the initiative will encourage reliance among people living in diverse communities as a way of reducing crime.

Police geared at reducing crime.

Police geared at reducing crime.

Confirming on the development to Malawi24, Assistant Public Relations for Southern Region Headquarters Peter Mchiza said the scheme is a significant contributor to the reduction of crime in the country.

‘’This initiative is important because every person will be in a better position to know his or her neighbour on several bases like what he or she does to earn a living to reduce crime,’’ Mchiza said.

He asked people in the region to have complete details of their neighbours more especially concerning their home village, what they do to earn a living, and where they work or conduct business from.

Mchiza claimed that some residents have been robbed in the past because they did not know their neighbours. He therefore asked the public at large to report to police suspicious people in their areas by using the law enforcers’ hot lines.

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