28 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:03 AM

No more easy pass for Malawians to South Africa

Malawians and other nationalities travelling to South Africa without proper documents will soon face tough times as authorities are planning to intensify guarding their borders.

According to the South African authorities, this is in line with the country’s crackdown on human trafficking rings.

The South African immigration officials have since identified Limpopo as a hot spot for syndicates involved in human trafficking.


No more easy entry into RSA.

They said in Limpopo alone 77 cases were reported in the space of a week. The authorities added that 14 people have been convicted of human trafficking over the last two years while five cases involving the smuggling of people are before courts in the country.

An organisation called International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has been running programmes to raise awareness around the issue. IOM’s Zoe Rohde has disclosed that regional task teams have been set up to deal with trafficking in the area.

“And within those task teams there’s rapid response task teams which are the law enforcement agencies that actually tackle the cases and the prosecutions,” said Rohde.

He added that they meet on a regular basis and when cases come up they meet to discuss how to investigate them.

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