New doctors demand employment

doctors Malawi

Doctors who have recently graduated in Malawi have petitioned government to speed up their employment following serious shortage of doctors in the hospitals of the country.

The graduates through their spokesperson Chifuniro Ganda said they have waited for long to be employed though the country has not enough doctors.

Ganda disclosed that government is also yet to give them internship opportunities for them to be accredited by Medical Council of Malawi.

Adrian Chikumbe
Chikumbe: We are making strides.

“We have stayed for over six months now and we are becoming useless since there is no internship as part of process to be accredited by Medical council,” said Ganda.

He added that the medical graduates cannot go elsewhere due to love they have for Malawians and that the money they used for studies was taken from public purse.

But Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe has not given hope to the doctors of being employed soon saying lack of funding is the major factor to the delay.

Chikumbe advised the graduate to liaise with their college for the internship issue saying government has no hand on that matter.



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  2. In Zambia The Opposite Is The Case. If There Is A Profession Which Will Need You ‘No Application’ Is For The Doctor.. It’s Fast Track.. Direct From ‘School To Employement’ That Is Why We Have Malawians, Congolese And Many More From Surrounding Nations. Doctors Should Not Lova. Apaseni Nchito Basi.

  3. No money for internships but money for a new Lexus for president,

    Maybe the president will visit the hospital’s in need in Malawi and not American hospitals in his 104 million kwacha new car and motorcade

    Shameful actions of the government

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