Mutharika buys multi-million new car in the face of hunger and energy crisis


Criticism has landed on the door of Malawi leader Peter Mutharika after it was discovered that he has purchased a new car while the country is suffering the worst drought.

Mutharika unveiled the new car yesterday when he presided over the launch of the national ID Programme before going on the campaign trail in Mchinji district.

Mutharika’s new car, a Lexus 2016 model, costs in the excess of $140,000 which is over K70 million at the current rate.

The extravagance of Mutharika has come immediately after the President chartered a Qatar Executive Jet on his way from the United States. He also overstayed in the US costing Malawians further. He had gone for the United Nations General Assembly but he ended up staying for two more weeks lasting a month in the US.

His latest purchase is most likely going to send Malawians into anger as there has been a general feeling that Mutharika does not care about the poor.

A social commentator, Felix Unyolo faulted Mutharika for the purchase at a time that Malawians are suffering.

It is shameful for a head of state to live in such wealth as the country is undergoing the troubles we are in,” he said.

He likened Mutharika to a father that would buy a suit while his children have no food.

The Presidency deserves good vehicles but as the situation is right now, it could defer that until our economy picks up,” he said.

However, some commentators have backed up Mutharika claiming that he needs good transport.


He is a head of state and he doesn’t deserve to be travelling in some second hand vehicles. He deserves better,” posted another person on Facebook.



  1. no one angadande ndizawo nafe tiyen tilimbikile zathu basi daily mzingot po …po….po 4 nothng ,why a Malawi mzakula lit? mkut pangisa manyaz ,let him .

  2. tipange zathu pajatu kuluyi amatuwa ndi chalk pa usa zaka.zambuyomo ali ndi chere madalawa asiyeni awusumane mumafuna azikwera zikholokholo?bwanji kodi majelousy amalawi umfititu uwu mukuwonesa apawo kkkkk koma abale!!

  3. We all cherished multiparty, not so? Why then you losers are still not accepting the reality that you failed? The winning dual of APM and Chilima had their manifesto liked by a majority. For those who vote for DPP manifesto they can agree with me that the guys are performers. Budget is planned on the basis of statistics collected from various government departments from where the proper estimates are done. From these estimates that’s when the budget is formulated and mind you different stake holders are involved in consultations and even the MPs are put in clusters to scrutinize it. But, it seems many journalists are in the opinion that all the money has to be allocated to MoH and ministry of Agriculture, which lacks practicality. We also need roads, school blocks, presidential travels to sell Malawi, etc. Go to Poly they are building new class room blocks, the library exit alarm which has been malfunctioning for decades is now repaired and the toilets and the MLT chairs were removed for replacement, roads are being built, etc. You are choosing to turn a blind eye to all this just because you didn’t vote for DPP manifesto to the extent of cursing and wishing dead a man who is a performer. Which God is going to grant you this foolish thinking, the almighty one? I doubt! You the breed of vipers! MoH is another interesting ministry of them all. Every now and then same stories: No drugs, no fuel for ambulances, poor food for on call team and what have you. Let’s be honest guys, every day there is data collection in hospitals i.e. every client is registered, number of out patients including drugs are recorded and even the number of admissions and dugs dispersed. This is where their budget allocation comes from. How is it possible then to keep on hearing the same nonsense stories of lack of drugs? Come on guys it is high time we learn patriotism and love to each other, rather than hiding behind the high office of the land. This car is for the government of Malawi, bought from the money allocated to them, so what are your problems you empty headed scribers? To understand that this is written on hidden agenda Nyasa times has got its own prices, Malawi 24 its own etc. Which is which?

  4. This is fascinating; for sure if this guy really went to school then he knows the importance of budget. From the look of things most journalists don’t have budget plans in their families and they squander money haphazardly. It’s quite amazing to see how other government departments are utilizing their budgets. Let’s have a look at BT city council, under young Chalamanda’s lead. Not all UNIMA products are dull, we are really proud of you your lordship the Mayor. I understand you have also reintroduced Mayor’s Trophy this very year of hunger, why are these stupid fools not rough your neck? Let them dare, we will tell them that it is within your budget plan. We are witnessing beautiful roads in our cities which our eyes wouldn’t have enjoyed had it that one of these journalists was a president. It seems these guys are throwing another trick to be deployed in the future for excusing them to have this beautiful car sold and share its spoils, the same way they did to our beautiful jet and a fleet of Mercedes Benz. Don’t be cheated these are the mouth piece of those cash gates.

  5. The dullest guys in the world are the Malawian journalists. They dazzle us with their filthy lies. They can even write confidently on things they don’t have much evidence. Their thinking capacity is crippled and riddled with shallow thinking and lazy. They don’t dare look for the root cause. I really doubt their credibility. How on earth can they write some one dead while it is the other way round? They always try their best to mess any presidential action, whether good or best. I wonder the type of schools these myopias go for their training? You can easily have the evidence from the broadcasters owned by these schools and the activity of the students and lecturers from them. Look at MIJ always confronting the government in order to frustrate it. Ikakhala UNIMA ndiye eeh, empty tins. These fools are the ones leading us blindly to our destruction. They take us as their kindergarten. If they are Mr know it all, how on earth are they failing to understand that in this country everything is budgeted for, and every department has its money allocation? Are they really serious when they are attacking state house for using the money allocated to it? Or is it because the president is one of the state house beneficiaries? True wise knows that ministry of Agriculture has its share in the national budget and ADMARC was given money to purchase tones of maize from inside and abroad. Since state house has used its budget allocation to purchase a vehicle, uwi lots of stories erupted, as if nothing has been done in the part of looming hunger. Are you really serious to have all the money in the national budget buy maize? Ku MoH ndiye wachuluka ndi umbanda and these guys they don’t know how to use their budgets. Hiring a jet, buying a car are not crimes provided they are within their budget plan. Don’t school us MBULI inu mwamva.Nkhani ya magetsi ndi madzi vuto ndi ma engineer okhonzera madisi wa, they don’t want to think. Ndiye poti ma engineerwo ndi abale anu akamalephera nchito = APM. Zikungoonetseratu kuti sukulu zathu zimasula mbuli ndi mbava, money lovers not problem solvers.

  6. Mesa ali pa tchito akuyenela kugula ndindani asakudziwa kuti ali pa tchito ndipo ndimwana emwe akudziwa kuti amalandila zambili mumafuna azigula chakudza chadziko ndindalama zake nanu akuluakulu ngati inu apa pali chifukwa

  7. Mukulimbana ndi mtunda opanda madzi mawu anuwo angasinthe zinthuuu mmalo motenga khasu kumakalima uko nkukolola chakudya chokwanira mudzadye ndi ananu iyaaa

  8. Isn’t he earning enough to afford that car?I yes then whoever has printed this shit has shit in his head too,why do we people make a fuss of anything a person does,get a life and let the president enjoy his ride while Inc mukuyenda wapansi


  10. 100 chakuti million sindalama yodetsa nkhawa mmitima ya a Malawi koma “kasolola” (cashgate) wa ma billion uja. Munthuyi amalandira ma allowance ambiri akapita kunja komanso sakhala ndi Budget yakayake yogulira bonya kapena nyangwita chifukwa well being yake is well fed by Government cofferS. Pachifukwa ichi, sibwino kumletsa mmzanu to exercise his right to property ownership. Nkanakhala ine nkanagula ya 1,000, 000 dollars (730,000,000 MK )

  11. Umphawi Sudzathadi Ku Malawi Yeti? Kodi N’chifukwa Amalawi Mumasangala Ndi Zinthu Zoipa Ndi Kumadana Ndi Zinthu Zabwino Mulekeni M’tsongoleli Wamasomphenya Muthalika.

  12. Musiyeni, agule kaya asagule ena ife mavuto sangatichoke ata pang’ono. kodi si uja amati anafa kkkkkk ausimane moya kuchoka kwa akufa kufikira phazi zoveka ndiye akhala maliro amoyo sunalakwire mapale

  13. a car valued at mk70 million is not expensive… after all he needs to install security features like bullet proof wilndows and door panels etc. but we need him to come up with solutions to our current problems …. lack of drugs, electricity blackouts, water shortages and hunger.

  14. Nonse mukuyikira president kumbuyo ndinu anthu opanda ganizo ngati inu zikuyenderani mungokhala pheee!siyani amphawi ayankhule chifukwa amaponya vote ndi iwo,anthu akufa ndi ndi njala kuno munthu wa nzelu sangagule jekete ali ufa ndi nyali khalani ndi umunthu.

  15. The money used to buy that vehicle was allocated during Budget parliament session ! Kaya ku zipatala kulibe mankhwala it’s not the president’s problem ,it’s the problem of all the MPs for allocating inadequate funds to MoH, if the ministry has ran out of funds before its financial year ends!

  16. Mwayambo Kunama Simumat Wamwalira?Nde Mukat Wagula Galimoto Mtembo Ungagule Galimoto?Kod Iye Sangagule?Samalipidwa Kod?Utola Nkhan Opepera Mungot Bola Mugulitse Anthu Opepera Ngat Inu News Yonamayo Mukubalalitsa Anthu Bwanj Simulemba Zabwno Zmene Akuchta Ndekut Akungopanga Zolakwka Zokha Zokha?Kupusatu Kumeneko

  17. Muzilinbikila kulima or kugwila ntchito osati kuyembekezela kuti boma lizikupangilani zose olo mutalila bwanji amzanu anapita basi simudzafanananawo amene aja jst keep on crying mpaka mmasomo mutuluke magazi kikikkk ulesi basi

  18. Ndiosusa ameneyu kkk umafuna agule ngolo muziti wapenga mbuyomu mwamupha muthu ali moyo lelo wadalisika wagula imoto mukumulonda mmapazi

  19. Tiziti Iweyo Sunagule Galimoto Or Phone Pamene Kumuzi Kwanu Kulinjala.Penapake Muzilemba Khani Zopindulila Amalawi Osati Pali Pose Kulowetsandale.Ukufuna Avendani? Nde Akamva Atani? Sunagulepo Maunitsi Amk1500 Pamene Neba Wako Okomani Wa Mk500 Alibe Plus Ndiwo.Mumafuna Azigawa Ndalama Khomo Ndi Khomo Salary Yakeyo?

  20. Admin. Me also i just buy multi thousands bicycle but stil i kno i wil buy my Parents fertilizer so i don’t kno about the President!

  21. Mumafuna adziyenda wapasi naye amakhala ndizookhumba dzache ly3.Ku malawi komweko kuli anthu akukwela mangalimoto ondula.kwakhalila.APM.mukufuna adzikwela. Dzakwamanje dzamatola ndianthu oti kunyumba kwawo ngalimoto simodzi amasintha ngati mayala ndidzaoo.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. km.mW ndubo basi ndikaduka komanso sanje sidzizantha nthawi dzonse kungwilama kunsongolo munthu akamaona Pataki inu majelasi.yo.

  22. This does’nt make any sense,he got his own cash he can even buy a jet,,,Malawians are staving coz of der own wil coz dey ar de ones voted for him.buying a car doesnt mean he uses MG cash eishhhhhhhhh malawi indid

  23. A P M boma lamukanika. misokho mpaka madzi, internet, mkaka,bread……. palibeso chomwe akuchita kumangonamiza Amalawi basi. ogwira ntchito malipiro ndiochepa. alimi afodya akulila. college fees inakwela kwambiri. chimanganso mtengo wakwela. eeeeeesh Amalawi tithawila kuti? atsogoleri athu ndiodzikonda akungokhutitsa mimba zawo pamene kumudzi kuli mavuto

  24. kodi mmesa mmati waduwa hahahaha.panomwatichani!!!!!!,tangovemelazami mmmenemulilimo muzafa nchoncho ndimabozaanuwo Dement admn.

  25. Bng a prsdnt does’t min kt asamagule zthu coz zthu czkuyenda bwno. Likaomba otheratu. Nd 5years iz. E! E! Ndan safuna ku joya? Bg up mr prsdnt.

  26. Kodi enanu mukuti Peter si m’mphawi kodi ndalama wagulira galimotoyo ndi zake kapena za boma? Koma ngati zili za boma ndiye afotokozere kuti ndalama zotsalazo apanga nazo chiyani? Otherwise atibera ameneyo. Cauz imeneyo ndi misonkho yanthu.

  27. When I look at malawi in the next 10years to come if this type of leadership does not change then we will remain extremely poor, i feel sorry for my kid at least I had some few things I appreciated in my time from kamuzu’s dream.

  28. Uyo simutsogoleri akubuke galimoto anthu akufa ndinjala eee guyz please just type chichewa anthu wose akumalawi azidziwa u chitsiru wa presdent

  29. Chi president ichi ndi chitsilu hvy zoona angagule galimoto yodula pamene kuli njala kwambiri, changokula chilibe ndi mzeru zomwe ndithu

  30. Note : The president is abig thief and for sure he has used the GVT money to buy acar while pple are in hunger time.we see you what you are doing troubling us with alot of problems.Don’t even dream of us giving you votes 2019.From this year on we are coming back to one party system thus MCP Lazarus Chakwera.All democratic parties have failed to rule the country properly and therefore we are geting back our lost nation.Usafune 2019 lazarus will take over.

  31. You all know that Malawi is poor.U have a lot of money in ur acc. Others are starving u know that. Have u given them food to eat? Do u want to say all ur relatives have got food? Just start with urself then blame others.

  32. so ngat dollazoo nzake asaguleee ndizokwimiraaa asaaaa he gat right to buy anyting provided money z theree azichitaa kuyendaa pansii kuopaa kut amalawii akwiyaaa aaaaah ganizanii ngat anthu olowaa nkalasii he shldnt buy his personal nids coz kuli njalaa,,,,, iyeyu ndamenee anakanikitsaa mvulaa,,,,,,,amalawii ndi atolankhanii anuo penaa mumabhowaaa iyaaaaaaa

  33. Thanks to him proving he doesn’t care about poverty, which everyone is running out of the country, some are killed on there way to find greener pastures

  34. So that the fool he mean that we will starve the Car? Why always Peter Peter? What type of this animal? Think of your Nation Mr Peter, why always you do silly,foolish things? Think before you do Ok!

  35. Njala ikutha tione zina, development step ahead sitigula njinga?
    Kodi inu zoti kukhala njala smmaziwa?
    Ndye mwachitapo chani?
    Food storage it’s not for government only
    Inuso kukusowa upangiri ndukusowa nzeru wothana ndinjala nyumba mwanu
    It has affected the government….

  36. The vehicle remains government asset therefore there is nothing wrong with it. Security comes first in the democratic government like Malawi where the opposition struggles to get into the government before the elections. Its very risky now to be a president coz you also create a lot of enemies once you are elected a president.

  37. Kodi ndiye kuti anthu osaukitsitsa m’dziko muno tsiku lina sadyelako nyama or matumbi(chambo)? Olemba nkhani ndichifukwa chani kukacha mumafunafuna zifukwa zopachikira pa mtanda President wathu APM ndi dziko lathu la Malawi? Maiko mukuti Chuma chawo chiri bwinowo kulinsotu anthu anjala bad osatinso okuda ngati ine ndi inu koma ndikunenawa ndi azungu, amwenye! Amalawi, 1964-2016 look at where we at..! this jealous/pull him down, know it all/better syndrome is doing Malawi no justice! Ndiri ndi mzanga he’s 29 drives a 100 & something Million car, sidzakwawo, yake yake.. alibenso dzina m’society, anthu ansanjenu bwanji osabwela kuno kudzamuuza nzangayu kuti agulitse chigalimoto chodulachi ndlamayo awagulire azibale ake chimanga? Ine 32yrs old, not famous, important or loaded, unEducated fool & mu population ya Malawi ndiri nambala 17million chakuti.. u aware how many Rides i own? Want party like Rock Star? Siyani kuntola President APM.. Siyani kutanganidwa ndikufunafuna zisoso mmaso mwa ena.. kugwilani ntchito molimbika, pemphelani kosalekedza!

  38. Kkkkkkkkkk…makobili a galimoto imodzi ingadyetse a Malawi ose? Ndiye pali bwino boma (MG) lithe, kuti njala ithe. Ma ministry ose athe, zipatala zithe, miseu igulitsidwe kuti tithandize uthetsa njala.


  40. Umphawi wakumtundu kwanu umulepheretse Mutharika kugula,galimoto? Mavuto a Amalawi amatha? nde mpaka ayende pansi coz of umphawi wako?Admin ndinu munthu omvetsa chisoni…uyu tu sikapolo ngati inu Man! Udzafa ndiumphawi

  41. Koma abale mchiyani kodi amalawi President adwale chimfine ndi news,apume kunja ndi news ,akwatire ndi news, agule galimoto ndi breaking news kom atolankhani aku Malawi mudakhala bwanji galimoto akumagula ngakhale wogulitsa udzu ndiye president wa dziko asagule kapena mukufuna azikwera kabaza akafun kuyendera anthu?

  42. my own President Mugabe is much worse than this ,he holds a birthyday party nomater what worthy millions of dollars not from his pockets but from the little the poor people is earning I’m sure that’s where Mtharika is going

  43. Dare is nothing wrong dare coz president needs 2b respected,a President can’not use a cheap car yet he,s getting a big salary den something is wrong wth u reporters.Ithink jealous is killing Nyasatimes reporters

  44. Koma mwina tidziwe nanu kuti , kodi president sayenera kugula galimoto, pomwe dziko muli vuto lanjala kapena la magetsi? So far ihv cn lots of pple buying very expensive cars, why didnt tell us so that we have 2b encrouged that nxt its u and me! Iwe wa news 24 ithink ,pls yesani kupeza zochita zina. Why always Mr ,,APM??

  45. people think lyk presdent of urugway instead of stayng in palace he lives in his farm to save govt money why did our presdent bought this expensive car thats greedy

  46. I wud luv it if the coming electionz another party apart 4rm DPP wins… Thats when people wl cum 2 understand that these people are all the same…. Leopards in sheeps clothing…. Nt long ago parliament bought 4 cars worth 300 million amidst the very same crisis w r facing…. Wat of the selling of the only jet w hard! And now w hav to pay xo much just 2 borrow 1… If u luk @ evry government that has ever ruled in one way or the other they hav done the very same thing w r complaining abwt…. Datx y am am nt a fan of politics…. I jst du ma thing and mind ov my daily survival

  47. Bola ndiwakwathu olo anthu titamagona kumdima ndiwakwathu akulamura,madzi olo atavuta inu ndati munthuyi ndiwakwathu vuto ndichani atagula galimoto ndi ndalama zamisonkho yanuyo, ndatitu uyutu ndiwakwathu basi

  48. is that money from MGM Or his salary if it salary let him choooop his money even he can buy him self a PVT JET zaulesi basi a malawi

  49. kkkkkkkkkk sopano President mmafuna aziyendera vits kapena note ya 750,000???? koma yah guys pali nkhani apa yoti nkumalimbana ndikuti agula bwanj galimoto yodhula tiyeni timusiye akungoyenera basi????

  50. Ambiri ndawona ndinu mbuli zadziko ndalama wagula galimoto sizake ndizaboma kubwebweta chifukwa cha kusadziwa, magetsi madzi mmene zikuvutilamu munthu wanzeru zake nkumati amagwira ntchito agule basi

  51. Nzosala izi, tiyeni tiyang’ane kumwamba kwa mulungu, thandizo lathu lichokera kwa mulungu wathu, choncho asiyeni ahabala , siku lina mulungu azayankha. Palibe amene aziwa siku lomwe mulungu azathese Mpira . God we r suffering we need your attention father, inu munakwanisa kuchosa pharao komaso Saddam

  52. Wake up Malawians don’t complain everything, do you think a president can not buy a car because of hunger that affect Malawians? even you too if you have money you can buy yours. stop complain everything kkkkk such people are those who ndikupita ku toilet komwe shame Malawi walero.

  53. He Should Just Buy ajet f He can No Complains I Dot Benefit Either.I Work hard 4 my livng and 4 energy am used 2 it i go 2 maize mil cha muma 10:30 no nkhawa

  54. Kodi iwe wa malawi 24 umafuna president aziyenda pansi kapena azikwera kabaza? Kodi iye samakhala ndi ndalama’ Anthu ake ndinu aja mumati mukamuona dotolo wagula galimoto mwati akuba mankhwala. Timayamba ntchito kuti titukuke osati tisauke.

  55. Mmmmmm Amalawi kuyang’anana kumaso,iye simuthu payekha kugula zimene akufuna,tatiyeni tiganiza kosathandizaku,njala ndi vuto ladziko,koma munthu aliyense payekha kuphatikiza president ali ndi zomwe amafuna

  56. I don’t see any problem with that as long as you choose him to be your leader ,the previous leaders have been doing the same,he understood the situation when he wanted to buy a plane.

  57. Kodi makape omwe mumacomenta zobakira mtsogoleri wautsiruyu kwanu magetsi samazima ngati m’makhala nyumba zamagetsi? Komanso kwanuko bag la chimanga ndizingati coz Ife ma admarc akuno ndi 12000 kwachatu,mwina tinene kuti nzeru ndizomwe mulibe? Or zoti Dpp yakanika ndizomwe simukudzindikira. This man is a dictator & a leader who doesn’t care about us but Getrude only

  58. If u were the president u would know why u need to buy a new car,,,,,safety of leaders is more important,,,,, don’t criticise every thing,,,don’t politicise everything,,, and besides the car is for Malawi not his

  59. toyota malawi closed bcz inMalawi there is hunger? people are not buying new cars? Nayenso ndi munthu amagwira ntchito chifukwa anaphunzira…amalandira ma million so what? umafuna salary yake akakugulire chimanga uzidya ndi anako?

  60. How can a leader of the country bought a luxury car like luxus worst millions of dollars whilst local citizen are suffering in the name of hunger,shortage medicine not to mention corruption in high lanks of government? Malawia’ns it’s the time now to choose properly interms of presidents when comes election time.

  61. I think ndikovuta kuti njala itheletu ndiye ndikovutanso kuti President adikile kuti njala izatheletu mdziko muno kuti iye adzagule galimoto yodulayo. Imagine when will hunger be alleviated for the president to become illegible to buy the so-called expensive car?

  62. my fellow malawians stop complaning and lets repent God its only the ans no matter wat we do these politicians ndikhalidwe lao lokupha ndi kuzuza anthu

  63. kod amw 24.imeneyo ndi galimoto yoyamba kugula.kapena mwez uno wagula ndi iye yekha.enawo simukuwakamba bwanj.mumafuna aziyenda wawuja uja.

  64. Kodi m’malawi ungamudziwe bwanji? (1)Kudandaula too much (2)Msanje (3)Ulesi. Dzanja lolimbika ndilomwe limapindula wake up malawians plsa

  65. Choti mudziwe President sazathetsa njala panyumba hav to hustle had to get what you need.. Ligal or illigal nabola kupeza moyo.. I give up longtym about this stupid politics they have whatever they want you goin to remain the way you are if you worry about em too… Lets hustle had guys..we all need money

  66. Choti mudziwe President sazathetsa njala panyumba hav to hustle had to get what you need.. Ligal or illigal nabola kupeza moyo.. I give up longtym about this stupid politics they have whatever they want you goin to remain the way you are if you worry about em too… Lets hustle had guys..we all need money im

  67. Kkkkkkkkk Ma galimoto akugulidwa ndi akabulumbuzi ambedza m’dziko muno ndie ukanene muthu amene akusamira zonse za misokho m’dziko lino””” zazong’ono zimenezo tangoembekeza akulisadzula dzikoli akathana nalo mpamene tidzati eee muthuyudi adali njoka.

  68. so what?????… you mean kuti he should not progressing jast because he is a president?? he is working en he is recieving his salary musiyeni akudya zake..mind you president samasunga ndalama za boma ngati kuti ndiza bank mkhonde ndalama zanu zili ku researve bank nat ku pillow la apresident.

  69. Inu Amalawi 24 Tamalembani Zinthu Zomveka.Kodi Galimoto Wagulayo Yake Kapena Ya Boma?Simunanene Apa Kapena Sindinamvetse Ndi Ineyo Ndisanayankhe.

  70. Moyo wa masiku ano ndi kokera kwako kodi mutakhala inuyo a president mukanayendera kabaza?agule jet mwati yadula galimoto mwati njala ndiye apange chani tikamabala Chaka chili chonse kudalira government tigwa nayo…

  71. Inu a news tadzilembani nkhani zotukula malawi chonde, amenewo ndi madalitso awo a president & tikhoza kulankhula m’mene tikufunira, but nothing can change.

  72. Evin he buys more dan 1,SO WAT? rememba APM z savn de highest office & mane z not a problem dats y munthu wina adaleka kutumikila mulungu 4 dat office.

  73. Evin he buys more dan 1,SO WAT? rememba APM z savn de highest office & mane z not a problem dats y munthu wina adaleka kutumikila mulungu 4 dat office.

  74. Anyan amenewa amazikonda zimenezi Bingunso anagula ma MEY-BAK awiri pa mtengo wa 65 Million,,,,,ndkanakonda adm mukanatiwonetsako galimoto wagula bwampini osatha kuyankhulayu

  75. Amalawi news kodi nkhani zanu mumazitenga kuti? komaso ife zachani zimenezo,muzilemba nkhani zoti zizitipindulira tikawelenga osati zopepelazi,chamba eti kapena mumasowa zopanga,usamapedza akaswiri odziwa zina nzina bwanji azikuwuzani zaluso linalina nkumawuza mtundu wamalawi bwanji kuti mwina nkuphuzilapo chinachake chothandiza.ngati kaya zaulimi othilira kaya kuweta zifuyo,osati zomangotinamizazi ife tinatopa nanu sopano.

  76. Kodi alibe ufulu ogula chinthu chakuntima kwake ndindalama zake?Ndalama zaboma zimapangidwa budget kunyumba yamalamulo izo ndiza budget yakunyumba kwake.

  77. For your information APM never uses a plane for domestic trips as his predecessors and you can agree with me. His reliable means of transport is by road and the State President using a latest car to me is not an issue after all Parliament approved the State Residents budgets. Galimoto mukunenayo ku Nigeria amakwela ndi Senator. Palibe nkhani apa.

    • Which is cheap to travel domestically by plane or road?? Are you really serious poti ku Nigeria same carcis used by sanator so our president can have dat luxury as well? So ur mathematics is dat u r putting our economy and current state of affairs with Nigeria? Mumudziwe Yesu akulu.

  78. Even you can cry louder it’ll change nothing my dear Malawians just focus on how you can survive on your own, Bcz this man he wants to enjoy as the reader of the nation. You think even if he couldn’t bought that car he would solve your daily hanger, plz wake up now do whatever can assist you.

  79. Wagulira Ndalama za boma kapena zake?coz dziko lavutika ndiye atenge Ndalama zake muzigulira zakudya?inu Ndi mbuzi kwabasi,kodi inu mwana wanu akudwala mungalephere kugula pant moti muzivala,hahaha

  80. there are more ordinary people who are buying expensive cars ,what more president ,kapena mufuna mundiuze kuti president walemera atangokhala pa mpando?

  81. My Help comes from the Lord and not from a Mere man…I ask with faith and he provides me with the Necessaries ….Olo agule magalimoto 100 ameneyo ine ndi apabanja panga nsima tidakadyabe….Mulungu alemekezeke

  82. makape enaakuinbirabe manja . uchisilu pomweiye akudya nthawi ina iliyonse . pomwe iweyo ndi ine tikungona ndinjara . kunsowa chimnga magesi ndiawo akutimatimawo . pomwe iye akuwononga ndalama . kodi magalimotowo amugawoliti ? kupaliment anaika malamulo kuti m p presdent alembetse chumachake chomwealinach .

  83. fuck u! malawi 24, is he de only one to buy multi ~million car? or u want de president to ride de bike? or u want him to be footing ? He is de first man in de country he is deserved to buy

  84. makape enaakuinbirabe manja . uchisilu pomweiye akudya nthawi ina iliyonse . pomwe iweyo ndi ine tikungona ndinjara . kunsowa chimnga magesi ndiawo akutimatimawo . pomwe iye akuwononga ndalama . kodi magalimotowo amugawoliti ? kupaliment anaika malamulo kuti m p presdent alembetse chumachake chomwealinach .

  85. Eye ndiye bwino, akazatula udindowo ena azapeze poyambira. Akazafuna kugulitsa katundu wa boma, ena anagulitsa ndege ndiye iyi galimoto yoyenda pansi ndichiyaninso’

  86. that’s exactly our country is worse in poverty why there are buying multtrillion car while some people are suffering with alot of problems that I felt to explain here iwe Authar iwe usandichimwitse wamva! sumatha kulamulira eish!

  87. Isaaaa! Pali nkhani apa? inu kwanu simudya nyama kwa aneba anu kuli therere? Mukufuna mutiuze kuti chani apa? Anthu anasiya kugula magalimoto ku Malawi kuno kapenatu… Musiyeni president ndimunthu nayenso ndipo amakhalanso ndi zofuna pamoyo wake…

  88. Ndalama akugulira galimotozo ndi misonkho yomwe anthu osauka akukhoma ena mkumayinjoyera.ndithudi amene alibe azalandidwa ngakhale kochepa kmwe alinako ,kma omwe alinazo zochuluka azawonjezeledwa zinanso.kodi mukuganiza kt zomwe adanena yesu zija sizizakwanilisidwa?ngati sizizakwanilisidwa ndie kt ufumu wakumwamba suzabweranso ai.

  89. President using lexus,,,,,, president ozichepesa uyu,,,,,,,, anayenera agule Mercedes Benz s500 yoyenera president,,,,, my country is indeed poor,,,,, thumbs up Mr president for buying a cheap Toyota

  90. Kkkk matsiku ake ano kumangoberekana muli kuli boma litithandiza, munya muona. Ndan saziwa kut ineyo ndi mwini chuma? umafuna asagule chifukwa simudya mmakwanumo?. wake up Malawi sinthawi yodalila wina kut andithandiza, all u have to do z work hard and even bible says no food 4 lazy man

  91. Ndiye nchonchi nkumati dziko lingapeze olithandiza, malo moti president afune njira zoonjezera phamvu zamagetsi dziko muno. Ndipomwe akuononga ndalama kupanga chithu chokomera iye ndi banja lake. Kulower shire pano ana akulephera kupita ku xool kamba kosowa chakudya. President ali bisy kugura magalimoto. Utsogoleri obera sumasowa koma pitala udziwe kuti myandamyanda yaanthu yomwe ikukudandaulayi malipiro ako ndizijazitu ……………

    • Im not from lower shire bro. Koma ngati amalawi anzanga akuvutika like that, ndikuyenera kukhuzidwa. Bcoz president yemweyu ankawamema anthu omwewa kuti amuvotele. Ndikumawalonjeza zabwino. Anthu omwe akuvutika pano ndi njala siokhao from lowershire. Osamaoneka ochenjera pagulu kwinaku mukupusa

  92. whats strange with him buying a new car? mmafun naenso azisauka, forget it! he is one big boss we have in this country. if u have a neutral mind you know wat i mean.

  93. Mumafuna adziyendera namgogoda, phokonyole galimoto za kwa a Manje? Nanunso muthamange mupedze ndalama kaya mwadzipedza bwanji izo ndi zanu kenako mugulenso galimoto (Lexus) yanu mudziyendera. Pa Malawi mavuto komanso njala sizidzatha ndiye munthu adzilephera kudzipepetsa? Inu ndi anthu osauka koma nthawi zina mumatha kugula 1kg ya mbuzi kudzipepetsa. Nsanje bwanji abwilibwisi inu?

  94. i thought he is the father of salaries in mw, unless u force hm to use his pockets to fund public projects, otherwise nothing is clearly wrong there!!!

  95. Just thinks about his family not pple who’s choses him to get that position.but idont blame him but pple of malawi.for put this outcast family into now pple of mw must learn.kuphuzila ndi udindo zosiyana.wophuzilawa bwanji ziko lathu lagwa pamene likulamulidwa ndi akadawulo pamaphuzilo????

  96. Guys asagule galimoto munthu akugwira ntchito? Who doesn’t know that he is working and he is paid? Ndemukufuna ndalama zake azitani nazo??

  97. Inunso ngati mukufuna mukhoza kugula yanu,amalawi ndife anthu omvetsa chisoni m’malo mopanga zanu zoti zikuthandizeni muli buzy kulimbana ndi munthu oti zake zidayela kale kkkkkkkkk

  98. Amalawi ndatopa nanu muli ndi nsanje za pathako heavy kod munthu asazipangire chinthu chabwino pa moyo wake , azichita kuopa inu popanga chinthu anthu adziko la malawi ndinu oipitsitsa kupotsa mtima wa satana pali nkhani apa paka pa air dziko lonse lidziwe kuti dziko lanthu kuli njala ai mdzafa ifa yowawa ngati nsanjezo zizapitirire chomwechi.

  99. where are civil societies, churches, mosques and chiefs to take an action .This governmemt has taken Malawians 4 granted .Action speaks louder than words.

  100. K70 Millione Ndi Ka Chani Athu Akugula Magalimoto Odula Here In Malawi Kuposa Pamenepa, He Is President He Suppose To Have Even A Worth K200 Millione Car, Kungoti Democracy Siyabwino Kwa Athu Osaphunzila Ngati Amalawi A Msanje,, ON SAD NOTE NO RAINS THIS COMING GROWING SEASON MULUNGU WAKWIYA NAFE A MALAWI

  101. Panopa kulibwino tisamavoteso coz timangolemeretsa anzathu ife ovotafe nkumavutika,chabwino ndichani? Ndindan mtsogoleri yemwe azasangalatse amalawi? Ntchito nkudyerera anthu osauka basi! Mulungu akulangeni ndi ndale zanuzo!!!!

  102. what do you want him exactly to do with his money? you want him to buy rain? or what. kod aziopa kugwiritsa ntchito ndalama zake chifukwa cha inu? agalu inu. mu campaign yake munamva akutchula kuti azizayenda pansi ndipo ndalama zake azagulira mvula?

  103. Kodi muthu akakhala bwana kapena kuti boss kapena kuti bambo pa banja asagule trouser chifukwa chakuti chaka chimenecho sanakolole bwino kapena sanagulitse zambiri mbewu? Adm chenjera ndi bodza lakolo ngati pali poyenera kugula agule basi ,mwina magalimoto enawo sali mu conditions yabwino nde atani?aziyenda Wa pansi ? Musiyeni mzanu dxulo mmati wafa lero wagula galimoto mukuti ayi Ali moyo walakwitsa rubbish!!!!!

  104. Last year reader of opposition anagula yake motocar ya 90million and now HE APM the state president kugula ya 70million walakwa? Akakhala mamvuto sialero!

  105. With this negative mindset that why the nation is not developing, the car is for malawi when the president will be leaving the palace it will remain wonder malawians we think of eating 2 much when it comes to producing/ farming zero out of 10.

  106. Dats true kutchuka sikwabwin olo mutat mugule inuyo galimotolo sikuti enafe tingaziwe koma poti ndiapresident akungoyenela kugula ntchito akugwila, dats the use of de money zatokhala zonkhwimila kuti ayaya anamuuza kut asagule galimoto

  107. So what’s the problem. It’s hiz money remember before he became a president anali nchuma kale .kambani zina tinve beside he’s getting paid end of the month.

  108. Kumbali Yake Wayesesa Mumafuna Agule Ndege? Anthu Inu Ndiovuta Kwa Ine Sindikuonapo Vuto Chifukwa A Peter Akudziwa Mavuto A Anthu Enanu Ndi Mabwana Ndipo Muli Ndi Chuma Ndipo Njala Simuidziwa Komanso Or Abale Anu Akakupemphani Ngakhale Madeya Omwewa Mumapasira Nkhuku Mumawamana Ndiye Iwowa Ngati Azipeleka Ndalama Ya Mthumba Mwawo Vuto Ndi Chani? Palibe President Dziko Muno Adzakhale 100% Ngakhale Wina Atalowa Malo Mwa A Peter. Ndiye Ngati Iye Akuyesesa 60% Musiyeni Ngakhale Banja Silikhala 100% Mumapezeka Wina Ovuta Ndiye Kwa Ine A Peter “Alibe Pulobulemu”akunjenjemeya Ee?

  109. Nonse Amene mkuombera mmanja pazomwe wachita president ndinu Ma refugees zamziko lino sizikukhudzan kulibwino mngotseka pakamwa panupo. Galimoto yomwe wagulayo ithandiza ndan siyekhayo basi? Amalawi kufa ndie kulipod.

  110. Amalawi Lets Change Our Poverty Mindset Chaka Chilichose Timadandaula Njala ,,,thats Why Jet Yomwe Tinali Nayo Inagulitsidwa Mudzina Lanjala Pano Ndege Yoseija Anthu Anabiba Ndipo Ili Mmatoilet Mwathu.,,,pano Tikulemba Ma Coment Odana Ndizomwe Boma Lachita Pogwilitsa Ntchito Mafon Odula ,,,komaso Mwagula Ma Units Omwe Mwaikaso Mu Fon,.Chosecho Mukudandula Njala Dairy,,,,,jerous Ndi Nsanje Zakula Kwambiri Pakati Pathu,

  111. Nothing is wrong to buy the car coz is the government car . Am still remember when the jet was there you start jealous until that women come and sell. To let the government down in order for president to hire a jet if he’s want to let want to go elsewhere. Now what exactly do you want the government or president to have. Why do you always push our on country down.

  112. Thats how we are. Malawians very stupid. Nd they is nothing. you can do about it. Even the presdent. They say he was born. In USA. Is doing something that. Not even a man from. Mulanje can do it.

  113. Amalawi kkkkkkk Mutharika simphawitu anayamba kalekale kugwila ntchito so let him buy what he want ever he want iye kugula galimoto its not a big deal its like inuyo kukagula Matemba kungoti zagalimotozo sisize yanu kikkkkk

    • Tell those mother fu****kers kkkkk.munthuyu Ali ndi dollar kaye zamalemu and mafana ake ndiochita bho so cholepheretsa ndichani?

    • Mzinena kuti zomwe anaba mkulu wake kapena. Ngati anali ndi ndalama bwanji ankaoneka muja amaonekera muja? Kodi asintha pompano awa zimajacket zija azitayira pa malawi pompano

  114. I said it and I’m saying it again that Malawi to prosper needs a unique intelligent planning leader with no robust ambitious to his life.
    As he is a leader to the Malawians what does it mean to live Porsche life as his citizen are suffering in his absences.
    He deserted Malawians one month and a week full in America without any reasonable return to the country disposals.
    Serving gods people needs courage of consciousness amongst all odds which comes on your way.
    Having a car as heads of state is not bad idea, but not at this time of grieving time where Malawians are dying of shortage of food, economy and social challenges rises.
    A real and and unique leadership comes with love visionary standings not greediness

    • What does it carry to be called a good leader?
      What qualities and values does it stand to be called a good leader?
      Without fear or favour from leadership understanding, I don’t see any good leadership direction, vision under this man called Peter Mtaliika.
      This man just jumped in to be called a leader of DPP and the state,
      DPP has got better visionary gurus to lead DPP and put Malawi at it’s highest level as his late brother Bingu did in his first tenure in office.
      This Man’s ambitious is very high to himself as a leader, but not to take care of developing and investing Malawi’s future.
      He is totally lost to his vision as he promised to Malawians that he will deliver to Malawians.
      He has made Malawi to be bad as we weren’t of expecting to be so.
      Malawians has seen unseen challenges since he got power from JB administration.
      If really he rigs votes again in 2019 as he did in 2014, then Malawi is on sale to colonial era.
      Malawi dearly needs change in her leadership, which can put us on the world map again.
      Malawi is poor by her leadership style, but can rise up by a unique, advanced, planning and visionary leader.
      We want change.
      This man as he is called Professor in his educational skills, he is not a professional leader to lead the Malawi Mass.
      He thinks of enriching himself, his DPP gurus and his region
      Change in 2019 must come in mind of unique, intelligent Malawians who think a head of developing Malawians and Malawi.

  115. Yes kugula galimoto president sizolakwka kma,mavuto ake amenewa ku m_dubz kuno,ndalama zmenezo anaktha kupangira control ma prices a chimanga,..nde u pple are busy clapping,kumapanga accuse ma journalist,zopusa bax,kma ofunika boko haram ija inakabwela kuno idzachangamutse anthu,..#Malawi dzuka iwe,moti sumukuonapo cholakwika

  116. admin koma umadziwa kuti umakupangitsa ndiumphawi kuti uzikhalira kumulonda APM?, Ukuona ngati amalandila same amount as yours kuti azikwera vannet ngati Iweyo…. Chilungamo umachidziwa always koma sufuna kunena, usandiyankhulitse pambali but all in all Iweyo u need special advice Coz zayamba kuonetsa kuti wayamba kuzitenga person forgetting kuti ndintchito imeneyo

  117. kudzikonda ma president amene timakhala nawo kwathu kuno bwanji safuna kuthandiza athu awo pamene chuma cha dziko cha tsika ,dzikoli kwa aphawi ndilonyasa ,basi tidzingonena mwambi oti kubadwila ku malawi wa sakha mavuto

  118. Gwirani ntchito molimbika mulungu adzakuyankhani chepesani nsanje abale munthuyi amalipidwa & ali ndi ufulu ogula chinthu chakuntima kwake ngakhale mmaiko olemera saachita zimenezo

  119. If u commit ur life to politics u will be crying all ur life…wake up in the morning take ur hoe ndikupita kumunda…Plant ur cassava God will give you free rain….next year u won’t complaint again..

  120. Ndi nthawi yake musiyeni munthu anjoye ndiposo ndikutha kuona kut akubweza fees yake..aliyense akakhara pampando umenewu amayenera anjoye basi nde u pipo ur jst wasting ur tym … Poor malawians

  121. This is why some of say, this man dint come to serve malawians but himself. Just last we heard that govt has failed to buy MEC commissioners new vehicles bcoz it doesnt hav money, but the very same govt buys the vehicles for the president. We hav a selfish man as a leader and selfish govt officials who doesnt care about ordinally malawians. I hope the pple of mchinji will vote oppositon member to show their anger to this govt.

  122. Kod Agalu Inu Mumalimbana Ndi Plezdent Cfkwa Ciani? Alipo Wadandaula Kut Wabeledwa Ndalama Koma Akukaikira Plezdent? Kapena Timufunse Goodwel Gondwe Kut Ndalama Za Boma Zasowa? Bushiri Ali Ndi Ngege Zitatu Ndiye Galimoto Ndi Kachaninso Kut Muzimukweza Bp Plezdent?Kapena Chakwera Amayenda Pansi? Mumusiye Amere Mnofu Wabakha Mwamva! Ikakhala Njala Ili Pali Ponse Ngakhale Ine Sindinadye Koma Vuto Si Pulezident Koma Mthumba Mwanga.

  123. malawi 24 u want 2 min dat u r blaming him simply becoy he has purchased anew car???z he only malawian who has bought acar 4 tym being?simungatukukenazo zimenezo,if u’ve nothng 2 write u beta stay quite,forsake!!!!!

  124. It Is Not Fair,more Malawians Akuvutka Ndnjala Komaso Kudandaula Kamba Ka Kukwela Kwakatundu Osiyanasyana, Nde Iyeyo Ndkumagulaso Galimoto Yokwelamtengo Chon’cho Koma Akutiganizila?

  125. This is not different from Judas ,a Mary a applies perfume on Christ him says this waisting we can sale and give money to the poor.koma mumtima angoti kuti anathila ine bwanji ninakanva bwino.

  126. He is good for nothing those people who are busy supporting him they are cashgate members there is need to force him to home where he has been staying 40yrs

  127. Aaa No He Got Money Let Hin Buy, Even U The Editor, U Make Ur Own Budgets, U Mean Coz Of Hunger In Mw Then He Shouldnt Buy Anything For Himself? Am Not A Dpp Fun Bt On This I Dont C A Problem, He Recieves Salary, He Got Buzneses,

  128. A Malawi Mukufuna A President Azipanga Hire Ku Siku Transport, Kapena Mukufuna Aziyenda Wa Pansi, Kapena Pa Aziyenda Pa Kabaza Kuti Tipange Mantain Economy,

  129. THS is more lyk partying & chilling while ur children re all sick & dying. Why can’t leaders feel the agony & pains the people they re leading re passing thru? No water, no electricity, staple food being sold at a higher price….God have mercy….

    • Mind u he is the father of ths nation hence to treadcarefully with the thngs tht can make him look lyk as if he doesn’t care about our flopped currency & the challenges ths nation is facing right now.

    • So U want 2 tell us that bcoz he is the father then he should sacrifice his salary 2 bail out those out there who are used to handouts during the muluzi era,as a citizen of this country,he is free 2 do anything he wants with his money,hw many have u helped with food?don’twait 4 the president 2 provide everything 2 malawians

    • The problem is that people can’t see what happens in the system ,corruption is rampant, can’t you ask yourself why these dpp officials became rich within a short space of time they got into office when you learn the truth maybe you will realize that something is wrong.God have mercy

    • Malawians doesn’t need ma hand out Denis, bt we need leaders who re selfless. Some previous leaders yes failed Malawi, bt ths doesn’t mean the current one shud also fail….. Sangwani thanks for understanding my point….

  130. Kkkkkkk ma comment Enewa wakhalapo ndipapando waukulu Bomaso limamulipila NDE asagule galinoto kenako tiva kuti Wagula pati pamene muziko muri njara

  131. Forgive him, he’s compasating himself after the suffuring he went through.I’ve also heard that the government has alread bought more than enough maize for the hunger season if it is true at all.But let the man have a little time of relief.

  132. Musiyeni ndalama zo achite nazo zomwe akufuna. Pakamwa pamodzi pomwepa sipanga the kudya ma Billion onse omwe alinawo. Ifenso tikadza khala nazo palibe yemwe adzatipangire bajeti.

  133. Inudi ndi zisiru eti,akalephere kugula galimoto chifukwa chanjala,mumafunanso salary yake azkudyesani mbole zambuyanu,nkhani yanjala kumalawi inayamba kale kale.Tapangani zanu kaye amalawi bwanji kulimbana nndi mhtumba mwanzanu

  134. Chodabwitsa ndichimodzi: Zinthu zikulakwika koma pali makape ena akadaomberabe mmanja a president kuti he has done a right thing siumbuli uyu? Ok ngati mukusutsa kuti kumalawi kuno kulibe njala what abt the blockout of electricity? Vuto limeneli linapangidwa solve tiuzeni… Ngati kwanuko ndinu ochita bwino dnt think ndichimodzi modzi ndi kwathu” ndimakhalira madeya vamva kape iwe? Usandibowepo apa

    • Umbuli2 umenewo,ku school simunapite?????? Water table amapanga nd mulungu or mutayitana scientist wotan to solve this hydro-electric problem akukaniran chifukwa madzi achepa…..water is used to generate electricity ku malawi nde madzi nd ochepa nd tell me president akagule mvula????? Kufoila2 kumeneko

  135. As long as it is de parliament dat approves de govt 2 buy de car,,, there is no problem!! Parliament z made up of both opposition n de rulling party,,, xo iwowo anapanga approve kut govt ikhoza kugula galimotozo,,, blame de parliament nt de govt!!!!!

  136. Som tola nkhaniz r mbuli in minded ndalamazako unayamba wagula ink kukathandza campan musaonese umbuli ndkulephera kuganiza kwanu muipisa mbili ya ziko learn 2 think criticaly not critsizing on athrs bsnes tatopa nazo kunva zithu zosaenela kukambdwa maka ndam2 amene mumat mwaphuzila inu
    shymon u!

  137. Our president is not concerned with Malawian problems.Its not a problem to buy a car but we look the situation of the country,how people are.Olo mutakhala mnyumba mkazi kumanva kuti wagula nsapato koma chimanga mulibe angaimve imeneyo.Amutharika mwalakwitsa mwina mukanadikira kaye anthu titakolora.We know that you have a lot of money but still you are the one to help Malawian people.

  138. Most malawians are illiterate,u vote for someone who has neva grown-up in our country.Be4 u date a woman,study about her back ground not about her present speech,character or appearances !

  139. Iyeeee..!!! Nichani? So the president I mean the president himself with biggest salary in the country buys a car then people complain? Let those people work hard and buy theirs. Or even become presidents them selves. Lazy people.. U news reporter u are disgracing the country choose what to report be professional.

  140. He is Paul Pogba of Malawi. He is so pretty on the paper and others say he is educated.Educated only on the paper but when it comes to turning good ideas into national development…….Gosh!!!!!! very poor. ..He is Paul Pogba of Malawi.

  141. Nothing new……Leaders of Malawi are selfish…Muluzi regime h was the second richest president in Africa while Malawi was the third poorest country in Africa and Bingu the same thing applied wen h built multibillion Casablanca ndata house pomwe malawians were suffer for medication…..come now K70 million one car pamene kuzipatala ambulances are grounded cz of fuel!! DZIKO LAMULAKA MPHAWI!!!!

    • Eeeish i was about to put my opinion in a comment box but this comment of urs reversed mine. Tikamalankhula amati tikulalatila mtsogoleli yet they are not running our country in proper way! So keep it up bro

    • A big evil indeed….jst imagine if they cn use that money to pay fees for the poorest children evn on one term only or subsidizing food at this hard time!! Bola akanangofadi awa!!

    • Sungen go on u will regrett zikazakuonekera anthu akuvutika kunjaku….to m am not bad I thanx God for wat i hav and mind u am out of Malawi and out of Africa I dnt stress much……akut azimayi apakati akabereka ku dowa amakhala nthawi yaitali asanapeze madzi oti asambe due to lack of water nde amawapezera patali…..chitsiru china still back up asatana ngt amenewa

    • thanks bro Kanjangah osataya mtima tili ndi Mulungu wathu wachifundo chosatha iye salekelera dziwani kuti kulira kwa Ana amasiye ndi okalamba kukakwera koposetsetsa kufika kwa Yehova!!!! ndithudi adzatilanditsa munyengo zimenezi,pakuti yafika nthawi yodxikonda wekha ndi banja lako osakumbukira wene ayi,, Yehova ndiwachifundo chopanda malire akufuna azindikile kulakwa kwao nalape,koma akuseka maso chilungamo chili apo,akuseka makutu dala koma akumva mudzasowa chowilingula likubwera tsiku.

    • Parliament kuvomereza kuti President ayendere machine amenewa kwa ife vuto palibe. afta o mavuto mwati adayamba kalekale mumaleka kuwathetsa asanakule msinkhu.ofunika kuthetsa nthenda ya nsanje

    • Wilfred kkklkk no wonder inu mukusangalala let us thanx God pokupatsan mtsogoleri mumamufuna…..mavuto akut anayamba kale….kale lake liti? In time of Kamuzu Banda 1Kwacha was equivalent to 1 pound…….Nazo Malawi…look now 1pound is equal to K1000 kkkkkkkkkk kholo lamnzeru mkumatsekelera!!!!

    • Ur coment deserve more knwledge n God fearng person in u brothr–The israeltes were cryng for thirsty and all their eyes were on Moses.coming to our Malawi where lots of problems are takng all over and as a poorest country in the world yet the presdnt is buyng luxury car whle ppl ar dyng..Hopes Apm lacks knwledge of runng the country!!

    • Actually am NOT a protician,bt i can’t make hey while everythig is worse,i can see how ppo r leaving daily basis,there is nothing to tolarate wth this DPP surely they should KNOW there is time 4 everything {eccle 3v1-}

    • Mbuli ndiweyo who cnt evn explain a good governance…….strike ya ma civil servant daily kumalawi….madzi kusowa…..magetsi mavuto…..spending such huge of money to buy a thing tht cannot provide any positivity to the nation mkumasendabe kukamwa? ??? Bible says panthawi yakusaziwa mulungu analekelera…..iwe nde walekeleredwadi

    • Ndiye 70 million ikadathandiza all of ur so called grievances u r rising?? Mind u or even if de president left de seat still more wl belong to malawi gvt..lets open our eyes & rely on ourslvs not every boma..u mustnt b gud in criticizing bt luk @ diffrent angles of de incident..

    • Kodi palibe anthu akugula magalimoto odula m $dziko muno nthawi yomweino mukuti ndiyanjala ino? ndiye ngati akugula ma hammer anthu wamba kuli bwanji president? za nsanje basi, muzasiya liti nsanje?

    • Zachisoni kwabasi agula bwanji galimoto pomwe ku Malawi magetsi akuvuta nawonso madzi,njala,mankhwala zipatala winawe mkumasangalala zimenezo zoona?

    • #Chikwapulo tamaganizan inu anthu wamba tht is devt cz akugula ndi ndalama za mthumba mwawo nt from citizens taxes money……takaonani WENELA BUS DEPORT since the time of Kamuzu kukanika kuipanga rehabilitate malo ofunika ngt amene aja! ! Tax rank kumibawa matope okha okha kulephera kungothira zima slab pansi…….wat is devt????

  142. Ine siwandale koma abale mtsogoleri wadziko kugula galimoto la 100,000 dollers basi ikhale nkhani.Mukanati 2million dollers ndikanadandaula.AMalawi tiziona nkhani zodandaula osamuda munthu chifukwa chansanje.

  143. muleken munthu puliz..asagule galimoto basi ikhale nkhan yolemba munyuzi smh koma anthunu mwatopesa…mutharika buys new car so what??? ndalama zomwe wagulira akanati agule olo chimanga chikanakwana anthu angat or for how many days ?? find smtn newsworthy