28 October 2016 Last updated at: 1:03 PM

Mutharika buys multi-million new car in the face of hunger and energy crisis

Criticism has landed on the door of Malawi leader Peter Mutharika after it was discovered that he has purchased a new car while the country is suffering the worst drought.

Mutharika unveiled the new car yesterday when he presided over the launch of the national ID Programme before going on the campaign trail in Mchinji district.

Mutharika’s new car, a Lexus 2016 model, costs in the excess of $140,000 which is over K70 million at the current rate.

The extravagance of Mutharika has come immediately after the President chartered a Qatar Executive Jet on his way from the United States. He also overstayed in the US costing Malawians further. He had gone for the United Nations General Assembly but he ended up staying for two more weeks lasting a month in the US.

His latest purchase is most likely going to send Malawians into anger as there has been a general feeling that Mutharika does not care about the poor.

A social commentator, Felix Unyolo faulted Mutharika for the purchase at a time that Malawians are suffering.

It is shameful for a head of state to live in such wealth as the country is undergoing the troubles we are in,” he said.

He likened Mutharika to a father that would buy a suit while his children have no food.

The Presidency deserves good vehicles but as the situation is right now, it could defer that until our economy picks up,” he said.

However, some commentators have backed up Mutharika claiming that he needs good transport.


He is a head of state and he doesn’t deserve to be travelling in some second hand vehicles. He deserves better,” posted another person on Facebook.

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