27 October 2016 Last updated at: 12:38 PM

Winner takes all: Malawi24 to sponsor Mutharika, Chilemba boxing match

A joke cracked by Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe last week is just about to develop into something bigger as this publication is making strides to convert it into reality.

Malawi24 is to sponsor a boxing match involving the president and South African based boxer, Isaac Chilemba.

This follows Mutharika’s challenge that he can smash the golden boy in a knockout.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Going to the ring.

The president said this in response to claims that his health is not sound enough for him to continue occupying the country’s driving seat.

As a sign of proving his strength, he joked about the knockout. In response to the professor’s remarks, Chilemba said he cannot allow the president to reach the 3rd round by tearing him to pieces in 10 seconds.

“My President is a busy man, he has a crammed diary and I wouldn’t let him even last three rounds. I will spare him such agony by knocking him out in under 10 seconds. Otherwise I would have reduced his nine lives to zero,” Chilemba was quoted as telling a local newspaper.

However, the fight is not meant to be a point of proof on whether the Malawi leader can punch and hit better. It has a life changing motive.

Malawi24’s mini statement on this read “We want the match to raise funds for cancer. But the President and Mr. Chilemba can agree to which charity to donate the funds to. All we need to do now is arrange a presser and an agreement with Mutharika. It all started as a light moment and we think if the two can agree to appear in one ring together then it could raise a lot of funds,”.

Malawi24 is preparing to meet the minister of information Malison Ndau, to talk about the plan. Any progress made will be shared through this platform.

Cancer is a fatal disease which has robbed Malawi of many citizens.

The high levels of poverty in the country make it hard for patients to meet the cost of accessing treatment outside the country where there are advanced facilities.

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