US diplomat builds multimillion girls hostel in Lilongwe


United States Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer on Wednesday handed over a MK 7 million girls’ hostel to Chadza I Community Day Secondary School in the area of Senior Chief Chadza in Lilongwe district.

The forty bed hostel was built with funds from the U.S Ambassador’s Self-Help Fund.

Virginia Palmer

Virginia Palmer posses with the students and school authorities before the structure.

According to a statement released, since 1966, the United States Ambassador’s Self-Help Fund has funded local grassroots organizations to implement innovative and sustainable community projects.

“The Ambassador’s Self-Help Fund was established in Malawi in 1966 as a way to address urgent development needs at the community level,” reads the statement.

The statement added that over the past 47 years, the Self-Help Program has disbursed $ 5,381,150 of grant funds to 1,381 projects covering all the 28 Districts in Malawi.

“In the past ten years alone (2003-2013) the U.S. Government has funded 128 Self-Help development projects with a total funding of $835,500,” added the statement.

Some of the projects funded during that period include classroom blocks, health centers, school libraries, girls’ hostels, shallow wells, tree planting, eco-stove production, and boreholes.



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