27 October 2016 Last updated at: 2:30 PM

Don’t spend your time on Whatsapp – Police IG warns female officers

The Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service Lexten Kachama has called upon Police women in the country not to underrate themselves when discharging their duties if they want to be successful.

Kachama made the call on Thursday at Police Cottage in Mangochi district when he was officially opening a two-day conference for Eastern Region Police Women Network.

Malawi Police

Malawi Police officers get drilled. (Library)

In his remarks, Kachama said that Police is doing everything possible to put women in leadership positions in line with the government policies.

“More female Police officers are being promoted and right now two out of the four Policing Regions are being headed by female Commissioners,” Kachama said.

“I am calling upon Police women not to underrate themselves but to prove that they can perform just in the same way as their male counterparts,” Kachama added.

On the conduct of Police Officers, the Malawi Police Inspector General urged the officers to be professional when discharging their duties.

Kachama later blamed the conduct of some female Police officers who are spending most of their time on WhatsApp when they are deployed to their respective sectors and said this must stop forthwith.

Speaking at the same function, the Commissioner for Eastern Region Police Mrs Effie Kaitano thanked the Inspector General for gracing the occasion.

Mrs Kaitano said that the conference was organized with an aim of equipping female Police officers from the Eastern Region with expertise to do with their duty as law enforcers and as individuals.

“I am assuring the Inspector General that after this conference, the officers will not be the same as they are looking forward to having a Region with Police women who will stand at par with their male counterparts.” She said.

Police Women Network is in over 60 countries and Malawi inclusive. The theme for the conference is “Empowering Police Women in Building a Vibrant Malawi Police Service.”

Additional reporting by Patience Mandala

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