27 October 2016 Last updated at: 12:53 PM

Don’t only appreciate people when they are dead – NRP

Acting president of New Republican Party (NRP), Alexander Nguluwe has called on Malawians to start respecting people while they are alive.

According to the acting president, it is not good to start praising people when they are dead and says Malawians should stop such behaviour.

Gwanda Chakuamba

Gwanda Chakuamba: ‘Loved at last?’

Nguluwe was speaking this when he was passing his condolence message to the bereaved family of late politician Gwanda Chakuamba.

Chakuamba who is expected to be laid to rest this Friday in Nsanje, died aged 82 on Monday at Blantyre Adventist hospital.

The NPR leader said Chakuamba was so courageous and friendly and met a lot of challenges during his existence on earth as a politician.

“On behalf of NRP, I would like to condole the family of the late Gwanda Chakuamba. Late Chakuamba was a humble and patient man who used to love each and every man. For sure we need to appreciate someone when he/she is still alive. You know Gwanda has struggled a lot before his death. I remember when I visited him someone could not even remember that he was one of the people who championed multiparty democracy,” he said.

Nguluwe added that all the respect that is being given to Chakuamba when he is now dead should have been given to him when he was alive.

However, Nguluwe applauded Mutharika’s government for ordering that Chakuamba’s funeral should he held with full military honours since the departed politician was a public figure.

Meanwhile, late Chakuamba’s body will be taken to Nsanje district for burial on Friday at Chinyanje village, T/A Mlolo.

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