26 October 2016 Last updated at: 12:48 PM

Robert Blake closed, 16 students arrested

Authorities at Robert Blake Boys Secondary School in Dowa have with immediate effect closed the institution over students’ misconduct.

According to Dowa police publicist Richard Kaponda, the school got closed yesterday on October 25.

Kaponda said the closure of the institution was due to misconduct done by the students earlier this week.


Sealed: (Credit: Fair Malawi)

He said the students set ablaze a certain part of the school, administration in particular, using man made petrol bombs.

He added that it is still unknown why the students were doing this but said police and authorities at the school are still investigating to find the main cause of the misconduct.

“Yes, it is true, the school has been closed with immediate effect following the protests. These students took some bottles in which they put petrol and they were using that as a bomb. They had to throw those bottles with petrol at the staff room and administration which caused fire and now the headmaster and staff members are working to establish the amount of items destroyed,” said Kaponda.

He then confirmed the arrest of 16 students in connection to the incident and he further said the number will rise since more students are to be arrested.

The incident comes days after the institution fined and suspended Form Four students for destroying school items during a demonstration two weeks ago.

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