Mzuni staff holds salary hike strike


…students advised to leave campus

Mzuzu University’s members of staff have staged a strike demanding a 35 percent salary increment, Malawi24 can report.

The strike saw classes being suspended on Wednesday morning at the university.


Trouble at Mzuni.

In a memo addressed to the students, the management has since urged students to leave the campus arguing that other supporting services that are given to them have also been suspended.

Authorities have since disclosed that services such as the library and medical facilities will not be opened to the students.

The students are yet to leave the campus arguing that they are to remain behind to monitor the situation.

The strike follows the expiry of court injunction on Tuesday this week, that stopped the staff from holding the strike.



  1. Go ahead,if Dpp govt has bought two expensive cars for president,why not you ,? If useless ministers get 1000litres of fuel per month for doing nothing.If president has over 20 vehicles on his convoy,If he can take villages to UNGA,why not 35%,Go ahead. 577bn will be used to pay you.You are doing a good job of building the nation,unlike useless ministers who only sit pwiiii.

  2. Accordng to my research ths haz never happen b4 to all previous gvt . Dr Banda , Bakili,late Bingu ,Amayi Joice Banda and even maulamuliro ali nkuza. Health sciences clozd,Fee hike universty, magetsi and madzi ,misonkho,unemployment to jst graduated students .low education standards and worse enough malawi to be de # 1 poorest country

  3. That’s good news,we are tired of fee hike,salary hike sounds wiser than fee hike bcoz you got a huge responsibilities to feed & educate your families,while the gvt is got lesser responsibilities to pocket public funds.Keep it up.

    • Point of correction:kukhala padziko lapansi ndikulimba mtima masiku ano kulibe kothawila.Katangale ndi ziphuphu zatenga malo.

  4. What bothers me is WHY is the government still paying the teachers wages when they have withdrawn services by not working or on strike.

    If the Union had to pay the teachers salaries the strike will not last as long,

    Good thing the government raised tuiton for next year, problem is the poor will no longer be able to afford to go to university,

    Sad days in Malawi

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