Govt, opposition under fire for incessant verbal war

Humpreys Mvula

Opposition parties and government have been slammed over their unending verbal attacks which a political commentator says are derailing the country’s development.

The remarks comes at a time when the opposition has been at the forefront criticizing government’s failure to address some of the socio-economic woes that the country is sailing in.

Humpreys Mvula
Mvula: We need more maturity.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, one of the political commentators in the country Humphreys Mvula expressed concern over the verbal attacks between government and opposition parties saying they have negatively affected the country.

“The role of the opposition is to hold government accountable to the people of Malawi by providing checks and balances and sometimes they are supposed to provide alternatives to government but the opposition has mostly hidden the good proposals from government for fear that if implemented it could be for the goodness of the ruling party,” said Mvula.

He continued to say that the opposition have always opposed for the sake of opposing or as a way of trying to derail government’s business and they deliberately allow bad motions to pass just for government to earn a bad name.

Mvula did not spare government by saying that sometimes the elected president does not take time to ask the opposing side on how best to carry out the development projects.

He also said that as a country, Malawi lacks a national development plan and instead the country relies on the manifestos of the political party that goes into government, so in this case the development is left In the hands of the party that has won the elections.



  1. True democracy entails such characters in its political players.The onus lies in those given the mandate to transform and take the country in a specified direction.

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