25 October 2016 Last updated at: 3:23 PM

Tembo buries hatchet, mourn Chakuamba

Former president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) John Tembo has asked all politicians in the country to maintain relationships despite their political differences.

Tembo said this when he was passing his condolences to the Chakuamba family on the loss of political veteran Gwanda Chakuamba.

In an interview with the media monitored by Malawi24, the veteran politician said he is shocked with the death because as he considered Chakuamba a political brother to him.

John Tembo

John Tembo; Its a great loss.

“As you all know that Gwanda was my friend and brother; we once drunk from the same cup, we were all together in MCP, sometimes we had disagreements but at one time we could also agree on some things,” said the former MCP leader.

Tembo added that despite everything they passed through, despite calling each other names in political rallies still they could meet away from the rallies and talk as brothers.

He also said that when he heard that Chakuamba was admitted at Malamulo Hospital, he tried talk to him through the phone but he could not reach him and next day he was sad to hear that he (Chakuamba) had passed on. The body of the late Chakwamba will be laid to rest this coming Friday at his home village in Nsanje .

Meanwhile president of republic of Malawi Peter Mutharika has ordered that the late veteran politician should be buried with a military honor.

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