Malawi women dying due to breast cancer, calls for self-test resurface

Malawi women

Pink Pink Foundation has stressed the need for Malawian women to learn how to screen themselves for breast cancer in order to prevent deaths caused by the disease.

 This was said during a breast cancer awareness march in Lilongwe.

Breast cancer is claiming more lives of women as statics shows that more than 1,600 women and girls in the country are dying of cervical cancer with 2,300 new cases yearly whilst breast cancer remains unknown to many women due to late detection as lack of awareness is taking lead.

Malawi women
Malawi women dying due to lack of knowledge. [Library]
Founder for Pink Pink Foundation Brandina Kondowe said women need to know how to screen themselves and that they must be aware that cancer is a deadly disease.

Kondowe said there is a great problem in Malawi as most women are flown abroad to get treatment as Malawi has less resources to support the increasing number of women being diagnosed with the disease.

‘’Breast cancer is a problem in the country as it is claiming more lives of women and there is a need to create awareness to women on how they can screen themselves to avoid deaths caused by the disease,’’ said Kondowe.

She added that Malawi does not have a whole package to have early screening which is making people die because of lack of money to fly abroad.

The foundation is being spearheaded by the former miss Malawi and she said they will be sensitizing women to know more about breast cancer.



  1. Yes government business…not serious at all. The moment a president wins elections he starts CAMPAINING for the next 5 years elections. Can not do any good jobs at all. Shame!

  2. My wife got a problem on her breast since 2005, but she have been going to hospitals in Malawi but no any answers, then she came in SA and have so many test in government hospitals but still they said it’s not cancer and they can’t find the real problem.
    Is there any diseases that can cause a breast having a wound apart from cancer?

  3. it’s high time the government became serious in dealing with this problem.lobby for support and resources,and making sure that services related to cancer are available even to the remotest areas because most of these women are from these areas.who cannot afford these expensive services.

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