Blame game engulfs Nomads family


Be Forward Wanderers Board of trustees Rashid Gaffar, has blamed the clubs supporters committee led by Yamikani Kaliyapa for failing the club.

Gaffar was speaking this on Tuesday at Wanderers F.C club house when he was addressing the clubs supporters on some of the reasons which are contributing to the poor performance of the team.

He said the supporters committee has failed to discharge its duties ever since it came to power in February this year.


This executive has been slammed for making ‘haste’ decisions.

He also blasted the Kaliyapa led committee for focusing much on receiving 12 percent from the club instead of contributing something to the club for day to day activities.

“As supporters, your role is to support the team not to receive something from the team, the role of a supporter is to help the team not to benefit from the team,” he said.

Gaffar added that Blantyre supporters should borrow a leaf from their fellow supporters from the North and Central region who are helping the team rather than receiving money from the team.

The business tycoon cited an example that the Lilongwe based supporters offered to help the team yesterday when it was failing to departure from Blantyre on financial grounds but he gave the team over k400.000  to travel to the Capital City to honor its FISD challenge cup round of 16 match against Lake Valley on Wednesday.

“As supporters it’s your fundamental role to help the club not benefiting from it,” he said.

Gaffar also posed a question to the supporters to justify reasons why they should be receiving money from the club yet they are doing nothing with the 12 percent they receive  from the gate takings.

When questioned by the media why the team’s supporters receive 12 percent from the gate takings, Gaffar said the money was for the supporters to open up shops for selling the clubs merchants like the teams scarf’s, T-shirts, cups and so many but the team is yet to receive the merchants from Be forward however the supporters are receiving money which its duty is not being carried out.

He said that the supporters committee has received over k3 million from the gate takings which was supposed to be used to set up shops but they have done nothing with the money as Be forward has not send any merchants and the supporters have been told to explain their side of the story.

Meanwhile Gaffar has summoned the supporters committee to a meeting on Friday to explain its part on the allegations laid by the trustee’s chairman.



  1. H Mvula Ananena A Kaliapa Atasakhidwa Kumene Kt Munthu Siwampila( Kaliapa) Tinkaona Ngat Bosa,akufuna Kulemelera Ku Manona Ameneyu.He Must Go,

  2. Mind U Mr Gaffar This Is Not Politics, Where U Hav Opposition, Why Blaming Ur Friends, How Good R U And By The Way Where Hav U Been When All These People U R Blaming Were Being Employed? It Jst Showz Ur Stupidness

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