Rwandan man fined for causing death of a Malawian


A court in Mangochi district has ordered a 25 year-old Rwandan to pay a fine of K1.85 million or to serve 19 years in jail for causing death by reckless driving.

The man was arrested on Tuesday last week after he struck eight pedestrians, one of whom died on the spot while two others died days later.

When passing judgement, first grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana said that the conduct of the convict cannot be condoned in society and what he did was inhumane hence the sentence.

CourtAccording to Magistrate M’bwana, K1.1 million of the fine will be given to victims or their relatives as compensation.

The driver has since paid K1 million and he is remaining with a balance of K850.000.

Earlier, state prosecutor Maxwell Mwaluka told the court that Banyana was on Monday driving a Toyota Probox registration number BS 6970 from the direction of Monkey-Bay heading to Mangochi boma.

Mwaluka said the driver was overspeeding and upon arrival at Samama he hit from behind a Toyota Cresta registration number BP 914 driven by Isaac Bambe who was heading in the same direction.

“Banyana’s vehicle swerved to the extreme offside of the road where it also hit eight pedestrians who were walking along the road and as a result one of the pedestrians Elias Lubwede died on the spot,” Mwaluka told the court.

Among the three pedestrians who were seriously injured, two died 3 days later while receiving treatment at Mangochi District Hospital. The rest escaped with minor injuries.

Banyana escaped from the scene of the accident but was arrested the on Tuesday morning.

He hails from Wanda village in Kigali district in Rwanda but is based in Mangochi where he is doing business.



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  4. If a Malawian comitted the same crime in Kigali he was going to be sentenced for life or death,the happiness of Malawians is love of money my Lord Justice you should have sentenced this Rwandan wizard for life.

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