Mzuzu hospital feeling pinch of Taiwan-Malawi ties severance


Authorities at the Mzuzu Central Hospital have revealed that the facility is facing numerous challenges since Malawi government cut bilateral ties with the Taiwanese government.

Speaking in an interview, the hospital’s public relations officer Frank Banda described the termination of the ties as untimely because it left the hospital helpless.

Facing unending challenges.

According to Banda, Mzuzu Central Hospital was benefitting a lot from the bilateral relationship Malawi government had with the Taiwanese government.

He cited the construction of some structures and procurement of medical equipment as among the numerous benefits the facility got from Taiwan.

He further revealed that the ending of the bilateral ties between the two countries saw the facility failing to complete some projects including construction of an ART clinic which were being funded and facilitated by the Taiwanese government.

As an alternative, Banda said Mzuzu Central Hospital is entirely depending on the ministry of health which usually falls short to fully fund the hospital.

Malawi government severed ties with Taiwan during late President Bingu wa Mutharika’s reign, a decision which was heavily criticized by most Malawians.

Alternatively, the Malawi government sealed bilateral relationship with the government of the People’s Republic of China.


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  1. Not a good development though they left doesn’t mean the hospital shouldn’t be supported, they left the structure which is the hospital so why the well wishers are not taking the part to support the hospital ? when the Chinese take over the place of the Taiwanese they clearly said they will be responsible and go on what the Taiwanese left behind , look now people in the north you should as the government what is going wrong now becouse that was the the from the Chinese government to be responsible on what ever the Taiwanese left behind . otherwise somebody is diverting what is supposed tobe for the hospital

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