23 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:08 AM

Frozy takes Malawi by storm

No wonder that almost every Malawian is aware of this drink called Frozy. You can’t mention any place where you can escape the name Frozy when you are talking of soft drinks in the country.

In weddings, bridal showers, almost in all gatherings in the country, Frozy has been crowned a leader among all its all substitutes.

Malawi needs to make an analysis on why this Mozambican made fizzy drink has permanently planted its roots in the country.


Frozy; Has hit the market in Malawi.

Malawians we spoke to claimed that cheapness of Frozy compared to its alternatives has massively helped it to conquer the soft drink market without mercy.

According to Lilongwe residents, Frozy in the Malawi capital city is going at K200 which is cheaper compared to its substitutes.

One of Lilongwe Residents AbdulRasheed Asima told Malawi24 that the coming of Frozy has helped him to cut his lunch spending since with only K300 lunch is made possible.

“In the past I was spending more than K500 for lunch and according to my monthly salary that was overspending,” said Asima.

In some districts of the country like in Balaka, Malawi24 noticed that Frozy is being sold at K180 which is half price of its substitutes. In areas that are bordering Mozambique Frozy is going at K150.

Malawi24 has also found that the domination that Frozy has put on locally produced soft drinks may have negative impacts on the economy of the country.

Since market is determined by forces of demand and supply, the coming in of Frozy has dwindled demand for locally made alternatives.

This low demand is likely to force producers of these locally made soft drinks to reduce production percentage hence loss of jobs among Malawians may be experienced.

The Balance of Payment of the country may also register a deficit because money will be spent on importation of this product which is made outside the country.

Malawians indeed accepted Frozy as their main soft drink because of its cheapness but the imported drink will eventually affect the country’s economy.

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