22 October 2016 Last updated at: 1:14 PM

Mutharika responds to Chakwera’s calls for his resignation

The Malawi leader Peter Mutharika has dressed down his political rival Lazarus Chakwera who is the leader of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for igniting calls for his resignation following social economic woes that have hit the country.

Chakwera is reported to have told his party members who had gathered for a political rally in Dedza last weekend that due to challenges that have rocked the country, Mutharika deserved to face the exit doors of presidential palaces.

Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera: Slammed by Mutharika.

He pointed out that the persistent power blackouts and water shortages in the major cities are a clear sign that Mutharika has failed to be a good leader for the country.

Reacting to the sentiments during a press briefing on Friday, Mutharika said he is to be in his office until the end of his term.

“And somebody said that I should leave the government, I want to ask him to take care of his political party first while his party is crushing,” said Mutharika.

On the electricity challenges rocking the country, Mutharika was quick to blame previous governments for not planning on the grid of electricity use in the country saying they never had plans to have plants that can generate enough power for the rapidly growing population.

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