Mutharika blames previous governments for blackouts


As the country continues to experience rampant blackouts, President Peter Mutharika has blamed shortsightedness of previous governments as the cause of the power cuts.

Mutharika made the remarks at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe where he was briefing the press about his trip to 71st Session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

He said lack of vision towards electricity on the part of previous governments has led to blackouts being a daily song in the country.

Peter Mutharika- UN

Peter Mutharika: Blames previous regimes for not ‘thinking’ about the future.

“Previous administrations did not plan and invest seriously to upgrade our power generation,” Mutharika said.

The Malawi leader added that climate change and increase in population are also the causes of current electricity blackouts in the country.

“Our population is growing against limited power generation. On average ESCOM connects 6, 000 customers every month. There are currently about 350,000 connected customers on the system with backlog of 26,898 applicants awaiting for connection,” Said Mutharika.

“Climate change has caused drought and dry spell causing the lowering of water table in the region,” he added.

Mutharika revealed that his government is negotiating with Zambia and Mozambique to procure extra power into the country and they expect initially a total of about 20MW from these two negotiations.

Mutharika further said that ESCOM is investing in Diesel Power Generation to provide additional electricity in the country.

“ESCOM is in the process of leasing a 78MW of Emergency Power Plant expected to be commissioned by December 2016. This will restore supply of power to industries and get economic production back on track,” Mutharika disclosed.

According to Mutharika, his government is procuring 70MW Solar Power from Independent Power Producers and bid documents for procuring the first four IPPs have been submitted to all PV Solar IPPs among other immediate measures.



  1. Mr president are u saying that you brother is the One who stated all this, which means even your Mr p you can’t provide for your people, you must live this office to the young blood fresh to rule this beautiful Malawi.

  2. znthu ngat zavuta tmavomereza kut zavuta osanamzra pp cz nthaw ya pp magets samazma chonchi and pp inapeza znthu mdzko zavuta kma inakoza pa chaka chmodz mr prezdent vomerezan kt mwalephera

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  4. Deforestatikn is the main reason for the drought; stop cutting trees and do something about illegal charcoal! Solar power can be a good alternative!!

  5. Products are a result of work. We are enjoying the products of the work of Kamuzu Banda. The water sources in all districts were constructed by Kamuzu. The electricity source is the work of Kamuzu. Over the years we’ve been enjoying the products of Kamuzu’s work. While we increased in population and demand increased we never thought of expanding the sources. Kamuzu took years in constructing these sources that we have now plundered and someone thinks a week is enough to supply the country with water and electricity. After Kamuzu the leaders completely failed us.

  6. I don’t think blaming previous governments is a solution to the current problem. What are you doing/what hav you done since your presidence to alleviate the electricity problem?. And i remember very well, during the reign of amayi, we never had this problem. Dont forget, the future governments will also blame you too that you did nothing. Invest in solar energy!!

  7. I thought he was the minister of energy during the Bingu administration. Blaiming the previous govts doesn’t spare him coz he was also there!

  8. Amalawi mumati osasankha president wachinyamata chifukwa amakhala asanakhwime mu nzeru,lero mukusankha munthu okalamba angolankhula zoduka mutu,ndiye pali zabwino apa?ndinena ndi inu munamusankhanu mundiuze!

  9. He can blame but he can’t even take the blame himself. Kkkk
    They were voted into power promising people the moon. They knew there were all those problems kkkkkkk…

    Now its previous governments, previously it was climate change. Ahem

  10. The president is right.the past regimes didnot invest much towards malawi we have hydropower plants.these are machines which needs the force of water to be driven.its efficiency will mainly depend on the level of water.high or low rains will certainly affect production.mkula A(1966)generates 24megawatts,tedzani 1(1973) generates 20megawatts,tedzani2(1977)generates 20megawatts,mkula B(1980) generates 120megawatts,tedzani3 generates 50mw,kapichira produces 128mw and lastly wovwe which produces 4.5mw.the total ammount of electricity produced is already low against consumption and demand.remember some of these machine were opened long b4 some of us were even the population has grown and so 10 people and 40 cannot not eat the same ammount of food.koma kugawa pang’onopang’ono which i think escom is doing.komanso low rainfall will also reduce a nation we need to upgrade these stations and explore other forms of generating electricity.but there are short term,medium term and as well as long term solutions.escom with funding from Mellenium Challenge Corporation-USA thru MCA-Malawi will rehabilitate and upgrade mkula A from 24mw to 36mw.the project will start in february 2017.contract was given to Andritz Hydro of Austria jointly with Mota Engil of Portugal on Sept 29,2015 to the tune of US$45million.climate change has also affected malawi.we didnot protect our mother malawi.the duty to develop malawi is to us all,osasiila APM.oposition,ngo/cso,churches etc,may god bless malawi and bless us all!thanks

  11. blaming the previous goverments is good because environmental degradation begun in the past which is now producing alot of consequencies on development including in energy sector.previous goverments would have contralled enviromental degradation but his goverment can also contribute to these challenges either positively or negatively depending on the policies that he has put aside to solve these isues.he’s right but our forcast is on what his goverment is doing to change the stituation.

  12. Its very true and it doesn’t need a genius to figure it out.
    Sometimes opposing true things shows how stupid you are. During Kamuzu Banda’s reign we were told that escom was servicing power stations whenever there was blackout, it is the same problem which kept growing as the demand for power kept on increasing rapidly.
    However what we need now is a quick solution, including our roads more especially in our very own capital city.

  13. Mr mutharika u are not do anything just live the chair for other people u just eat the money for government you’re not help people get out

  14. I think him was in the previous government of his brother . So who is to blame the muthalikas and muluzis . Kamuzu tried his best

    • Bingu wanted the electricity interconnection with Mozambique, he was stopped by the parliamentarians because they were myopic. If we had said yes that time we wouldn’t have been complaining today.

  15. am augandan who was once taught by prof.peter mutharika at makerere university,blame games were always his comrades for not coming to lecture rooms on time.

  16. If you can’t understand the president consider yourself having a big problem. The problems with electricity and water supply are huge and compounded. The previous governments should have started doing something about them long time back. We are harvesting what we having been sowing over the years. There is no way round about solving the problems other than embarking on newer strategies. The government is already constructing a huge step up plant at Phombeya in Ntcheu under a Pakistan company Kalpa Tarru Energy, also at Nkhoma. These plants will interconnect with Caborabasa-plant in Mozambique. This is huge electricity project ever embarked on in this part of Africa. Fargo, Mota-Engil have are subcontracted and already working on the ground. There are other huge projects to pump water from Mulanje mountain to supply Mulanje Thyolo phalombe and Blantye. From Salima to supply lilongwe and other near districts. The minimum contractual period is 2-3 years. These should have been done long time ago by the previous governments, hope you can see the logic of the president. What else could he have done? If you can’t appreciate this you count yourself a dumbass.

  17. Stop ✋ blaming the previous government what is needed now is kukonza zinthu basi tikonzereni kuti kukhale power all day every day blaming each other won’t solve anything it will just bring conflicts which is bad

  18. KKKK!

  19. When did you know that the previous gvts are responsible for the current hardships Malawians are facing..?? If you knew that you would not be able to solve these problems including the constant electricity black outs, then why did you lobby for presidential votes..? Why did you even take part in the contest for the presidency..? Your incompetence is even so unimaginable to extent that most Malawians have lost hope and feel let down by Democracy, human rights and Justice. SHAME…!!!

  20. The guy is clueless. I for one can’t point at anything that he has achieved since he became president. All the developments he points at are what was done during bingus period. Shame on hom

  21. Kumeneko ndiye kulepherako, osayang’ana zam’mbuyo kuti akutiakuti sanapange zakutizakuti ndiye zikundivuta chifukwa akutiakuti sanapange zakutizakuti. Its your time to deal with the current problems chifukwa iwo anapanga zina lol

  22. H z ze one on ze throne nw, n therez no need for Him 2 blame Aunt Joy’s regime. h jst need 2 find ze way 4wd 2 eradicate dis so called blackouts ov nw n then. T simply miz h z a failure. Mr President w r vry tired ov dis.

  23. Thats not true dont waste time braming other regime do you best escom has been there for many year but situation was not like this now is worse

  24. Kkkkkkk amati munthu ukakhara Professor utha kuramurira dziko bwino ndindani?Vuto ndiife a Malawi kutengeka.Lero zikuvuta tayamba kudandaura..2019 Mudzayesepo ine.

  25. He has run out of ideas to govern the country ,what has he done during since elections? He is just busy attacking private media ,we r knowing most of stories happening in our poor nation bcoz these prvt media bcoz MBC is the worst public prodcast every news talked about President

  26. Malawians we ‘re lacking understanding, president is 100% right to blame previous gvts…we were suppose to invest in energy sector 20yrs ago our productions was to grow according to economy to do it nw it’s too late as damage has bn done..but we cn do it….we waisted 10 gud yrs during atcheya resume that was gud time to invest…

  27. We malawians why always pointing fingers at each other rather than dealing with rootcauses of challenges the country faces?it indicates failure of leadership.

  28. I beg to differ with Mr president. It’s high time “you” need to take responsibility and say .we will sort it out and stop the blame game that all past presidents have done.only then…I’ll know you really want development sir.The doers don’t talk but take action.its the action that in turn verbalises the work your doing.

    • Nancy huge projects to have super electricity and water supply are already underway. One big Mota-Engil project at Nkula falls. People wants electricity and water today, so the president is saying blame previous governments. Wait 2-3 years you will appreciate

  29. the president must know that during campaign he promised that he will overcome all problems that malawi is facing. why blaming previous government is he normal ?

  30. These r not just blackouts, think of droughts,lack of rainfall where rivers, lakes, wells and boreholes are drying,let us unite and pray for the country,dzuka malawi.

    • Only those that are intellectually deficient, argue like this. Do you think it is only Malawi that is experiencing droughts?

    • Deforestation is plaing a big part in the droughts. Stop cutting trees! It will get worse if all trees disappear. We should try solar power – plenty of sun here

  31. za ziiiii
    ndimadziwa ine kuti mkuluyu alibe nfundo
    bola tikanavotera udzudzutu mwina bwenzi ukutipangira maphokoso pogona

  32. All these people know is to serve their own interests…. If a man runs away from his responsibilities…. Then question his leadership????? Even in his home…or among his friends…

    It is this kind of blame game that has seen African leaders failing continuously to change their economic challenges…

    If u continuously shift the blame to the previous leadership….. Then who will clean their mess???

    I think and blv that you are waiting for the donors to come in and take the blame. ….that way …..are we not slaves???

    The way I see it…..donors will come in and take the blame….and they will impose their own policies against us and we will keep on crying as the blaming-game cycle getting better…….. That way we can’t develop as a nation!?!

  33. We have some small path to connect shiri river with zambezi river ..see the change…the zambezi river can share water to us? If yes then let us work…

  34. What ever we voted for you..
    Please approve under pipelane project then see we can able to export power and earn some more forex for years…for over next generation

  35. we have never experienced a massive blackout like this in MCP, UDF and PP led govermewnts. Only in DPP led by Bingu and his brother. When Bingu was in power there was fuel shortage, Suger shortage and more blackouts all of these ended soon after Joyce Banda came in power so we can not agree the president Peter’s statement on electricity. Remember were here during MCP, UDF, DPP, PP and this new DPP we are looking everything.

  36. blaming somebody on blackouts is insane coz literal saying, the water table is too low and little force is generating power from our power source nkula. if anything blame God for little rains last year. kkkkkk a professor without backing points on academic literature, basi uzipita kwanu ku america konko malawi yakulephera

  37. He didn’t blame the previous government but he is saying that the population is growing every day mmene anazikila machine awo nthawi imeneyo tinalipo ochepa

  38. In the past I used to differ with those who were saying that mr president and his led DPP government has no clue for running this country.But now I am convinced beyond doubt that the people who say that APM is clueless to run the country are right because he everytime blames someone or God for the current problems instead of providing solutions to the problems if he really wiser more over the people voted APM into office of the president because they had a 100% in this professor that he was the right person as far as the socioeconomic development of this country is concerned.But mr happens now is that Mr President is always playing the blame game.If he is not blaming someone then he is blaming God or bragging about something else.Malawi needs solutions to the socioeconomic problems not a blame game.How can someone,Mr President,blame God for the problems when the same God created man in His own image and gave him the head and brains for reasoning?

  39. You are playing blame game,shame sikale JB anagwilako ku mkula kuwonjezela power amaitu osati wandevu ngati ine, sitinasamuke osamatinamiza zikamakanika kumavomeleza dzatichima akuthandizeni anzanu,tsoka ndilo abwezi onse kuthawa coz too much protect and polish mbava.

  40. Previous governments? Which means MCP,UDF,PP and DPP themselves!! President with no version, we need solutions not point fingers to others!! Mesa 2014 IJA mumati muzathetsa mavuto amene tikukumana nawowa?? Nanga lero bwanj?

  41. MR IBU ngati zikukuvutani apatseni ena udindowo ayesere nawonso munapita kunja mwabwerako ndizomwe munapitira kapena kuti mwabweretsa chiyani anthu sakudziwa iyayi still kumakawonongerabe ndalama zabomazo mmalo moti mukonzetsere magetsiwo iwe ndiye wanyanya RUBBISH

  42. This 1 z de only media i can’t trust, de whole dy u’ve been writing baseless posts blaspheming de president,who r u? go 2 hell.

  43. Kkkk blaming old gvt? Next gvt will blame ur gvt again, which means we will not have a gvt which can solve problem but blaming others.

  44. Tikakamba Za Previous Govt Tichedwa Nazo Chifukwa Nawonso Azati Previus Govt Ozalowa 2019 Azatinso Previous Ndiye Mavuto Sazatha.Tiyeni Ngati Mwayi Ulipo Tingothetsa Vutolo.Not Previus Previus.

  45. Azitsogolerinu ngati mkuona kuti maphunziro anu ndiochepa,osaziyambira dala zoima poela nkumati voteran ine. Taonan panopa mavuto mdziko lathu lino, ndani wanzeru amene angathane ndi mavuwa? Nzeru zayekha adaviika mmadzi. Kumayeserako kumafunsira nzeru kwa azitsogoleri azanu mmene amathetsera mavuto mdziko mwao. Thetsan vuto lamagetsili ndi mavuto ena omwe sitingakwanitse kutchula pano! Tisakhale nanga tilibe mtsogoleli muno ayi. Voti yathu yomwe timaphya nayo ndi dzuwa,yigwire ntchito pamenepa! Pukusan mutuo plz

  46. That’s not true ! Lets learn to appreciate some of the good works the previous governments did ! You marry a lady and found her with children’s, you spend years with her without childrens, can you blame the previous husband who had a childrens with this so called wife of yours?



  49. Mmene Bingu amamwalira zinthu siznkayenda bwino…JB atatenga zinasintha pang ‘ono koma cashgate(yomwe ngakhale inayamba nd Bingu)…Pano ababa athuwa bwanji? 2 yrs yatha koma Malawi akusaukirabe…palibe zonyoza ena kuti adalephera apa…inuyo pangani mbali yanu…a Malawi agamula ndi nchito za manja anu…osachulutsa kuyankhula abwana…I hate politics…

  50. Mmene Bingu amamwalira zinthu siznkayenda bwino…JB atatenga zinasintha pang ‘ono koma cashgate(yomwe ngakhale inayamba nd Bingu)…Pano ababa athuwa bwanji? 2 yrs yatha koma Malawo

  51. PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT INCLUDING HIS BROTHERS REGIME AND DDP,,HE WAS IN THE CABINET then what did he do or suggest,we don’t want blame game we want solutions

  52. He Has Sold Evrythng To China, Malawians Hv To Buy Torchies, Generators, Solar Panels All Thse From China, Hisself Peter Was There During His Brother’s Regime, He Has No One To Blame.

  53. Stupid media…..he said we had no time to invest in alternative ways of generating electricity which is fact….and he is there to alter that which will take a bit of time too as time taken when we were investing in hydropower electricity….. And he said his govt he is taking short measures to reduce black out

  54. Osati unamizire jb ingokozani basi pajatu munalonjeza kut muzakwanila lonjezo lanu kut muzathesa mavuto, sono ngat mukublamer boma lakare inuyo simungathetse vutolo, ndekuti aleyese ozakhala usogoleri azizateroso kumat vuto ndiboma lakare nde yomwe atazakoze ndindani ?

  55. zamukanika nyapapiyu. mmalo mongogulako magets ena ku Mozambiq ngat mmene limachitila dziko lolemela la south Africa, koma ayi ndthu, busy kumatukwana mafupa a anthu omwalira. hehehehe!

  56. Shame! shame on you peter wa muntharika becoz you’ve been there as president for how long? Why you did’nt come up with other plans to stop this problem?

  57. Am not a politician but boma ili likuonjeza heavy sakuganiza za anthu ake zipatala,everyday anthu akumwalira kamba ka vuto lamagetsi bolaso zimai uja anayesesa thats y sindimaponya nawo vote ndinakhala busy kupanga za tsogolo la ana anga and sizowapanga blame azanu pomwe inu mukulephera muli busy kuba ndalama zaboma tizaonana 2019 insha allah

    • Chilichonse chimakhala chabwino chikapita komanso dziwani kut kusavota ndi kuvota komwe fukwa mukadakhala kut mwavota uyu mwina sakadawina koma poti mudapanga chisankho kumaona ngat mwalondola koma mutalephera 2019 muzavote .dziwani kut kusavota ndi kuvota komwe

    • wakamba zanzelu ndi iwe gift thomasi enawa ndi anzake abwampini palibe chanzelu chomwe angati uze akunda awa zawo ndi zimozi

  58. Apatu pavuta. Anati azapitiliza za malemu Bingu. So it means he was a failure? Let us just use the receeding water in Lake Malaw as a plausable excuse.
    Our presidrnt’s campaign message was to right the shortfalls of the past regimes. Indeed this is the aim of every candidate in an election. Hillary Clinton, a Democrat is campaigning to win and correct some of the things Obama is failing to do.
    Infact politics is confessions of the opponent’weaknesses. Candidates preach the failures of “enemy”.

  59. no wonder Malawi as a country is still trapped in massive poverty despite of all the resources at its disposal it all comes because of pointing fingers at other people this is your time president Malawi is capable of solving this problems it’s high time malawian politicians to start delivering to malawians it’s so sad to see the country going downwards instead of going the other direction

  60. That’s very true. Let us not pretend. Previous govts did not invest in energy when the economy was doing fine. They never cared about upgrading the electricity system in any way during more than 40 years. It is a fact Malawians should have. All the efforts the current govt should be appreciated. Previous govts ignored the facts presented to them about increased energy demand…

    • Man Mcp Planned For All These But Other Govt Didnt Implement The Plans Pliz Go & Check With Min Of Finance& Economic Planning

    • In Africa, we always go as far as planning. How long did MCP stay in power just to end up with heaps of planned but unimplemented things…

    • Inu musamati vuto likagwa koma auje analakwisa apa, inuyo muli pamenepopo kuthana ndivuto lililonse, ndiudindo wanu kuthana ndi chilichonse chakudza. Izizi zingosonyeza kuti somehow somewhere utsogoleri wake siothekera

  61. The problem that has been there for over 50years can not be solved overnight, and the president is right here but coz we like opposing the truth,lets do so by also providing solution to this problem.

    • Peter was right. Actually he was sincere enough to blame previous Dpp and other previous gvts for not investing much on electricity and dependence solely on HEP, yet there are other sources…

    • Mr.Winiko…yes u have said the truth here. The late Bingu had an idea to connect Malawi to an electricity from Mozambique but some individual and opposion parties and other NGO’s were against it saying malawi would be loosing alot coz was supposed to pay for it. Today,Malawi is in black out day in day out but nobody seems to have a solution on this apart from the “blaming game”. The government should go on with the idea of inviting private electricity companies to assist provide this important energy.

  62. which government are you talking about???u mean Bingu wamunthalikas government??? so what are your plans now since your late brother is the one who brought this blackouts…… you have failed to the country that’s it,dont blame the previous governments…..

    • the population is high and demand for electricity is also high…..The power voltage we are using is from Kamuzu era while population was 7 to 8 thousand. …and now we at 20 thousand. ..problems started at Muluzi time…

    • during muluzi’s time wasn’t blackouts like this,don’t blame muluzi,okay if it was muluzi what Bingu did then?

    • Well, I guess by ‘previous governments’ he meant all governments that ever ruled Malawi, Bingu’s administration inclusive. If I read well, there’s some alternative measurements he mentioned, that is if its anything to go by.

    • Dn’t blame my Hero Bingu Please he dd his part,and u see it,Parliament,Stadium in Capital city,Nkhokwe in various district,Roads good ones too,kukhulukidwa ngongole zankhani khani and more, Nkhani ili apa ndi yoti akuluwa alephera basi,Ataloza zomwe achita chilowereni?

    • @#Banda,am telling U,if this guy finish his term nicely palibe chomwe atapange,ndale zake ndi zomwezo zomapanga blame previous Government zo,wazungulidwa ndi wanthu oti enawo akhala muBoma,kwa nzaka 20, kaliati ndi chiyani cha nzeru angabweretse? Tinene kuti mavuto ali m’dzikomu sakuwadziwa,solution yake sangayipeze kapena? Wakhala ndi Muluzi ten yrs,Bingu more than 5 yrs now this guy?akungotidoda ngati dzitsiru. Kwao nkuba chuma sangamamuwuze za nzeru,and Peter sakudziwa za Malawi thus why nthawi zambiri akumapita kwao ku america coz ndi komwe wakhala mdzaka nzake zambiri. Anabwera kudzadya nao nanga si abro anali atatenga Boma,koma chikondi cha anthu awo alibe akumipandowa, SouthAfrica madalira magetsi aku Mocambiquie,chovuta ndichani kukamba nao ngati pali deal ivomerezedwe magetsi abwerere chikale,koma ayi ndalama zomwe zikanatukula dziko kapena kuyitanitsira magetsizo zikunka ku matumba awo,malata subsidy ndipodyera kapena munayamba mwafufuza kuti ndi angati anapeza mwayi wogula motchipa nanga ndi madera ati?same like nsanje port amati ikunkambe pamene zinayima kalekale wena akungodya ndalamazo nkumati zikulowa ku nsanje port. Anakakhala wena akanafufuza chomwe chinalakwika kuti mwina ngati nkotheka apitilize port imene ija,chifukwa boma likuluza zambiri monga momwe ankaluzira lent ku Parliament yapoyamba ija,dziko kumapanga lent Parliament zoona,achipanda Bingu ndithu mpaka pano bwenzi akulipilabe lent, and mufuse kuti Bomalo likuluza zingati pa truck imodzi kuti ipite kuja like South Africa kukatenga katundu wa boma,nanga ndi ma truck angati amapangidwa hire? Boma likuluza kwambiri nsanje port inakantha mavuto akanachepa kpma ayi basi cashgate.

    • sikulira koma zikuti pweteka ndiye ife ngati eni ake adzikori sitingakhale chete zithu zikuwonongeka chonchi,we will fight until we won the battle, ndizotheka

  63. Koma pa chinkhalidwe cha kwanthu ndimakhulupilirano kut munthu akavinidwa muja amankhala ndi dzeru, kuluyu dzikuonetsa kut kutsimba sanapiteko mwina akanapitano bwedzi akumaganidzano bwino

  64. It is true that the previous presidents lacked strategic leadership and management, Malawi needs more power to support its ever growing population. The past is gone focus on the present and the future. Liberalise the energy sector with strong legal framework to regulate it.

  65. kodi abale mesa zimenezi mwatiuzanso dzulo, nthawi mumangokamba za a president kodi palibe nkhani zina? koma ndiye mukubowa bwanji…

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