Mulanje bus depot burnt


Fire last night gutted down Mulanje bus depot, Malawi24 can report.

According to Mulanje Police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira, the inferno started at the entrance gate where a shop belonging to Mr Wilson Nkhoma which was being supported by genset due frequent electricity blackouts sparked and ignited the wild blaze.

Mulanje Bus depot fire

Mulanje Bus depot fire

Ngwira said there was great panic and grief among shop operators as they were witnessing the huge inferno gutting down millions worth of property.

The situation got worse as Mulanje District has no fire fighting vehicles and was banking its hope on Eastern Produce Group of Companies, Tea growers who have some firefighting facilities but shortage of water was also another issue to worry about.

Meanwhile, investigations are still underway to establish the cost of the fire.

Additional reporting by Bright Malenga 



  1. Sixachilendo Ixi, Muxayiwale Kuti Pali Ngodya Zinayi Zomwe Zamanga Malawi Pakadalipano;
    1. Kuotcha Mixika Ndixina Mwachixixi
    2. Kuba Ndalama Xaboma Mwachixixi ( Cashgate )
    3.Vuto La Magetsi
    4. Kuphwanya Malamulo

  2. Ayi apa zaonesa poyera kuti palibe ali ndi chikondi ndi dziko la Malawi zomwe anapanga Kamuzu zatopa chidukwa palibe amene akumanga, kukozanso olo kusamalira a Malawi basi tavomereza kukhala osauka pa dziko lonse but shame pamene Maiko ena akutukuka ife kuvala uphawi.

  3. M badwo wa nowa tachoka tayamba wa loti mkwiyo wa YEHOVA kutitsendela kutisimikizila za SODOMU ndi GOMOlA . mizimu ya Alubino kupeleka chilango osati Flames.

  4. The problem is ESCOM,any way let it burn to ashes so that the gvt can construct modern bus depots from Nsanje to Chitipa.But for those who have lost their shops ESCOM must compensate them.

  5. Am sorry about it,couse malawi us apoor country we must be unit,to develop the country,bt in such way, things will be just going down, cause of idiot pipo.

  6. Saying ‘the DPP Goverment is responsible for these fire accidents in the country’ is astupid idea from silly individuals.the report is clear and yet somebody is trying to include politics in these minor things lets forget our political differencies& express sorrow and our disapointments due to this incidents.