22 October 2016 Last updated at: 8:40 AM

Malawian woman shot in Mozambique

A 23 year-old Malawian lady has been admitted to Ntcheu district hospital after she was shot by a person suspected to be a Mozambican police officer.

According to information made available to this publication by the Malawi police, the victim has been identified as Allena Maliko who met her fate last Thursday, October 19.

Police says the lady stays together with her husband in William village, Traditional Authority Mpando in Ntcheu but her parents are from Mozambique.

gunIt is reported that on this day, Maliko left Malawi for Mozambique at Chingumi village where she wanted to pay a visit to her grandmother and other relatives.

But upon reaching Mboni area in Mozambique which is on a distance of over 2km from Malawi border she saw people in Mozambican Police uniforms who were firing bullets from the bush. One of the men then shot her on the left arm and right leg.

She was later helped by some well-wishers who were using the same road and she was taken to Ntcheu hospital where her condition is said to be improving.

Meanwhile, government of Mozambique has not arrested anyone in relation to the matter and it is still unknown whether the shooter was really a Mozambican police officer or not.

The Malawi police have also confirmed that a Mozambican identified as Samuel Petro was also shot and he is admitted at Ntcheu hospital where his condition is said to be improving as well.

There have been clashes between Mozambican government forces and rebels led by Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama who wants to take over power in some provinces where Dhlakama claims his party won elections.

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