20 October 2016 Last updated at: 2:40 PM

Malawi Youths ask International Community to issue travel ban to ‘dictator’ Paramount Chief Kyungu

The Malawi Youths in the Northern part of The country,have called on the Amnesty International as well as the international community to issue a traveling ban on Paramount Chief Kyungu on the border districts of Karonga and Chitipa for being a dictator.

This is according to a document seen by Malawi24 which has been compiled by the youths in the northern region through their organization called Power of Peace Network dated 19th October, 2016.


Kyungu: Faces the wrath of the youth.

According to the document, Kyungu who was once in exile during the one party system era violets the rights of the citizens by his power.

“We are asking you to issue a travel ban on Paramount Chief Kyungu apart from taking prompt steps to make sure that the Chief changes his ill behavior,” read the document.

The three page document has been signed by Ipyana Nthakomwa, Harris Kanelemuka and Fanwell Simwaka also reveals some of the dictatorial behavior of Paramount Chief Kyungu.

“He is posing a threat to lives of young activists, he also chase religious and civil servants anyhow in his area especially if they are not of his tribe. On top that, he monopolizes a lot of things,” added the document.

The Mzuzu based youths also threatened to deal with the chief in their own way especially if he will not changing his ill behavior saying “we are now tired of him.”

Paramount chief Kyungu could not be reached for his reaction as his mobile phone went unanswered despite several attempts.

Recently, Kyungu had also asked the Malawi Police Service to stop referring offenders to the court of law and start unleashing corporal punishment on them.

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