Collen Nkhulambe shining at Bullets

Collen Nkhulambe

Collen Nkhulambe is without doubt becoming one of the most feared strikers in the Tnm Super League as he has delivered nothing but some of his very best form since signing for Nyasa Big Bullets in August.

The People’s Team’s striker Nkhulambe’s impact in the early weeks of his Bullets career since joining from Mzuzu United has been hailed as fantastic by many Bullets followers.

The 23 year-old did not take long to settle at the 2015 Tnm Super League champions as he registered his name on the scoresheet in his second game for the club when he scored two goals against Kamuzu Barracks.

Collen Nkhulambe
Collen Nkhulambe staring at Bullets.

Nkhulambe has since scored more than five goals and has made a few assists in his last six appearances for Bullets in all competitions, which includes netting Nyasa Big Bullets’ equaliser in the 3-3 draw with Red Lions on Monday at Kamuzu stadium in the league.

The young striker’s recent form shows that he is enjoying football at Bullets and he is demonstrating that he is a good player as he was also featured for the club in their 1 nil victory against Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

The star impressed in the derby as he added a goal threat for the club and combined well with Chiukepo and Kondwani Kumwenda who have different qualities to him.

Nkhulambe has also shown that he is a type of player that has a killer instinct and is someone who can threaten defenders, despite not being the biggest person in Malawi top flight league.

The striker has since hailed his teammates for helping him to quickly settle at the club.

“I feel loved at Nyasa Big Bullets since joining the team, this is so because older players like Chiukepo Msowoya and Yamikani Fodya are some of the players who are encouraging and motivating me to be working hard at the club,” Nkhulambe said in an interview.

Bullets trail Silver Strikers by just a point in the Tnm Premier League title race thanks to Nkhulambe’s recent form which, at this rate, will see him eclipse Chiukepo Msowoya as the clubs most effective forward.          



  1. Amfana agwileni ntchito ma team achitsozera okonda ma prayer akunjawa!moni anebour anyerere limbani mtima ku team yanu madzi achita katondo.

  2. Until malawians realise that its not only Bullets And Wanders teams that hv gud players, we wil not hv a strong national team. I bet, Lwindiko Mshani frm Mzuni is the best new talented striker, osat ka Nkhulambe kanuko. Pot kali ku Bullets?

  3. ndiye yaketu ya maule kusula tiwana into undoubtedly international stars. Nkwate is on the list,Chimwemwe kunkawa,gabaninyo,peter mponda, ,just to mention a few.

  4. Koma mpira tili nawo kutali zedi ndipo tisamayembekezele national team yathu kuzachita bwino coz league yathu ndiyama cents kwambiri how can 16 teams compete for less than 15 million kwacha???.Ma player abwino alipo koma samapeza even half yazosowa zawo through football due to lack of funds from ther clubs.And vuto sima club koma ma sponsors plus government samaikapo chidwi pamasewerowa.Mmalo moti player amenye mpira mozipeleka samatelo coz amakhala akulingalila zamavuto ake omwe ali kunyumba.
    I don’t know what ways can help to develop our football but government can find ways.

  5. Nkhani ndimasakhidwe a team so simple,ena mukuona ngati mfanayu ndiwajuju ayi ndithu koma choice adapanga cholondola zedi.This is special msg to other players ikakwana nthawi yosakha pls sakhani mwanzeru remember football career is for short period of time.YESANI KWINAKO MUZASIYANISE NDI KU #PEOPLE’S_TEAM.Muzanziwa bwanji kuti BULLETS ndiakatundu musanaone manyaka a ma team ena???????.

  6. Ndine wa Bullets koma vuto la player wathuyu,akusewelela mankhwala kotelo akasuluka aaa!!!tizawona kuti mwanayu ndi mchabwa,tili ndi mwayi poti bambo ake ndi sing’anga.

    1. Wa BULLETS sangakambe mbwelelazi woopa kutchula nchabwa wa team yako kuopa kuyaluka komabe takunziwa ndiwe wa Backwards fc,aka juju fc,Kapado saona ndenge fc kkkkkkkkkkkkk muyaluka season yake ndi ino.
      Omenyela makhwala ndi nganga wanu Wadabwa uja.

    2. sukunama ixe enawa amangoisapota team koma chinsisi cha team yo or osewerayo osachidziwa kusapitapita ku stadium ndikomwe kumapangitsa

    3. mmmm amwene mwanayu ndiwaluso tiyeni tinene ngamo zikakhala zajujuzo ndiye tingathe kunena kuti ndi player aliyense kumalawi kuno koma honestly Nkhulambe ndiwa skill

    4. hahahaha Im not related to Collen but frankly speaking mwana uja ndi dolo. Which player ku malawi or Nigeria, Europe ….etc… sagwiritsa ntchito mankhwala!!!???? If so then, sibwenzi tikumva kuti a premier league player was banned for using Cocain. (paja naonso ndi makhwala….kkkkkkk) Mwana ndi dolo basi tiyeni tivomereze.

  7. Proffessor ngwale Honourably!!!!! I would Like to congratulate Collen nkhulambe for having performed well this season as you know that we zambians and malawi we are neighbours and we also share news.Now coming back to football what i can actually say is that both teams malawi and zambia failed to qualify for the gabon 2017 which is very unfortunately more especially us zambians we’re crying each and everyday coz we’re used to be at afcon,our football has gone since we won africa cup in gabon 2012 now football association of zambia (faz) released a statement last week saying that we should forget about qualifying at any tournament so that our caretaker coach wedson nyirenda can form a new team for 2019 africa cup.Zambia has got history of reaching africa cup final 2 times 1975,1998 and winning africa cup in gabon 2012.We also lost our national soccer team players in gabon 1993 who perished in gabon and was a strong team with record of beating italy 4-0 and also beating guatamala 3-0.FROM LUSAKA ZAMBIA.

    1. zambia has done well on this Afcon tournament and for failing to qualify for next year tournament is really bad. Here in Malawi is long time we celebrated with our national team.Were used to losing.Zambia has rich history in footaball and beating Italy remains the best ever. bravo Chipolopolo i know u will come back soon

  8. All these thngs starts with us supporters.W tek our teams 4 granted!remember hw bullets executiv was dssolved,nanga wanderers executive!w fire them unnecessarily.These happens evn with coaches,thy let supporterz players play than their choices infear of their jobs.Lets giv them time to drill these youngsters!

  9. Start developing young players pliz my fellow nyasas as we always loose once playing another country. Its 11 against 11 but we are always underdogs some one should answer me why????? I am so concerned with this issue. Stop using gogo players try to introduce youngstars – football has changed everywhere now!!!!!!

  10. Bullets ndi timu yokhayo imene player amatchuka mwachangu than any other team in malawi. Ndipo ngati player sadasewereko timu ya bullets ameneyo sadayambe kusewera mpira.

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