20 October 2016 Last updated at: 2:09 PM

Bakili Muluzi’s corruption case adjourned again

The Blantyre high court has again on Wednesday, adjourned to next month the K1.7 billion corruption case involving the former Malawi president, Bakili Muluzi.

Muluzi is being accused of squandering public funds during his era amounting to K1.7 billion and his case has been in court over ten years now.

This time, the adjournment follows an application by Muluzi’s lawyer who asked the court to give his client enough time to study the evidence presented in the court by the Ant Corruption Bureau.

Bakili Muluzi

Bakili Muluzi : His case still stalls in court.

According to ACB’s legal representative, Clement Mwala, the state evidence which Muluzi’s lawyer, Tamanda Tchokhotho says they need to study it more, include bank statements and all other documents.

“We have filed and submitted to the defense to affidavit. One complying with banker’s evidence where an official bank is stating the source of the document from the bank where we are relying on.” Said Mwala.

However, Tchokhotho said the documents which they have been given as evidence of the government, will require more time to make a forward decision on the matter.

Recently some political parties in the country have expressed concern on the dragging case saying the delay to conclude the case is hugely costing the government.

Muluzi was first arrested in 2006 and again in 2009, on charges of stealing millions of dollars in donor funding, and many hailed his arrest as a bold move towards fighting graft in a country that’s been held back by corruption.

It has been alleged he diverted donor money from countries like China, Libya, Morocco and others into his personal account.

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