Weak opposition allowing DPP to oppress Malawians – Kapito


…Chakwera slammed for ‘dormancy’

Activist John Kapito has blamed weak opposition parties for allowing the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government to rule the country with impunity.

Speaking to the local media, Kapito who is also executive director of Consumers Association of Malawi John Kapito said the opposition is weak and arrogant hence it is contributing to the suffering of Malawians.

He also attacked leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera for failing to act while the DPP government is doing everything it wants.

Malawians being oppressed :Kapito

“Instead of acting fast on behalf of Malawians he is there watching the DPP government to do whatever they want yet he calls himself as the leader if opposition.

“He must know that the position he is holding is not for entertainment rather to help Malawians,” said Kapito.

Kapito continued by labeling Chakwera as Judas Iscariot who is selling his masters, the Malawians.

“Chakwera and Judas Iscariot are the same, Malawians expressed concern over the land bill which the DPP government passed, he was there in the Parliament but he did not use his position as the leader of opposition to help Malawians because the bill favours politicians of which I believe he is one of the beneficiaries,” he added.

The activist also mentioned taxes that Malawians are paying on basic needs like water and groceries saying they should not have been introduced.



  1. Achitsiru inu…… Munakanika kumumenyelera chakwera atabeledwa ma voti lero mukufuna akumenyelereni…….. Akalakhura mukuti akulakwitsanso akuyenera kugwira ntchito ndi boma ngat atupele……. Nde mukufuna chani? Dr Chakwera Chala pa kamwa waaaaaaaa kulibe kutenga action amene zikumuwawa akapeleke moni kwa peter muthalika ndi dzanja la manja

  2. Plus weak CAMA and Kapito allowing DPP to oppress Malawians. Kapito’s teeth are too blunt these days. No wonder commodity prices are beyond the reach of ordinary Malawians.

  3. Mr Kapito you are double faced. You are employed by the DPP government at the Blantyre Water board, dont blame the opposition, blame yourself. If you talk with a silver spoon in your mouth you are fooling yourself, you are not John Kapito we knew during the late Bingu ‘s time.

  4. Mr Kapito, I like your boldness. On this I think you are misguided. Tell the oppression that dpp has done. Tell the people if it is physical, economical, spiritual or whatsoever oppression you mean! Be honest with the malawi of today. Who led malawi since its existence in this situation we are? Malawi is suffering due to climate change (poorest rains), corrupt officers, poor harvest, no direct budget support from donors, poor opposition (lacking clues but very bitter with past polling day), unpatriotic citizenry, lower tax base, poor international relations (eg oppression from IMF and world bank as evidenced in current forced national budget), pangs of cashgate, poorest tobacco sales ever, etc! in all these situations current government (not dpp) is affording to implement urban development plan (changing face of our cities), free medical care (though not enough), free primary education, salaries for civil servants, paying loans, construction of new bituminised roads, FISP and other vital services! I really PITY Mutharika for facing this rotten Malawi. Nevertheless, God knew that Mutharika is the best for this time of Malawi’s need out of the twelve candidates as evidenced in their leadership at their party levels. So to speak like this Mr kapito is an insult to Malawians. So help us God.

    1. Bwana Goliat Think About This Point, Proverbs 29 V2 Says “when The Righeous Are In Authority The People Rejoice: But When the Wicked Beareth Rule, The People Mourn. Mwina Mulung Wakwiya Nayo Mfumuyi Thatz Y All Those U R Mentioning Can Follow.

    2. Dan Lee, you may think so since you say may be. However, know that the bible says in end times there shall be famine (what we are facing), people shall love money (what chakwera is doing by dumping his fellows in search of personal riches and dumping church for quick money in politics), uprising/ntundu kuukirana (what chakwera and his “nkholokolo have shown), earthquakes, war, etc. So your premise might not hold to some extent. my apologies this is a reply paste on your reply on similar reply of yours

  5. what do you expect the oppostion to do apart from what it is doing now?.do you want the oppostion party to start fighting with the gorvenment?.tell us what u think oppostion must do. osangonena direct kuti boma la Dpp lalephera ndipo litule pansi udindo bwanji?.bwanj ukusambira mmanja a oppostion?.boma likakhala lolephera oppostion imayenera kutani?.tiuzeni inuyo bwana otherwise mwatumidwa ndi boma lomwelo man.

  6. It is true opposition is really for checks and balances. After elections all representatives work for their parties through parliament. it is better to remind bwana Kapito that, opposition or Mr Chakwera, as leader of opposition, is not there to oppose everything. He is there only to speak against bad laws, mismanagement, dishonesty, corruption, abuse of power and authority. he is also there to remind government about the promises made during campaign trail. These are done through parliament, workshops, forums, meetings…. etc. Mr Chakwera and opposition can not go in the streets to match to demostrate unhappiness of any government deal. It will be unprocedural. They have to work through parliamentary forums and committees.Anything good for Malawians, let it go. Anything bad should be spoken against.

  7. I agree with Mr Kapito. Chakwera is only active when it comes to issues to do with the resignation of the president while there are more pressing issues he can address other than being at the forefront asking the president to step down. Its time to put sense in Chakwera’s head. He is not fit as leader of opposition

  8. The Problem Is Not Only About Oppositio But U Ngo’s Too Coz Ndinu Omwe Mumakonda Kulandila Ma Bazi Ur Weak Too Inuyo Mukupangapo Chani? Chofunika Ndi Kugwiriza Tonse Pamodzi Mkupanga Chinthu Chimodzi A Mabungwenu Muli Very Corrupt

  9. kapito ndi kape inu uyo mu lomwe wachabechabe kodi team ngati sikuchita bwino kodi olakwa amkhala supporter kapena kochi? Oppositon is like a supporter president is a coach and the cabinet andi olembedwa onse ndi ma player

  10. wat i see is dat Kapito ndi wa Dpp ndiye zimamuvuta kudzudzula dpp ngakhake akudziwa kuti mavuto ali munowa ts coz of dpp n ts the dpp responsible to correct all the mess they done in dis country.Timava ife opposition kudzudzula n give some solutions ndiye chakwera angatani ngati dpp sikumva.Kapito hiself has failed ngati anayeserapo kupereka solutions iyeyo ndichani chomwe dpp idamvapo

  11. nosense! amalawife sitimadziwa chomwe tikufuna.A opposition amapanga ntchito yawo timati akusokoneza zitukuko akasiya ayi sakutithandiza poor minded people

  12. Even you Mr kapito you are concerned but once given an opportunity to be the kings dog you will not back udzakhala utapana fupa ,the late Ngwazi himself could not do that opposition party in Malawi is just a drop in a lake.

  13. Akapito mukunama oppposition inayesetsa koma boma la dpp kusamva mcp yakhala ikulankhula kudzera ku parment komanso mmisonkhano yosiyasina siziphula kanthu nkhani ya nduna 7 zomwe zinaba ndalama nkhani ya ma tractor olimira mwa makono fizi ya ku university ndi nkhani zambiri koma paja bakili muluzi adati wapakaliyala saiba belu nde inu ndi ine tidzingopenya musaile paja boma ls dpp idazolowera kumva nkhwangwa ili mmutu leave mcp ,pp ,aford alone!!!

  14. Malawian democracy is just a name not original. If opposition speak out the ruling party manufactures and plant charges against them. They use prison to silent them. They is no freedom of speech in Malawi. Its was last seen when Bakili was president. Any opposition is treated like criminals and suspects. And this worries a lot. Koma Mulungu akukuonani.

  15. Malawian democracy is just a name not original. If opposition speak out the ruling party manufactures and plant charges against them. They use prison to silent them. They is no freedom of speech in Malawi. Its was last seen when Bakili was president. Any opposition is treated like criminals and suspects. And this worries a lot. Koma Mulungu akukuonani.

    1. Its not the responsibility of opposition to enforce laws but the police and Anticorruption Bureau who ar under the armpit of the gvt. If gvt does not listen when the opposition speaks, its the problem of gvt not opposition.

    2. opposition must stand up and rise they are part of government.we need die hard opposition not cowards zikufunika anthu a mtima ngati John Chilembwe Osati nkonono hiiii koma muli pa udindo opulumutsa wanthu,funsani Kamulepo akuphunzitseni kulimba mtima aaaaaa tipatseni mpata ku chipaniko muwone

  16. zomvetsa chisoni kuti mumango lakhula zoyambanitsa amene amavutika ni ana okalamba komaso osauka simuona zamtsogolo now you talking about weakness of other party malawi oppositions has no power than other countrys

  17. The opposition is afraid maybe. Malawian politians uses the police and the police are so excited when it comes to shooting their own people!

  18. Eni ache a PP atchona kunja kwa dziko, UDF ndi ija ili mu nkhwapa mwawo ! The Only stronger party standing in opposite ndi MCP since the Multiparty system!
    Fellow Malawians this is a threat to our hard obtained democracy and as far as it remains this way Malawi is likely to be a one party State!
    Let’s open eyes! Ndale zosankhirana mtunduzi Malawi sadzatukuka mpaka lipenga lidzalira kuthambo!!

  19. Mumafuna kuti Ochakwela onyamuke kwaoko ndimiyendo uyo,,, ulendo ku state kukamukoka peter pampando wachifumu iwowo nkukhalapo nayamba kulamulila?? nanga mulufunanji okapito dzuwa ili tatopa ife kumamva zamtundu otele,,,

  20. A Kapito kufuna kupusitsa anthu bwanji? Inu mesa mulikomweko inu? Bwanji osakoza pomwe azanu alakwitsapo? Munadyetsedwa kale banzi mumangobwebweta koma simuchita (hypocricy) you dont walk the talk you as a chair for CAMA

  21. John Kapito might be stupid and confused.What has he done of late as human rights activist and Exutive Director of consumer rights body of CAMA?.He should stop cheating Malawians as his relavance to them has down the he was offered a job by DPP lead government as board chairman of Southern region water Board.

  22. Even inunso ma NGO,,,civil society groups…mwatanipo and munali kuti pomwe Billy mayaya amakatiyimila amalawi fe pa nkhani yama blackout mudziko ,,mapeto ake uyu agona kundende

  23. Kapito ndiye mumafuna zoti chiyani?Mukamapanga mademo anu anthu a Opposition azilowererapo akuthandizeni.Osamapanga choncho ayi nanga inuyo kuzima zima kwamagetsi ndi madzi mukupangapo chiyani.

  24. kodi opposition ndi chakwera yekha mmalawi muno? osanena za aford or mafunde bwanji? daily mzikhalira mcp and chakwera…!! chakwera akayankhula mumati chakwera akufuna kulanda boma, akapanda kulankhula mkumunenanso…mumafuna azitani..???

    1. he z leader of opposition nd ali ndimphamvu zoimilila opposition yonse ndichifukwa akulozedwa dzala mwina simukudziwa remenber TEMBO samagona ngati momwe akusinzila chakwera and this showz his weaknes

    2. Inu anthu kalani chete apa or anthu ena akudziwa kuti chakwera is not politician izoo mudziwe ndiye chifukwa chake kuli kagulu kena kamene sikagwiritsana ndi gulu lachakwera coz ali weak kwambiri

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