Gwanda Chakuamba down ill again

Gwanda Chakuamba
Gwanda Chakuamba
Gwanda Chakuamba : In hospital.

Malawi’s veteran politician Gwanda Chakuamba is being treated for stomach pains at the Adventist Hospital in Blantyre, it has been confirmed.

Chakuamba has lately according to ex Minister of Sports,Moses Dossi been suffering from stomach pains.

Dossi says Chakuamba who was supposed to be traveling to India for a check up on his heart complications is receiving treatment at the Adventist Hospital.

He was treated as an outpatient for the heart problem in April this year , before he fell to a serial death hoax on the social media.

In September last year he had traveled to South Africa where he was nursing an apparent heart complication.

Since his jovial and vocal political career dating way to the middle 1980s , Chakuamba has been a bonafide and controversial member of ‘big’ political parties like the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) , United Democratic Front (UDF) Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and was recently affiliated to former governing Peoples Party (PP) prior to the May 20 Tripartite elections.