19 October 2016 Last updated at: 2:23 PM

Calls for Mutharika to step down resurface: ‘APM has failed’

Despite the fact that President Peter Mutharika has overtime maintained he will not resign, the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) argues Mutharika has ‘completely’ failed to run the nation and therefore would not be wrong to step down.

MCP’s President Lazarus Chakwera has come strong on the calls for Mutharika to resign from the top office saying various socio-economic ills rocking the country are as a result of his (Mutharika’s) failure to have a befitting plan for the country.

Chakwera said over the weekend at a rally that he sees no reason Mutharika should continue being the country’s leader.

Peter Mutharika and Lazarus Chakwera

Mutharika (L) called to resign by at Chakwera (R). (File)

The opposition leader also cited the incessant blackouts and the increasing cost of living as signs that Mutharika’s government has failed.

‘’We have a leader who does not look concerned. Why must we have a leader of that sort’’ He said in Bembeke, Dedza at a rally.

This is not the first time for Chakwera to demand Mutharika’s head over issues to do with governance.

In March this year. Chakwera asked Mutharika to step down after the Malawi leader denied to appear in the national assembly for questioning as invited by the opposition.

The opposition has been in unceasing verbal wars with the government.

But Mutharika has stood to his ground saying he cannot be driven to step down by anyone.

Earlier this month, People’s Party (PP) after the party’s president Uladi Mussa called on President Peter Mutharika to step down for failing to solve many problems that this country is facing.

Mussa also made a warning that  if government fails to address the problems, Members of parliament from opposition parties will boycott the next Parliament meeting slated next month.

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