18 October 2016 Last updated at: 11:46 AM

Police arrest activist Billy Mayaya

Billy Mayaya

Mayaya: Arrested!

Malawi Police officers in the capital Lilongwe have arrested human rights activist Billy Mayaya for taking to the streets this morning in protest of persistent blackouts and water shortages that have hit  the major cities of Malawi, Malawi24 can confirm.

Mayaya disclosed that the anti-persistent blackouts and water shortages demonstrations were set for Tuesday despite Lilongwe city council and Malawi Police advising him to reverse the plan during the meeting held on Monday.

He asked demonstrators to bring candles and charcoal while they are in black cloths.

However, the police on Tuesday called off the demonstration by arresting the the organizer Mayaya arguing that he defied the police and city council.

The police are yet disclose the charges levelled against him.

Mayaya was set to start from Area 18 roundabout to present a petition to the authorities over the blackouts and water shortages.

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