Ndau speaks out on Mutharika’s health


Amid questions that are yet to be answered on why President Peter Mutharika used his left hand in greeting top government officials, minister of information Malison Ndau has now expressed ignorance on the president’s health.

Ndau who earlier assured Malawians that Mutharika was in good health and was attending government business meetings in United States of America (USA) has now changed tune saying he is not aware if Mutharika is sick.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Questions about his health remain flying.

In a statement last week, the government spokesperson disclosed that the president was enjoying “robust health” as the social media was stormed with reports that Mutharika fell ill while in America.

However, upon his arrival what seemed to be a secret among government officials turned into the most talked issue on Sunday after Mutharika greeted people using his left hand.

Speaking on the local press, the information minister expressed ignorance on whether Mutharika was enjoying good health.

“I don’t know whether he is sick because I haven’t seen him,” said Ndau on Sunday night.

Meanwhile local analysts have faulted government’s silence on Mutharika’s health saying he is not ‘immortal’ and that he can fall ill like any other human being.

They have further demanded that Mutharika should be immediately flown abroad for medical treatment.

Political analyst Ernest Thidwa has since blamed the situation on greedy politicians who opt to tell lies to win favours from the president.

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