16 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:12 AM

Terrible! Malawian boy dies after battery burst into flames

A two year-old Malawian boy identified as Aliford Nthali has died after a phone battery that was being charged using a booster in a room where he was sleeping burst into flamesin Nkhatabay district.

According to an eyewitness Mr Kaphedwa, on the night of October 14 2016 Alford was sleeping in a room while his friends were chatting at a neighbouring house.

explosionA phone battery was being charged in the same room through boosting and at a later stage the phone battery got saturated and burst into flames that spread to the beddings of the deceased.

Alford failed to escape and was burnt to death after efforts by well-wishers to rescue him proved futile.

Items worth K140, 000 were also burnt to ashes in the inferno.

Police together with medical personnel later visited the scene of incident and postmortem that was conducted indicated suffocation as cause of death.

The deceased hailed from Zamandere village Traditional Authority (TA) Mkumbira in Nkhatabay district.

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