Terrible! Malawian boy dies after battery burst into flames


A two year-old Malawian boy identified as Aliford Nthali has died after a phone battery that was being charged using a booster in a room where he was sleeping burst into flamesin Nkhatabay district.

According to an eyewitness Mr Kaphedwa, on the night of October 14 2016 Alford was sleeping in a room while his friends were chatting at a neighbouring house.

explosionA phone battery was being charged in the same room through boosting and at a later stage the phone battery got saturated and burst into flames that spread to the beddings of the deceased.

Alford failed to escape and was burnt to death after efforts by well-wishers to rescue him proved futile.

Items worth K140, 000 were also burnt to ashes in the inferno.

Police together with medical personnel later visited the scene of incident and postmortem that was conducted indicated suffocation as cause of death.

The deceased hailed from Zamandere village Traditional Authority (TA) Mkumbira in Nkhatabay district.



  1. Ur not getting m properly, imean!!!!!!! ena not u¿¿¿ akukomenta ngati zachitikq mwadara ngozi ndi ngozi u can’t control wanimva???????? Haneef muyaya chikavuta chilankhuro timafunsa ena ,Ndiwe wekha amene sudamve shame on u

  2. Nanga choncho,.mavuto amakolo awa. Makolo ena nzeru ngati za chiwala choti chikawuluka chavula, chikatera chavala, choncho mwana akhala bwanji ndi upangili pa moyo wake ngati makoloso mukuchuluka kuzisaka kusiya ana inu musakudziwa chomwe akupanga. look now moyo ndikamodzi, ndikuti wapita umenewo basi simudzabwezeranso.I don’t feel good ndikamava zotelezi, its too bad indeed not good at all, mapeto ake mutilakhulitsa molakwikaso kuti Escom ali chabe fine ndi ma black out awowa, akugwira tchito yabwino yotamandika yama black out. kupechetsakoso ngozi. keep it up Escom.!

    1. It’s not about tribes an accident knows no tribe. What has happened here is not a joke but young life has been lost! Be symphathetic.

    1. Im nt tumbuka, koma siatumbuka okha amene amasiya ana ndikumapita ku jon ndiponso pomusiya mwanayo ndikumapita ku jon chinali chikondi, poona kuti palibe chimene akupanga kuno bola apite ku jon akagwire ganyu azimuthandiza mwanayo, chokuza sichiimba ng’oma

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  4. Every Bad Story Ithought It Was That Young Boy Boost The Phone Battery Since Its Old Boy May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  5. Nkhani yakupaska chitima,muzimu waki ukawuski muchimangu,RIP,in addition am deeply shoked with the parents of the deceased how can they leave a 2 year old son? Some parents are just producers they don’t care about their kids,ndakwiya nanu

  6. Vuto la azimayi sakumva, ukamuwuza kuti iwe tchito yako uyang’anila ana? Akuti ndiye kuti mnakwatila ku jon, ndikuna kubwela, kusiya mwana wang’ono. Sopano ndichani chimenecho, ena akusiya mwana akudwala ndikupita basi, sibwino, R.I.P.

  7. a short cut is often a wrong,so that was short circuting,atleast now many of us we have learnt something out of this tragedy,so sad, R I P

    1. i have witnessed two incidents of fon batteries bursting;the firstlady her battery burst ili mmanja whilst holding her fon;and it started burning.2nd it was a lady also she had put her fon in the braa;and to evryone’s surprise;pple realised something was burning amongst the grp of pple;and to our surprise smoke was coming frpom the ladies body only to dicover the fon battery had burst;and she said the fon bateery was new:so am jus trying to clarify that;our mobile fon batteries are dangerous:we need sufficient grace.

  8. koma abale zinazi ndizadala chifukwa makolo amwanayo bambo ndi mayi ake ali kuno ku south africa nde mwana wa 2 years ungasiyile zako zoona? iwe kukakhala dziko lalitali. anasowa chikondi pa mwanayo but anyway Rip

    1. How could they do such a thing to leave a child behind yet knowing that they are going long distance the parents are bad minded people

    2. kayatu amangoganiza za sopano koma zoti mawa zizabala chani? samaziwa koma anthu angati awa alipo ambili. nanga ngat bugt yobeleka alibe ndichifukwa chani amabeleka. angozuzisa ana basi

    3. kwambili mlandu ulipo chifukwa udindo wosamala mwana aulephela. amati mako ndi ndibambo ako ndimulungu. waziko lapasi koma apa zawakanika.

    4. Koma sikhalidwe labwino kumapita kutali kuwasiya ana adzaka zochepa choncho ndi ena poti chisamaliro angalandile kwa enawo sichingafanane ndi chimene angapeleke kholo lomubeleka ayi

  9. It happened. I come from the area and was at the boy’s funeral yesterday. It is not the deceased who connected the battery but the older boys who were not there when the explosion happened. Several items were destroyed by the fire including the boy burning to death. It is a pity a young life has been lost in this tragedy,Mhsrip.

  10. The Problem Is Tha People Misuse Eletricity Because Same Story Happened In Mitundu Tc.It Was Announced On Radio,moreover The Escom Officer Warned About Misusing Power,so Zimenezo Ndizadala BCoz Buster Is Always Dangerous.

  11. The Problem Is Tha People Misuse Eletricity Because Same Story Happened In Mitundu Tc.It Was Announced On Radio,moreover The Escom Officer Warned About Misusing Power,so Zimenezo Ndizadala BCoz Buster Is Always Dangerous.

  12. The Problem Is Tha People Misuse Eletricity Because Same Story Happened In Mitundu Tc.It Was Announced On Radio,moreover The Escom Officer Warned About Misusing Power,so Zimenezo Ndizadala BCoz Buster Is Always Dangerous.

    1. Just Margin Guyz,escom Already Warned Us About The Dangers Of Electricity,ndiye Munthu Kumakasiya Booster Mu Den Ya Mfana Wa 2yrs,is That Normal?Just Understand My Coment,if U Do Not Get Well My Coment,read It Well And Creally.My Dear Brothers & Sisters Do Not Coment On Issues U Never Know About.U Need To Read The Story B4 Ku Beafana.We R All Malawians.

    1. Zikhoza kukhala zoona chifukwa zinandichitikirapo 2009, nthawi imeneyo ndinazingwa so i could not do otherwise but boosting, kunali kuchipinda kwanga so ndinalumikiza charger pa Socket and then ndinaika Battrey lija pa headboard ya bed, ndinatuluka ndikuiwala for some hours, and then ndinalowa kuchipinda kuja ndimkati ndikatenge china chake not issue ya Battrey ija, koma adha the moment ndinangolowa pakhomo lachipinda chija ndinamva kuphulika kwa chinthu so ndinakumbukira za Battrey lija, koma i tell you it was terrible chifukwa panabuka chimoto and panali pafupi ndi Window ndipo curtain inagwilira moto, moti ndikanakhala kuti ndinatalikira mmmmmmm nyumba bwenzi itapsa or else i could have fallen a victim.

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