16 October 2016 Last updated at: 8:37 AM

Dan Lu in contract wrangle with South African promoter

…Composes song in protest

Musician Dan Lu is embroiled in a fight with his South African based music promoter Sisqo who is accusing the musician of breaking agreements in the contract he signed with Sisqo Entertainment.

The promoter came to Malawi to take an injunction restraining Dan Lu from launching his Sweet Banana.

The launch is slated for November this year at Lilongwe Golf club.

Dan Lu

Dan Lu in a row with his manager.

In an interview with Malawi24, Sisqo Chris confirmed the development saying Dan Lu has broken the contract rules by holding local and international shows without the company’s knowledge which is contrary to the agreement in the contract.

“It is true that I have come to Malawi to cancel the show that our artist Dan Lu has planned to host on 6th November in the capital city Lilongwe, as a company we are worried why he had to do this without telling us,” said Chris.

The manager continued saying that it was his idea to host the Sweet Banana song launch but Dan Lu went behind the promoters and organised the show on his own.

“When Dan came to South Africa we sat down to strategize on how we can promote his talent both in Malawi and at international level, so in the discussions I singled out of launching the single Sweet Banana in Malawi of which am surprised to hear that he is hosting the launch on his own,” he added.

Not only that, the manager also mentioned that he has spent over $12,000 (about 9 million kwacha) for the production of the audio and video of the Sweet Banana which featured Nigerian K-CEE  and 1plus1 in which he featured Flavour.

“As a company we are very disappointed because we have spent millions on his projects, we paid for Flavour’s flight from Nigeria to South Africa, his accommodation and the same with Dan Lu from Malawi to South Africa,” he continued

Malawi24 called Dan Lufani the Sweet Banana hit maker to seek his views but he cut off the phone just after the issue was introduced.

When he was called again he said: “Can you call me tomorrow because I am going on stage right now.”

Meanwhile, Sisqo Chris has asked Dan Lu to give him back the said 12,000 thousand dollars which his company spent on him if wants to cancel the contract.

Dan Lu has since announced he will be releasing a song titled ‘Village Champion’, a title that has emanated from the derogatory name tag the Manager placed on him.

He maintains the launch will still take place.

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