Thyolo girls to start finishing School


As various stakeholders in the country such as the government and non-governmental organisations are tirelessly fighting to see many girls educated, about 11,000 girls from Thyolo now have an opportunity to complete their education following the announcement of a new girls’ education program by an international organization known as Dubai Cares.

The announcement coincided with the International Day of the Girls Child which was commemorated on Tuesday October 11.

According to Dubai Cares, the 500,000 US Dollar program is being implemented by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization which will ensure that the number of girls doesn’t decrease due to drop outs as they reach primary school leaving stage as well as completion of secondary school.


Fabiano; This development is very welcome.

An event to celebrate this new initiative was held at Nagwengwere Primary School in Thyolo, where the Minister of Education Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano was the guest of Honor.

In his remarks, Fabiano thanked the organisation saying that it has answered the government’s call to see many stakeholders helping government in improving girls’ education in the country.

Apart from this initiative, the country’s first lady Dr Gertrude Mutharika initiated a Bring Back Girl to School Project through Beautify Malawi Trust (Beam) that is aimed at seeing girls who dropped out of school on various grounds going back to school.



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  2. “Finishing”…kkkkkkk koma anthu mukuganiza.Anyway thats good development komano mphuzitsi okaphunzitsa atsikana amenewa mukumuganizira bwanji?Nayenso amafuna kukhala otukuka ngati ma civil servant a ma department ena.Nyumba yabwino, madzi aukhondo,malipiro abwino osati zidzichita pofika poti ana a sukulu kukusonkherana chakudya. shame! Sangakunvere. Especially with the right “no to corporal punishment”aaah worse

  3. koma anyamata tili pamavuto.
    suzavapo mu news kaya pa radio kuti, ” boma lakuti asiyisa anyamata angapo kusuta chamba ndipo awayambitsa sukulu.” nanga imeneyi ndi gender?
    latest news iyi, bwanji sananene kut ufulu wa anyamata kulibe kunja kuno?

  4. It is a welcome development to our girl child coz the dropout rate is too high in Thyolo District, so it is amotivation to our girls as they will finish there educations.

  5. Finish? Let them not finish otherwise the upcoming girls won’t find schools in Thyolo……..believe me. These girls soon after they complete their education they will end up demolishing school blocks and finish all the school properties off they go.

    • Vuto timatanthauza mawu a chichewa kuti kumaliza and then we translate it into English kuti “finish” but in this article use of the word “complete” I think it sounds proffessional. Chichewalising

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