14 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:56 AM

No media allowed during Mutharika’s arrival

Everyone can just not deny that news about President Peter Mutharika’s heightened missing Malawi is getting interesting. Well, reports that Malawi24 is receiving show that the President will arrive at the Kamuzu International Airport on Sunday at night and the media will be barred from covering the arrival.

Well-placed sources have told Malawi24 that Mutharika will arrive at night and not in the afternoon as the State House says.

Meanwhile, Information Minister Malison Ndau has told the media that the Malawi leader had been meeting ‘unknown’ people and investors after the United Nations General Assembly in the US.

Peter Mutharika Ethiopia

President Mutharika returns on Sunday according to government.

There had been a blackout of communication with the government failing to come out in the open on the exact meetings that had been taking place.

But reports – which governments refuted and indicated it will arrest everyone found spreading them – show that Mutharika had gone ill and that he was being nursed at an undisclosed hospital in US. Preceding reports alleged that the president had breathed his last.

But just days ago, State House had in a statement indicated Mutharika will arrive home this Sunday in the afternoon.

However, reports Malawi24 has seen show that the media will not be allowed at KIA and it is speculated that there will be a national record police presence at the airport.

The State House has however remained mum on these reports just as it did with the whereabouts of Mutharika.

The fresh revelations will further fuel suspicions that Mutharika is ill and either has something very alarming being hidden or may just be bored on rumors he ‘died’.

It is thus far understood that there will be no press briefing days after his arrival or anytime soon.

Media outlets in Malawi have so many questions that have remained unanswered and have only received this reply from the Information Minister: ‘’He (Mutharika) is well and has been in several officials meetings’.

Mutharika left Malawi on September 15 to attend the United Nations General Assembly. Malawians last saw Mutharika on September 20 when he delivered a speech to the UN General Assembly, calling for international assistance to address hunger in his country.


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