By October 14, 2016

Two of his friends were fighting over K1000 and he aimed to separate them. Unknown to him, the K1000 fight was his death trap.

A man has been stabbed to death after he tried to calm down two friends who were arguing over K1000.

The deceased, 43 year-old Zambia Mabozo, was killed by 23 year-old William Justine who was quarrelling with another man identified as Grant Bester.

According to Machinga police spokesperson, Davie Sulumba, the deceased was a tinsmith and on Tuesday he was chatting with his brother Twaibu Mabozo and a friend to his brother Grant Bester at his own house.

knife-bloodThe suspect Justine then came and asked Bester to give him his K1000 which he claimed the latter borrowed from him.

“A quarrel broke out between Bester and Justine but when Zambia tried to calm down the situation the suspect produced a knife and stabbed him on the chest,” said Sulumba.

Zambia was rushed to Mkwepere health centre only to be pronounced dead upon arrival. Post-mortem revealed that he died due to intense bleeding.

William Justine will soon appear before court to answer a murder charge which is contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

He comes from Kanene village in the area of Traditional Authority Nyambi of Machinga district, the village the deceased also hailed from.


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