Another barrage of mockery to ESCOM – from KFC


Electricity Supply of Malawi (ESCOM) has become an easy target for anyone who want to utilize their trolling skills as multinational company KFC has become the latest to throw a shade at the electricity supplier.

KFC, the American headquartered fast food chain and restaurant, is one of the companies directly affected by the massive blackouts in Malawi but they have still found a business opportunity in the power cuts.

In an advert, the restaurant notifies Malawians that they can seek refuge at their restaurants whenever they are on the receiving end of Escom’s power cuts.

“Blackout? We are always open. Come and enjoy,” says an advert from the transnational corporation.

Recently, gospel musician Patience Namadingo fired warning shots at the electricity supplier over the persistent blackouts saying consequences may befall Escom staff should the situation remain static.

He added that a day is coming when consumers shall know the Escom employees responsible for hitting the switch-off button and there will be trouble.

Malawi is currently experiencing unprecedented power cuts with some areas having no power for over 24 hours. Escom has attributed the power cuts to low water levels on Shire River, a claim which has led to accusations of shortsightedness on the part of the electricity supplier’s management.



  1. I have got suggestions to assist those concerned mostly Engineers working with ESCOM, and whoever loves Malawi. This issue of Lake Malawi it is out of fashion because everyone is aware about the bad or good weather affecting the whole world because of our carelessness. Rainfall in Malawi remains the major problem we have destroyed the nature therefore dont expect enough water to enable Escom generate enough electricity. But I love the Living God who is the mighty solution to every challenge, for an example in the North here we have plenty coal which can be used to back up these old water systems despite being behind time because the executive or board members could have known this challenge sometime back in the late 1990s. The concerned people must wake up and start coal issue projects as soon as possible, and elect such plants nearer the sources to cut down fuel for transporting materials as well as time saving (short distance). Please help the nation issues like food, fuel, electricity, hospitals, education, housing, agriculture, companies, etc are the backbone of the nation. We can not survive without the mentioned issues though the main theme it is electricity. I love you all and God bless us and mother Malawi for the best future.

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