13 October 2016 Last updated at: 5:50 PM

Malawian Teachers warned against sexually abusing learners

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has warned teachers against sexually abusing their pupils or students saying they are destroying the lives of girls hence the union will not support them.

TUM general secretary Denis Kalekeni was speaking on Wednesday, a day after the world commemorated the International Day of the Girl Child which falls on 11 October.

Pupils get backing. (File)

Pupils get backing. (File)

Over the past months, the media carried several news reports about teachers who raped their students.

Kalekeni said their union has also been receiving numerous reports of male teachers who sexually abused learners or impregnated them.

He claimed that TUM does not condone such acts since the malpractices undermines the strides the union has made.

“We receive more cases of a teacher impregnating a pupil and as TUM we condemn such malpractices,” he said. “Such malpractices are affecting the lives of most girls since they fail to continue with their education.”

According to Kalekeni, the union introduced a policy whereby teachers who rape or impregnate learners do not receive any support from TUM when answering their charges in court.

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