Malawian Teachers warned against sexually abusing learners


Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has warned teachers against sexually abusing their pupils or students saying they are destroying the lives of girls hence the union will not support them.

TUM general secretary Denis Kalekeni was speaking on Wednesday, a day after the world commemorated the International Day of the Girl Child which falls on 11 October.

Pupils get backing. (File)

Pupils get backing. (File)

Over the past months, the media carried several news reports about teachers who raped their students.

Kalekeni said their union has also been receiving numerous reports of male teachers who sexually abused learners or impregnated them.

He claimed that TUM does not condone such acts since the malpractices undermines the strides the union has made.

“We receive more cases of a teacher impregnating a pupil and as TUM we condemn such malpractices,” he said. “Such malpractices are affecting the lives of most girls since they fail to continue with their education.”

According to Kalekeni, the union introduced a policy whereby teachers who rape or impregnate learners do not receive any support from TUM when answering their charges in court.



  1. Tiyeni tiwatenge ana asukulu ngati ana obereka tokha.Zikakhala zoonetsa ntchafuzo kuno nde sinkhani amavala ma siketi ngati akukasewera netball. Kwa anzathu amene mumabwera ku Joni kuno mukhoza kundivomereza za uniform ya atsikana kuno amangoyenda maliseche.Wt iz needed iz just get used to it and never think about it.Here no matter whether you agreed with the girl or the parents that u will marry her, as far as u r doing it with a teen ager, u r raping and will be arrested.

  2. I support you TUM officials ,we teachers, let’s respect our profession ,there are more female teachers just rotting looking for you fellow teachers,if not just rotting out there no marriage or go for sex workers in rest houses bars etc but beware there is a deadly disease called Aids waiting out there let’s act professionally .please emulate me.I do enjoy my life coz I chose to have one of the Same profession (teaching)leave these young ones to make up their future.PlZ

  3. vuto la aphunzitsi atum mukulidziwa. don’t change people’s focus. you’re failures and fortune seekers. to hell with us.

  4. Chokani iwe mwalephela kumenya nkhondo yomwe tinakutumani ndiye mwayamba kunena izi. Mukufuna akutameni aboma akowo kuti akupatse chigumu China. Dziwa izi usadzanenenso za tsete in or strike wamva .u olwez betrays us. Ine sikhasu lako. Ndikufuna ndlama zanga za miyez 5 ndi 10 mths allowance. Kupanda kutero anyengwa ndithu.

  5. Teaching is a regrettable job in Malawi as their concerns are not worth and land in the deaf ears of the stakeholders but when the grain of them misbehaves the whole bunch is mocked at, is always asked to work on obligation rather than commitment. Children are mishandled by the nation in general but teachers are just your examples.Tum put your house in order first before you look at your teachers. I guess Tum is one of sick trade union without direction. God bless our teachers as I am able to read this.

  6. Tum chonde dandaulo lanu laveka kmano pempho lalikulu lipite kwamakolo ana ambiri sakupitira xool kma uhule,muone mavalidwe ake kumachita kt akakhala mu class ndiye phunxitsi amava bwanji?ntchafu xonse panja,ena amachita kuwayamba aphunxitsiwo,ndiye mwana wamamuna atani?kmano aphunxitsi sikt ndakupopani nanunso mukhale ndiudindo wanu chonde osamangoflash tianati,ena amabwera ndimtima ophunxira

  7. Mulibe fundo osalemba zoti akufunika chithandixo akusowa momphuzilira bwanji picture iyi: how it shows us? Ikutathauza kut akusowa makalasi not wat ur saying

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  9. If the teacher is doing this shit to the students,that means the parents must stand up,and deal with these criminals.

  10. tum shud be busy mantaining de welfare of teachers not warning them against love.f thiti ya munthu mulungu analemba kut ndi pupil kapena students hu can say no..anawo amat nawo agwidwe nd munthu ophunzira plus makolo amat bola mwana wawo kutengana nd smbody wogwira ntchito boma dan achikumbe a mudz odikila nyengo….

  11. Aaah nchochi koma nkani zinaziii. Dziko lonse lapansi kumachiyaso kudziwa kuti aMalawiwa kusauka ndekulipodi. Amenewa maClass? Ana angotafuna fumbi pansi akalapo. Koma kumango falitsa nkani za ziii.

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  13. A teacher is a first hand professional of every child that stays longer in life with. This increases affection between these two parties (child vs teacher). Their bond becomes so inseparable. This bond coupled with poedophiliac syndrome make these two parties owing each others sexual debt, through curiosity by sensuality (body physical closeness/contact) element before intimacy (emotional) develops! However, for responsible teachers it is compelling to hold their zips regardless of how conditions allow them to syringe the juvenile ‘between legs fresh cake’. We have witnessed teachers marrying their students upon graduating from their primary school! To this effect it means teachers are not only to blame but also the pupils and guardians. Social beings and sexual beings eish difficult to handle neh!

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