12 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:27 AM

Mzuzu MPs asked to set minimun qualifications for councillors

Mzuzu councillors have asked lawmakers to set minimum qualification for one to contest as a ward councillor in the city. This was discussed during the Mzuzu council’s last meeting which was conducted on Sunday, .


Parliament asked to revisti Councillors expected qualification.

According to one of the councillors in the city, Yolam Mkandawire who is a ward councillor for Masasa ward, this is so considering the challenges they face due to insufficient knowledge of the position on the part of some councillors.

Mkandawire said it is very worrisome that most of the councillors fail to understand the technical language used by workers at the city assembly.

He added that councillors are also required to have knowledge on how they can report issues which affect people in the society. “We have not yet concluded the matter and it was being discussed at committee level. We want to bring to the assembly standard contributions by all the councillors.

“Many of the documents that we receive at the assembly are in English and in technical words. We need people who can articulate issues and have higher understanding and that is the reason why we are asking for the raise,” said Mkandawire.

He added that if the minimum qualification is set, it can help to have good leaders who can professionally work for their people. Currently in Malawi, there is no set qualification for one to contest as a councillor.

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  • Mumangopita kukakambilana zakuba kumeneko

  • We have tried what you are saying before how old were you in 1994 and in 2004 any difference?

  • MEC has the mandate to come up with qualifications for such positions. If anything, it should not apply to Mzuzu councillors alone…rather the qualifications for such a position should be applied in all the districts.

  • Wophunzira amadziwa njira zobera ndalama bwino.

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  • not minimum i would prefer maximum qualification and it should be J.C. educated people have failed we don’t need them any more.

  • Are these people relating this issue of qualifications to yesterday’s scandal or what???

  • even ma MP ena ndi mbuli…..they only have MSCE

  • Mzuzu MPs?
    The whole city is under one(1) constituency.

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  • Qualification ya chiani.
    Ophunzilawo ndiye akutani poti dziko la malawi likusaukila saikilabe , ophunzilawo ali pamaudindo!

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