Malawi Youths call for inclusion in key positions

Henry Mussa

Malawian Youths operating under Timvereni Campaign have asked government to include them in key decision making positions.

Timvereni Campaign Chairperson, Edward Chileka Banda, who is also executive director of Eye for Development was speaking in Lilongwe when the youth consortium paid a courtesy call to the Minister of Labour, Youths, Sports and Manpower Development, Henry Mussa.

Banda who was accompanied by over 30 young people from different organisations said they are surprised that young people are being sidelined in all key governance positions.

Henry Mussa
Mussa: We have heard the concerns.

“We are sidelined in almost each and every governance positions such as in parastatals, boards, and even in Parliament we don’t have youths,” said Banda.

He added that Malawi as a country cannot develop if the youth who form the majority of the population continue to be sidelined.

“Unless this improves, but as a country we cannot develop if youths are not being included in the development agenda,” he said.

Responding to the organisation’s call, Mussa said his ministry is committed to uplift welfare of young people in the country.

According to Mussa, his ministry is already running various programmes aimed at empowering the youths. He gave the example of community colleges which he said are absorbing a lot of youths who would have otherwise been idle.

“We are also discussing of youths national services which will again consume a lot of youths into the programme,” said Mussa.

During the interface Mussa popularly known as Mtengowaminga assured the youths that his door is open any time the youths have any burning issues.



  1. Pena vuto ndife aini ake. Sititha kugwirizana chinthu chimodzi ndikulimbikitsana. No wndr thz old flks are capitalizng on our vry on weakneses

  2. Malawi linachuluka ndi dyela kwa asogoleli,tikanakhala kuti mtundu wa amalawi ambili ndiolimba mtima ngati maiko enawa sibwenzi akupanga dyela yawoyo,kuti wina ayambise zioneselo zimapezeka kuti akunsiila munthu mozi nde palibe chingasinthe pokha pokha titathana ndi adyela onse kuthothola bax

  3. When i was in primary school i was hearing this youth are leaders of tomorrow.i went to secondary xool the same song of youth are leaders of tomorrow now am employed i hear the same question is which tomorrow do they mean?assist me wth answers.youth are always sidelined in decision making not only in malawi but africa as whole.kwathu kulezera basi kkkk

  4. they were there during Kamuzu’s reign, Muluzi didn’t spare them, Bingu used the same folks, don’t even mention the woman, now they are still reigning and they continue to, do you think change is possible with the same old frazzled folks? it’s time for us to rise up and kick them out, but how?

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  6. 1 of de reasons y malawi z not developin its bcoz of exhausted leadership. Some of de guyz who are in important positions are too old to lead de masses,, lets rise up if we r to embrace positiv developmnt, we r todayz leaders n NOT tomoro, it begins wth us

  7. Stop playing fools with us as Malawian youth we feel like there is no future for us because of old greedy leaders who destroying our country’ resorces. one day we will rise against you and you shall going to face what SouthAfrican Government is facing now. we are tired!

  8. We Are Not Developing And We Will Not Develop As Malawi Nation Because Of Greedy Of Power. Mass Of Aged Group Still Clings For Key Position In Goverment Which The Youths Can Save Wth Much Thorough Than They Do.Time Has Marked When The Youth Should Show Their Potentialities And Competency In Helms Of Key Govt Position For Credentials To Mother Malawi.”We Are Atsogeli Arelo Osat Amawa!”

    1. yeah, its tru, dis theory so called *Atsogoli amawa* z killing us!! we hv power, ability n potential to lead de nation. bt a guess dis aged group needs to be civilized so dat dey too changed their perceptions on youth n leadershp.

  9. Dare 2 Lead NOW#Its not only in Malawi but Africa as whole#Youth Must arise from the slumber and use their numerical superiority to replace the old and tired #It shall never come on the silver platter #

  10. yes wen are we going to be leaders or its just a government motto ena mpaka akalambat waiting to be leaders has that future not yet come #question?

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