Disturbing images: Mob justice in Malawi continues as motorbike thief is set ablaze

Totally burnt.
Totally burnt.

Mob justice continues to rock Malawi as a blood thirsty mob in Dowa has burnt to death an unidentified man who stole a motorbike in the district, Malawi24 has the heartbreaking images.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Richard Kaponda said the incident happened at Njati Trading Centre, in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in the district.

“The unknown suspect hired a motorbike at Njati Trading Centre going to Makioni in Salima to see his wife and upon reaching at Makioni the unknown suspect and the bike operator went to drink tea at a certain restaurant,” Said Kaponda.

While drinking tea the motorbike operator went outside to answer the call of nature and he left the keys of the motorcycle on the table. The unknown suspect took advantage and stole the motorbike.

But community members mobilised themselves and later apprehended him.

Ooh my word!
Ooh my word!

They then burnt him to death using tyres and firewood. Postmortem conducted revealed that the death was caused by severe burns due to extreme fire.

Police in Dowa are now searching for the villagers who killed the thief and if arrested, the villagers will answer the charge of murder since they acted contrary to section 209 of the penal code.



  1. It is #never_pleasing to have your property stolen.A man’s action is always right in his eyes thus punishing a thief in one way or another is welcome before men but GOD advises us not to revenge sin.Let’s ask GOD through Jesus Christ to forgive them and help us recover our property by his endless blessings.

  2. Kuba sikwabwino munthu wavutika xaka zambiri kt moyo usinthe,ndiye wasinthadi kenako wina abwere mkudxakusaukitsanso moyo ine!kmano kuotchako sidilu,chifukwa everyone is suspect untill found guity,kmanso akanganya inu apolice ndi ma court ndiamene mukuonjexa mchitidwe umeneu,mukumaweruza mofoira kuchuluka chinyengi

  3. palibe kupita ku polic,akumatuluka anyani amenewa kumangootcha basi taganizan mutakhala inuyo mwavutika zaka zambiri wina akakusaukitsen tsiku limodzi maaa olo ine ndizaboola maso ndikudula manja

  4. palibe kupita ku polic,akumatuluka anyani amenewa kumangootcha basi taganizan mutakhala inuyo mwavutika zaka zambiri wina akakusaukitsen tsiku limodzi maaa olo ine ndizaboola maso ndikudula manja

  5. Yes we hv no right to kill but right to rob others isn’t. Innocent people are being killed in Syria, Yemen, Soud Arabia so what more with this one. Walupanga

  6. Abale ndizawawadi kubeledwa. Olo mwana wako anta kukubelaso koma sitiweluza nchocho ayi. Bwanji tiasiyile emwe amadziwa malamulo oweluzila papena kungomusiyilaso Mulungu mwini woti lengawo ndeyeweyoso adzatitenge. Izi sizoona abale atu

  7. Killed all thief n don’t forget to kill the cash gate people plz ok

  8. a month ago thugs were hired to kill a prominent businessman at the same trading center and p…..e came with the prime suspect in handcuffs afew weeks later they released him.And a few days this man comes at the same locality how would people renpond? am not condoning the touching but sometimes our security agencies leave a lot to be desired.

  9. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!!!! ladies and gentlemen boys and girls brothers and sisters fathers and mothers uncles and aunties nephews and nieces doctors and nurses neighbours and colleagues students and graduates…..i really dont have what to say…..thanks for your ATTENTION…..

  10. we hate albino killings, we hate boko haram’s killings don’t even mention ISIS’ killings but we do the same at a small scale then we choose to justify ourselves……Let us LOVE, no mortal is perfect on earth, we all have flaws….

  11. burning someone in what ever a reason si umunthu.lets have a natural love in our heart.ngati watibera,kumuchotsa chiwalo kuti asadzabenso kapena chinachake but not burning like that guys mmmmmmm.kaya i dont know.

    1. not that bro,thieves must be punished because they are bad pipo.koma punishment yake should not cost them their life.kuti amve kuwawa akuyenera kuchotsedwa chiwalo kaya mwendo kapena dzanja or any part bola akhale ndi moyo.u knw wat,munthu akafa everything ends there.wakuba timupatse label achite manyazi avutike, alape,asadzachitenso.

    2. had it been aliense amene waba aziotchedwa sibwenzi anthu enanu mutabadwa bcoz tinamvapo kuti azigogo anu ankaba ng’ombe,mbuzi ndi nkhumba kumudzi kwanu koma pano analapa anasiya.

    3. #Thoko_Biliat sukudziwa zmwe okuba amapanga akafka pakhomo,ndi anthu opanda chisoni/Umunthu,,Ambiri aluza makolo awo achibale coz anaphedwa ndi okuba atafka mmakomo mwawo ,,ndye chomusiira munthu oipayu nchani???? Axiphedwa kumene

    4. iwe sunaberedwepo nawe udzakuchokera umunthu zikadzakuonekera ndipo udzavomereza

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  13. The Police has failed Malawians and therefore they have to defend themselves in whatever way for their own survival.
    Parliament must acknowledge that we need to make new laws that’s will support the existence of the Malawian people

  14. I hop tinzimva chigamuro kuchokera kwa Oberedwayo.. kut muontcheni kapena ayi! tikamuontcha azizayankha mulandu ndiyeyo Obeledwayo.

  15. Romans 6 vs 23 says and i qoute; “For the wages of sin is death” end of quote. He has been rightfully awarded.

    1. So u think de bible authorised that? Remember the same bible say do not judge. …who are we to give such harsh punishment. .don’t take HIS place for HE is the only one to judge us

    2. Even Achan when he stole in the Old Testament was stoned to death, it was per God’s directive . Those carrying out mob justice are actually not Judging the thief but rather they are punishing the culprit.

  16. On last Thursday night, thieves came to my house and were about to enter, fortunately, phone rung and run away with their knives,tell me what l could have done had it been they entered? I thanks God phone call saved me.

    1. mukapha ndiye kuti mwalanga? aliyense amaberedwa ndikuba kumene but it doesn’t mean we must kill each other like this!.. we’re not killers but if we kill someone for stealing that means we are also murderers! criminals osasiyana ndiwakubayo.. stop killing one another! think and be conscious humans! don’t act like vampires!

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