11 October 2016 Last updated at: 8:21 AM

Disturbing images: Mob justice in Malawi continues as motorbike thief is set ablaze

Totally burnt.

Totally burnt.

Mob justice continues to rock Malawi as a blood thirsty mob in Dowa has burnt to death an unidentified man who stole a motorbike in the district, Malawi24 has the heartbreaking images.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Richard Kaponda said the incident happened at Njati Trading Centre, in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in the district.

“The unknown suspect hired a motorbike at Njati Trading Centre going to Makioni in Salima to see his wife and upon reaching at Makioni the unknown suspect and the bike operator went to drink tea at a certain restaurant,” Said Kaponda.

While drinking tea the motorbike operator went outside to answer the call of nature and he left the keys of the motorcycle on the table. The unknown suspect took advantage and stole the motorbike.

But community members mobilised themselves and later apprehended him.

Ooh my word!

Ooh my word!

They then burnt him to death using tyres and firewood. Postmortem conducted revealed that the death was caused by severe burns due to extreme fire.

Police in Dowa are now searching for the villagers who killed the thief and if arrested, the villagers will answer the charge of murder since they acted contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

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