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Mist surrounds Issa Njauju murder key suspect: Police say they never arrested him

A suspect in the murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Affairs Issa Njauju has disappeared after he was arrested last month.

Issa Njauju

Issa Njauju; Was mercilessly killed.

The suspect, a Mchinji based police officer, was arrested last month after he confessed to have been involved in the killing of the ACB director.

But national police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude told the local media that he does not know of any person who was arrested in September over Njauju’s murder.

“I do not have any report to say there is any suspect who was arrested on allegations of having any hand in the murder of the late Njauju. We have had no arrest of a police officer for the last two or three months,” he said.

But other reports show that the police officer was indeed arrested after he told a female acquaintance that he was involved in the killing of Njauju.

After being apprehended in Mchinji, the officer was taken to Lumbadzi Police Station before being driven to National Police Headquarters at Area 30.

It is not known as to what transpired at the police headquarters but since then the police officer has not reported for work at Mchinji Police Station.

Reacting on the issue, Executive Director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Timothy Mtambo said the police should tell the nation the whereabouts of their fellow officer.

Timothy Mtambo

Timothy Mtambo : The truth must be known.

He added that the current situation is unacceptable and raises a lot of questions since the police are acting as if they want to hide the suspect.

“Let them investigate and tell us where this person is. This person is employed by them. Let them confirm to us that this person is at the working station and is working. If they have transferred him, let them tell the nation. If at all he has been transferred, they should tell the nation. It’s like they are trying to hide him, or something mysterious has happened to this person again,” said Mtambo.

Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest in July last year and his body was found half buried behind the presidential villas in Lilongwe.

The vehicle he was using, a Toyota Hilux, was found burnt to ashes in Mtsiriza in the city.

Two other suspects have in the past been arrested in connection to Njauju’s murder: one is Frank John who was arrested after being found in possession of Njauju’s mobile phone and he is still remanded at Maula Prison while the other is a police officer who claimed that he knew Njauju’s killers. The officer is currently on bail.

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