Bizarre! Malawian woman comes back from the dead


There was commotion and drama in the village of Sandulizeni under Sub-Traditional Authority Chaima in Kasungu district as people from surrounding villages flocked to the village to see a woman who has come back to life.

According the lady’s relatives, the woman identified as 39 year-old Natchuma Banda died in February, 2015 after she was struck by a mysterious lightning.

Natchuma Banda

Natchuma Banda: ‘Back to life’

Few days after she was buried, some relatives alleged that they used to meet her but every time they tried to touch her, the woman would disappear like a wisp of smoke.

It is until on Sunday, 2 October, 2016 when the woman in question reached a house in a village near her home village where she requested for bathing water.

After recognizing the woman, the house owner called the relatives who rushed to the house to see the lady. It is there where the relatives recognized and confirmed the identity of the woman.

It is further claimed that, the relatives took the woman to a witchdoctor who after giving her some traditional medicine assured them that the woman would be fine.

Upon returning to the village, people from surrounding villages flocked to the house where the woman was being kept in order to have a glimpse of her.

After realising that the situation was getting out of hand, the village chief called the police who rushed to the scene to calm the situation. Police took the lady under the protest of her relatives to Kasungu District Hospital for medical examination.

Meanwhile, the woman has been handed back into the hands of her relatives who now strongly believe her death was an act of witchcraft.

Natchuma Banda hails from Sandulizeni village, Sub Traditional Authority Chaima in Kasungu district.



  1. kodi kumuchotsa munthupamaso paanthu mkumanena kuti wafa chosecho munthu anangomukupa kuchokera kumphezi lilibodza anthu amawasunga mnyumba yomwa kulianthu40 akuluakulu ana ambilimbili koma palibe cisisi padziko lapansihe

  2. most of times It’s happening, not only in Malawi but all over the world 1 things we have to remember what jesus said about last days before judgment day.

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  4. Plz pipo dont play with somebodys life, if uhave nothing to do get ahoe go to your farm, than playing magic to others life phindu lake nchani sapanga choncho amfiti chonde

  5. Iwe osakhulupilira khala ine ndamugwira ndi manja angawa ndipo pa Mwambo wamaliro ake ndidalipo kumanda ndalikonso ine,zooona waukadi mzimayi yu, pano ali Moyo

  6. Ku Balaka zinachitikanso mwana anamwalira 1982 anabwera 2015 amati anatengedwa ndi sing`anga wa ku Mozambique koma atakhala kwakanthawi anathawa ndiye mmmmmm zimenezi

  7. Long time ago in my home area Bwanje -Ntcheu story like this happened before. Another woman died & after 2days she was buried. After 3year she came back alive. Many people visited my village to see that lady. After a certain period she disappeared & we didn’t see her again. We were very much disappointed because she couldn’t remember what had happen to her

  8. We should not say witchcraft only even normal death metal munthu can come back to life never only have negative thoughts on matters unless tauzidwa other things

  9. Amama i wish dat we could meet coz i have some questions with you. LIKE IS IT TRUE THAT HEAVEN IS THERE? WHAT ABOUT HELL? IS JESUS THERE? AND IS HE LOOKING LIKE?

  10. Even here in zambia a man come back from the dead after 1 month when he was barred, witch crift is every were ..

  11. Biblicaly! Resurection is either Jesus Christ has come or u are a Ghost! Apart frm this Magic & witchraft at work period.

  12. Why then this so-called George Thindwa with his nonsense organisation brags that kulibe ufit plus Mulungu. Apite akazionere yekha. The money has blinded his mind, he should repent

  13. No one, I repeat, no one comes back to life after death. Even the Biblical theories are just myths written by earwitnesses, not eyewitnesses, or they were miracles by true prophets to convince pipo time believe in their prophethood. Everyone shall die once.

  14. Shoking. Somebody has risen but de grave is jst as it was.When pple are being brought back to life from deir graves by the power of God,de covering of de grave is completely destroyed giving a way for de coming out of de body in question.So dis woman,dey say is back from de dead yet de tomb is jst de same, I dont know.

  15. human kind is not intitled to such superficial entity,every body knows as tangible as it sound. Now we creat scenes to mislead the masses. Some one should have taken the role portrayed here.Why infringe the mind with manipulation of info? only God knows

  16. Mwina Anangoyikamochabe Chi Stem Chanthochi Mmandamo,anthu Kuvutikakuonankhope Pachabe,afitiatamubisa Mmatsenga.Nanganchani Tsanochuchitika?Potiatiufitikulibe.Yowoyanimakola Apatikhaliskepo.

  17. She wasn’t dead, that’s why akuti days after her burial .. ena anayambapo kumakumana naye koma kuti umugwile ankapanga vanish it’s obvious kuti chitsilu china chake chosowa zichita played a magic upon her so called death. But she was alive. Kwaikika kufa kamodzi kenako chiweluzo.

  18. Or yesu pamene anadzuka kwa akufa chimwala chinachokapo, nde mayiyu manda ake akuwoneka kuti ndiofukulidwa or akusonyeza zoti padzuka munthu? Otherwise mukumangosunga muzukwa basi?

  19. Sizachilendo kudzuka mmanda werengani infa ya lazalo anaukisidwa! John 11, chongofunika APA asing’anga satithandizapo pitani nayeni kwabusa oopa mlungu for deliverance n prayers

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    • yah, av bought that urs. in our home somewhere man believed he was traveling in a vehicle, & the vehicle he was traveling in involved in an accident, some pple died. that man he died too but no body could identify him by face. after some years the man whom suggested was dead came in his village. & people concluded that he was back from dead. but in true sense the man who involved in an accident was not the same man who believed that he came back to life. they were two seperate individuals

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