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Bizarre! Malawian woman comes back from the dead

There was commotion and drama in the village of Sandulizeni under Sub-Traditional Authority Chaima in Kasungu district as people from surrounding villages flocked to the village to see a woman who has come back to life.

According the lady’s relatives, the woman identified as 39 year-old Natchuma Banda died in February, 2015 after she was struck by a mysterious lightning.

Natchuma Banda

Natchuma Banda: ‘Back to life’

Few days after she was buried, some relatives alleged that they used to meet her but every time they tried to touch her, the woman would disappear like a wisp of smoke.

It is until on Sunday, 2 October, 2016 when the woman in question reached a house in a village near her home village where she requested for bathing water.

After recognizing the woman, the house owner called the relatives who rushed to the house to see the lady. It is there where the relatives recognized and confirmed the identity of the woman.

It is further claimed that, the relatives took the woman to a witchdoctor who after giving her some traditional medicine assured them that the woman would be fine.

Upon returning to the village, people from surrounding villages flocked to the house where the woman was being kept in order to have a glimpse of her.

After realising that the situation was getting out of hand, the village chief called the police who rushed to the scene to calm the situation. Police took the lady under the protest of her relatives to Kasungu District Hospital for medical examination.

Meanwhile, the woman has been handed back into the hands of her relatives who now strongly believe her death was an act of witchcraft.

Natchuma Banda hails from Sandulizeni village, Sub Traditional Authority Chaima in Kasungu district.

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