Another terrible accident in Malawi: Four die in minibus crash


Four people have died while several others have sustained serious injuries after a minibus they were traveling from Lilongwe to Kasungu in overturned on Friday afternoon.

According to reports, the driver lost control of the vehicle when he tried to overtake a motorbike at Namwiri primary school along the road to Kasungu.

Terrible accident.

The vehicle is reported to have overturned several times.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the driver lost control of the vehicle due to overspeeding.

Mponera rural health centre officials have since confirmed the death of the four.

The medical workers added that the ones who sustained injuries have been referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) for further medical treatment.

Among the deceased, two are children while the other two are a man and a woman.



  1. One of the pple died on this accident is the chief in my area!!i feel so bad abt this accident!we never know wat is coming next!!may their souls rest in peace

  2. My condolences to the families who lost their loved ones,am also wishing a speedy recovery to the injured people.May the souls of the deceased rest in perfect peace

  3. Malawiii Don’t Sleep!!! Rise up,fast & Pray to God Almighty,this is not Normal but I know Devil is behind it,Jesus will give us an Answer of Peace.

  4. Accidents are caused they dont just happen,lets investigate what caused the accident so as to avoid or reduce them,amalawi lets take safety education seriously.

  5. Only a speedy vehicle is likely to cause a fatal accident due to failure of the the driver to control the vehicle in corners, sudden incidence, bumps etc…speed limit will help us…drivers use your senses when driving… U cruise where there is a sharp corner u never know what comes ahead you….

  6. its just a matter of time…how many minibuses are there on the roads of msalawi? And how many do overspeed out there? So many but people alive alive……dont blame the drivers nor the trafick maybe the fault was the vehicl itself so dont rash to judgement….u have to research first.

  7. dziko lamalawi kukongola…koma umphawi unalowa mbali zonse…ndife amphawi nzeru zotetedzela moyo….zoona ma sign apamusewu ndiomwe aja kuli bus imodzi kuchoka LL kukafika MZ?pano magalimoto mbwe akugwilisila misewu yomwe ija malawi muli zimagalimoto za PVHO paka pano.umphawi sikusowekela nzeru koma umphawi wapanyasa ndinzeru zomwe tilibe.malilo sazoloweleka koma azingozi kwathuko afika pozoweleka.

  8. The problem is with traffic Department for Selling the drivers licence. Anthu aziphunzira magalimoto mokwanira.Osati kumawagulisa anthu malaisesi kenako aziphunzira galimoto,zichani zimenezo.Ngti simusintha a traffic department inu, dairy panseu ngozi zizikhalapo.

  9. Traffic officers are not helping malawians.They are on the Roads making money not working.How i wish these people shd not be on the Roads of Malawi.

  10. Abale chili chonse chimakala ndintawi yake ndechifukwa anapeleka dzina loti NGOZI. Driver, conderctor or passenger palibe wadzuka kwawo akufuna kuti lelo akafe. That is the meaning of accidents. Olo mutakala kuti mukuenda wapasi kapena muli pakomo panupo ngozi ikafuna kuchitika nanuso mumafa. Tiyeni tingolila nawo abale atu zovutazo. Moyo yawo must RIP

  11. Lilongwe, Kasungu and Mchinji roads are built at a standardized way, that many drivers enjoys their rides due to less cute bends.
    But now what is happening here is a real devil Acts as innocent loved lives perishes.
    Satan is a spirit with his followers called demons, are at a busy time of killing humans, because his time is over Rev 12:7-12

  12. Ma Driver a minbus kuthamanga. Amaona ngati sapanga ya bwana akamayenda pangonopangono. Imagine ndinakwera minbus ina one day,.ankathamanga up to 140 kmph, ndinamuyakhula ali mu speed, koma mmene anandiyakhila ,, mwamwano muja,. Koma ndinamuuzilatu kuti ayime nditsike, kenako anapanga slow down.

  13. Dont blame the police,conductor or the driver!its the passengers who sit phwii while the idiot is doing 120kmh!when we confront a minibus driver the passengers take his side with abuse and threats!RIP,but you reap what you sow!

    1. thats also my point my brother: we pressurize the driver to overspeed, the conductor to squeeze us four four mmipando and when traffic police intervenes ife mapassenger timati aaaa angofuna akubere tangowanyemera now when something bad like this happens we lose items and our precious lives blaming the traffic police in the long run that achedwa kuthandiza anthu wovulala yet they were the first to protect us. unless we the passengers stand united in pressuring the minibus drivers and conducters to start enforcing traffic rules on the road, accidents will remain a major threat to our life which already short

  14. Ngozi ndingozi akulu akulu. Advice kwama driver anzanga ndiyoti
    Tionesese kuti galimoto yathu ilindi matayala abwino,
    Komaso isamamveke phokoso kunsi,
    Tisayendese tiliotopa,
    Tizipeza nthawi yabwino yokwanila yopumula,
    Ngati nthupi musalibwino tipite kuchipatala tisanayambe ulendo wautali kuti mumve malangizo adokotala
    Tisamwe zoledzeletsa kapena kusuta zozunguza bongo ngatitiyendese galimoto,
    Tisa thamange kwambili mopirilira 100 maka tikanyamula ma passengers,
    Tiyendere malamulo amene zikwangwani zikunena pamseu,
    Galimoto lathu lisanyamule mopitiliza muyezo wake.
    Choonde madrivers anzanga maka inu mumanyula anthu inu, tisanyalanyaze tikakhala pamseu
    Galimoto ndiloopsya!

  15. So sad I hate min buses and min bus drivers they’re reckless drivers you may encounter on the road,

  16. Ngozi zikuchuluka chifukwa magalimoto ambiri agilidwa ndi ndalama za mwazi, ngozi sizitha ngati nkhalidwelo silikusiyidwa, galimoto zambiri zamwazi ziliwa n’tchire.

  17. Satanic imeneyi zango khala ngati zakudya nkhani zangozi deile kuzimva kulibe maiko ena koma kuno kokha tizi enda wapasi kuti tipewe eee zavuta

  18. I don’t think always we must blame the drivers also we must think about the conditions of our roads, most of our roads are in bad conditions n mostly we blame the driver when an accident happened. traffic officers are there on the road just to collect money for themselves not to monitor the conditions of cars

    1. You are on point chief….i travelled from lilongwe to nkhatabay in 2014 oh wat a poor journey…the lakeshore road of salima to nkhota kota is just worse,then i asked myself “do we have leadership in malawi?”but at de end of de day we keep blaming drivers to me thus total nosense.

  19. ulendo wotalika choncho umafunika ma bus ma minibus amasiku ano siodalirika ….of u make a research u will see that its minibuses and lorries which are mainly involved …buses not much …please we dont to lose sons and daughters of malawi ..

  20. We need to review our traffic laws. For example you find a traffic police fines a minibus driver for overloading or overspeeding but lets him go after paying the fine. Pali nzeru apa. I would suggest apart from the fine everybody get out from the minibus, be refunded part of the fare and find another mode of transport to their respective destinations. Surely this would bring sanity to minibus owners and their drivers.

  21. Miyezi Imeneyi Mpaka 31 December Ngati Tili Ndi Ulendo Pofunika Kuwupemphelera Kwambiri, Chifukwa Ndi Nthawi Yomwe A Satanic Amatolera Magazi Ambiri. A Khristu Tikamasangalara Za Kubadwa Kwa Ambuye Yesu Pa Christmass Kapena Chaka Chatsopano, A Satanic Amakhala Akusangala Kuti Atolera Magazi Ochuluka Komanso Achotsa Miyoyo Yochuluka.


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  24. Vuto lina ndi a traffic police galimoto loko lipezeke ndi vuto koma akakupatsani ndalama u let it go,of course death its amatter of time koma apolice u r contributing to some road accidents u have forgotten your role.

  25. Corrupt road traffic police officers are mainly to blame.drivers on the other hand do not consider the lives of passengers.too much over speeding.passengers as well share the blame coz we don’t speak though we are packed like cartons of soap.if we can unite and say no to overloading and over speeding, we can reduce these unnecessary road accidents. We have to help ourselves since our traffic police officers only go there to collect money not save lives.let’s do something as passengers for the sake of our own safety.

  26. Very disappointing! Yesterday, we were hearing dat a waman who died last year has risen from de dead in kasungu district & 2day you are saying a minibus from lilongwe to de same kasungu has killed four pple.I Jst hope one day God’ll deliver us from dis problem.

  27. I almost boarded this bus at Kanengo. But this grace eeee…my God is too much… it was just some minutes later i saw it in a crush at Namwiri. imagine one of the deceased losing half of her head. eissh.

  28. In Malawi, we live by chance coz we don’t consider safety as paramount. Mini buses overloading, overspeeding is talk of the day. Drivers and conductors are masters! We don’t care about people’s lives. Very bad!

    1. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Dis is crazy guys, do you know what it means? It means dat acording to de situation in which we are,we are not supposed to be alive at means malawi is no longer a place of living & and it means everything is jst bad.But dats true! I Can see dat de devil is in full control of dis country.But by de time God will answer our prayers,all dese things will change.

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