Revealed: K70 million missing at Chikhwawa district Council

Chikhwawa District Council

Officials at Chikhwawa District Council have been accused of corruption as they are failing to account for K70 million, Malawi24 can report.

The money was generated by the council over the past two years through revenue collection but reports suggest it has been swindled by top bosses.

Chikhwawa District Council
Chikhwawa District Council hit by corruption.

A senior officer at the council who opted for anonymity confided in Malawi24 that the council failed to account for 12 million kwacha generated locally while 183 general receipt books which would have generated about 60 million kwacha are missing.

The officer further said some receipt books and money were withheld by revenue collectors when they were protesting over unpaid salaries as they have gone seven months without pay.

When contacted, District Commissioner for Chikhwawa Bester Mandere admitted that some general receipts are indeed missing and the council is waiting for an audit report on the issue.

On the receipts and money held by the workers, Mandere said if the council had enough funds it would have paid all the workers and then fired them.

“I would pay them their wages before firing them but due to insufficient funds following the economic hardship the country is going through, I still let them work,” said Mandere.



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