We need a corrupt free president to end corruption – Kamlepo


Vice chairperson of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (Pac), Kamlepo Kalua has claimed that unless a corrupt free president is elected in Malawi, corruption will never end in the country.

Kalua who is also Member of Parliament for Rumphi East constituency was speaking on Tuesday as he was reacting to the progress of corruption cases in the country.


Kalua: Corruption is just too much in Malawi.

The parliamentarian said it would be very difficult to see the vice coming to an end in Malawi because even the leaders who are expected to handle such issues are also involved in corruption.

“There is more corruption happening out there and I could tell you that the Anti-Corruption Bureau is too small to handle such cases. There is need for a new leader who could not be involved in such scenarios of eating people’s money and corruption could end in the country at the end of six months,” suggested Kalua.

He added that unless something tangible happens on the corruption issue in the country, Malawi’s reputation abroad will still remain poor.

Recently, the United Nations (UN) condemned the increase in cases of corruption saying the vice is negatively affecting the country’s development.



  1. Inuyo akamulepo mukongowonelera corruption yanuyo zaka zonse,boma la udf,dpp, pp komanso dpp muli konko ku malawi,,bwanji sumukhala presedent kuti malawi apulumuke,,,??? Zisankho zikubweranzi muzakhale presedent kuti malawi adzaone nzeru zanunzo,,

  2. How do we know that this one is a corrupt free man? Tayankha kamlepo kalua iwe amene unkawaopsyeza a tcheya kuti ulowa ntchire utaluza zisankho. Atcheya amakunyengelera ndi tindalama kuti ufatse kenako chete kumadikira zisankho zina. Wadya corrupt money yochuluka bwanji pa moyo wako?

  3. Where can you find a corrupt free president in Malawi? Even if the people of Malawi choose you to be their leader,you can not be the corrupt free leader.

  4. BT where r we going to get that person if chakwera before he becomes the country’s president already he z abusing funds in the party,what if he becomes a President of Malawi?????

  5. “Corrupt free President”? Achokera kuti? Ngati uyu wakhala Ku America zaka zambiri, timayembekezera kuti mwina zikhala better, nde Macholowe weni weni. Nde mukuganiza kuti olongosoka president mukamufukulanso kuti?
    Zonsezi ndi mbava zokhazokha basi.
    Olo uyu anathawa Ntchito ya mulunguyu ndiye mapeto. Asolora zakumpingo, waons zachepa, nde kungolowa m’boma ameneyi zivutiratu.

  6. Bale kamlepo usamatinamixe apa iwe chifukwa uli kutali ndichithumbacho,corruption bale ikupangika ndima church momwe ndiye ukanene xadxikooo,sikt zikuchita bwino ayi,kma osanamixa anthu kt kudxabwera president othetsa corruption never,ulamuliro okha wa Yesu ndiumene udxakhale opanda zoipa bale kamlepo

  7. Leave my Malawi Democratic pioneer alone. He is an icon of democracy to be born in Malawi is because of his voice echoing to Dr.Banda’s MCP regime in 1994.
    Where were stupid born free to fight with Banda’s regime?
    Where was ur fuck voices in 1994?
    There was no body in 1993 to come fight with the mighty MCP, but Kamlepo and co did it,
    Opusa a chewa inu odya ubweya wa mbewa.

  8. Corruption is not only now. When democracy came into action it started. And it will never end because its the samecrunies running it. They all started with UDF and they keep on changing parties and still run our offices. You are all the same. Who is better God knows.

  9. Mr Kamlepo, Not Only The President, But Rather Corrupt Free Individuals, Corrupt Free Mps. Unfortunately, We Shall Find None! I’m Very Sure Mr Kalua Knows This!

  10. Malawi, our country, is composed of several tribes which have priorities when it comes to development. The election of president is based on where is he or she coming from (Wakwithu culture is still playing around). This makes also the president to chose who to work with regard to where are they coming from. We need to bury our cultural boundaries and develop our Nation. In Europe there is nothing like tribes and when the president is elected they all support him regardless of where he is coming from. That’s why they are developed nations. All Malawians should know that there is no one who will come from outside and tell us what to do. We need to negotiate in ourselves and devise the plans of running our government otherwise we are still very far.

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  12. We have so many educated ignorant youth. When we see the comments they don’t put national interest first instead demalogue politics. May be because our education is at standard. I see always they advocate for opposite side of life. Most commenting here went to school but mind is not cleaned for nation future

  13. APM holds the Malawians ‘ mandate to lead the Malawi nation up to 2019. The constitution guarantees a second term in office if the President decides to stand again. I guess that should be the best time to fight the President, otherwise give him space to serve the country in the best possible way

  14. We all see what the nation is going through. We can all have our thoughts about what should be done to end the nation’s economic crisis. #Kamlepo_Kalua is also just like all of us, a concerned citizen, who is expressing his views about what can be done to free Malawi from corruption. Yet we are busy insulting him as if he is the one making the country suffer. Now if we do not stand by such people, who have constructive ideas, then how are we going to make Malawi a corruption free nation?

  15. Where on earth are you going to get one?Clinton and Trump are already corrupt before they come in.Zuma,Mugabe,Khama,Museveni they are birds of the same feather.Politics is dirty it does not have rules.The best criminal wins the race!

  16. Where will you get that corrupt free president Mr Kamlepo??Unless aMalawi onse otchuka pa ndalenu mutalandila Yesu ndikuzimdikila choonadi chake cha Mulungu zitha kutheka otherwise aaaah mpaka Yesu azabwerenso.

  17. Good suggestion, the problem is leaders become corrupted becouse of their party followers and the money which is used by ruling parties in the country is sourced by corruption even so called educated figures in the country are the ones benefiting from this stupid thing , lets hope one day we will have a corrupted free president it a hope for the patriotic citizens of the country big up Kalua only if it comes from deep down your heart

  18. a kamlepo ndinu oyipa kwambiri!! pamodzi ndi azakhali anu aja(aja ali ku johns) kuteroko inuyo ndinu abwino? mesa ndinu mwini katangale + azakhali anu aja.ndinu oyenera kukutukwanani komabe mulungu akuoneni ndipo akukhululukireni

  19. Kkkkkkk the man kamlepo aself claimed politician figting alosing battle,you are just making empty noise at the end i dont see u benefiting anything and if malawi has produced the worst politicians then you are in the top ten there is nothing comes out of u which can make this nation to achive from u and come 2019 idont see u stand the heat

  20. is he saying we need koffi annan? coz even if we can have him at the topjob i dont think he can be a corrupt free leader. the problem in politics is the person who does more wrongs becomes more popular and can easily win elections . It’s only in Uruguay where a can drive a vehicle and you can stand along the road and stop him for a rift and u will have coz he is not afraid of his people. a corrupt free maybe

  21. is he saying we need koffi annan? coz even if we can have him at the topjob i dont think he can be a corrupt free leader. the problem in politics is the person who does more wrongs becomes more popular and can easily win elections . It’s only in Uruguay where a can drive a vehicle and you can stand along the road and stop him for a rift and u will have

  22. is he we need koffi annan? coz even if we can have him at the topjob i dont think he can be a corrupt free leader. the problem in politics is the person who does more wrongs becomes more popular and can easily win elections . It’s only in Uruguay where a can drive a vehicle and you can stand along the road and stop him for a rift and u will have

  23. Andale inu ndi zitsiru muzipusisana nokhanokha osati munthu watatao ngati ine mukanakhala chimanga tikanango kugayani nkukuikani mumphika ndikukudyerani chisoso chotendera mwatikwana anthu ouma mitima inu agalu abwantasa analimata simumvanso chisoni nkomwe poba ndalama za misonkho ya anthu osauka mwina tizangosankha bushiri basi miracle money

  24. Cadets are insulting kamlepo as if, he is the one stealing. Kamlepo is just relaying the msg that corruption is rampant now than ever before. Peter mutharika before he became president, he showed some signs of being corrupt man, when he bought mhc house at a give away price. Him together with his brother had stolen billions of kwachas and dposited them in the foreign banks. Unfortunately his brother, died before he could enjoy the money they had stolen together. Now today, what we hav is not just a corrupt president but a clueless one and worst failure of all presidents we hav had. Nde anzathu a dpp khulupililani kuti president wanu is more corrupt than any other in our history. Komanso enafe akutipanga force kuti akhale mtsogoleri wathu we dont want him.

  25. Thats Kamlepo for you. Hate or love him,its your choice. He was during Kamuzu’s, Muluzi’s Bingu’ JB’s and now APM’s.
    The question is, does Malawi not need a corrupt-free president? Are we happy with corruption?

    • He was in government during JB’s time. He never criticised the government then, even at the peak of cashgate. Or did he?

    • You dont criticise what is not there. Cashgate sir, should be taken outside political rhetorics. I always say cashgaters are beyond political propaganda. Time will sort this cashgate issue.

    • himself is corrupt, remember he was him who kept on threatening muluzi kuti ndilowa mtchire, zimatha bwanji zimene zija? ineso ndakhala maboma onse except federal government. mcp was corrupt, udf corrupt, dpp corrupt, pp corrupt and again we are still in corrupt government. enawo ndi church momwe amapanga corruption atavala zoyera, i have to congraturate him for exercising his corrupt acts out of the church. e

  26. Panyopako, uyambe waitana mai ako abwere kaye. Ndiye uzizatulutsa maganizo akowo. Zikanakhala, kuti inu munalamula bwino 2yrs ija mwayetsa anthu anakakusiyani mukanawinanso. Koma anthu anangoti, eeh zisiyeni nkhumbazi zithawa zokha ona lero mai wako alikuti?

  27. So how do we assess someone and believe he is corruption free before we elect him? Bakili Muluzi was corruption free when we elected him to presidency, Bingu wa Mutharika was corruption free before elected and even JB was a clean person before she took over govt from late Bingu. It’s really difficult to presume someone as a good leader. Even you Mr Kamlepo you won’t be the same once we vote u into power.

    • All the politicians are the son’s of black mamba they’re teeth less but poisonous still one day or another they will bit one day God will deliver us from the wilderness with another Moses or Somson.

  28. Kaluwa tsopano ayi limbikilani kampeni ikubwerayi mwina nkuzasankhidwa.Muzathesa inuyo kapena ndiye mbava .nambala 1 iwe komanso osatheka kukusankha upresident iweyo osatheka.

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