Government worried over increase of Malawians going to SA


The Malawi Government has expressed concern over the increase in number of Malawians travelling to South Africa without proper documents or skills.

Malawians travel to the rainbow nation to seek greener pastures but some go without proper travel documents and are held in camps after being apprehended by South African police.

Kasaila: We are worried.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaila has since urged people to go to neighbouring countries using proper documents as well as proper education for better jobs.

Kasaila said it is illegal to travel or stay in a country without proper documents.

“It is disappointing that the number of people being detained in South Africa at Lindera Camp is increasing, Malawians­ must know that it is illegal to stay in another country without proper documents,” said Kasaila.

He added that there is need for people travelling to have better academic qualifications for better jobs.

Kasaila further claimed that government is constructing community colleges to train youths so that they have something to do for a living than trekking to South Africa to find job opportunities.

It is believed that over 2000 Malawians have been detained at Lindera camp in South Africa for not having proper documents.