Excessive Kachasu intake claims life in Mangochi


A 58 year-old man in the eastern district of Mangochi has died after drinking locally brewed beer called Kachasu excessively without eating any food.

Kachasu claims a life.

According to Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina Tepani Daudi, on 2nd October this year the man Chrispin Njanje went to Nabale Trading Centre to sell firewood.

Later on he used the proceeds to buy and drink Kachasu the whole day and never returned home. “On 3rd October this year Njanje was found lying dead along a dusty road in his village of Mwalembe,” said Daudi.

Postmortem conducted at Nkope Health Centre revealed that the death was due to drinking Kachasu excessively without taking food.

The deceased hailed from Mwalembe village, Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi district.

Njanje’s death comes days after a 75 year-old woman in Balaka district also died due to drinking excessive Kachasu without eating any food.



  1. Sindikuchiona chifukwa chilichonse kt NGOs must be banned kachaso unless NGOs must give something to do those pipo who brewery kachaso bkz I Bosco Banda Miliwa ndakula ndi grandmother amene amaphika mowa ngati omweu and she was able to pay my school fees,so nonse amene mukuona ngati kuti mowa umeneu ndiolakwika mapazi anu you have to blame okumwa mowayo not ophika
    They are so many pipo who addicted with kachaso bt they know kuti kumwa mowa ulionse without eating is risk

  2. sizolesa kachasuzo ayi tsopano mukalesa ife mutu tizikamwela kuti? en ndimowa okhawo wabwino padziko lonse lapansi.

  3. The Problem Is Not The Kachasu Brewers Cause They Are Not Calling Them In There Houses, But The Drunkers,they Drinking Without Following Kachasu#RULE#

  4. Problem is not beer,prblm is he didnt eat food.even here SA.if you didnt eat any food and go drinking Black lable or Castle lager is the same thing my bru.anthu anayamba kumwa kachatsu ine ndinasabadwe.apapa muzi munthuyu wafa ndi njala finish and cra

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  6. May his soul rest in peace,may the people who drink that kachasu eat before drinking we love you Malawians we don’t want to loose you just like that

  7. Although The NGO’s Willingly Beer To Be Banned It’ll Not Work Coz They Dont Know How Business Of Beer Is Going On, What They Know Is Just Accusing The Other Always While Knowing The Trueth, #folk_off.

  8. you think he died coz of kachasu or lack of food? this question goes to you Malawi 24 …note:write in an essay form 100 marks

  9. Aliyense amadziwa kuti kumwa mowa usanadye nkoopsa ndiye vuto simowa koma munthuyo. Apa sindikuona chifukwa chochitila ban mowa. A mabungwewo asandikwiyitse

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